16 Years Old, Invisalign, Really Bad Teeth! - Ljubljana, Slovenia

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I am now 16 years old and let me give you the...

I am now 16 years old and let me give you the background on my teeth. So I had a cross bite (I believe it is called that way), lack of an overbite, my second teeth pushed back and my third teeth in front (like a vampire lol). By bottom teeth weren't any better just so you know. Plus, my jaw was forward on my left side...I can tell you, it look horrendous! I didn't even smile because I didn't want people to see my teeth.

I was 15 when I went for a consultation, that was in Decembre/January. Fast forward to the 17th of March, my aligners had arrived. Adults wear one aligner for about 2 weeks. Because I am so young I had to wear mine for one week only. But impatient as I am, I wanted to speed u things a bit so I switched them out after 5 days. Now when I look back I think it did do me some bad but it doesn't matter now, considering I would go for a second treatment anyways....I have no complaints about the aligners or anything, it wasn't hard to wear them. I did hurt for the first day or two but then it was fine. Plus I wanted it so bad so it would not matter even if I was in great pain. After 9 months of wear I have come to my very last aligner, number 54. That was in January, right before my sweet 16! So I was finally "normal". I could smile without covering my mouth with my hand...

How do I look now? Well, my bottom teeth are all lined up, my upper teeth are in a nice arch. I still don't have a correct bite and my left side is a bit more out. So being a perfectionist, I decided to go in for a second time. I want a hollywood smile, and I am going to get it!

I will be starting my second treatment in November and I am positive I will achieve my desired look.
I had REALLY bad teeth, and it worked wonders! So that is why I will do it one more time, just to perfect it.
Even if you have a very hard case or just minor fixes I recommend Invisalign.
I must also say I have an AMAZING orthodontist, he is truly an angel and a big part in my smile's success. :D

Good luck!
Dr. Marko Miljavec

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