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This is day 1 for my under a 1000 calories a day...

This is day 1 for my under a 1000 calories a day diet. I have to do this for 5 days, then 3 days before surgery clear liquids. I'm pumped and ready for this! My dear hubby is doing the 5 days, under 1000 calories with me...he is such a sweet heart! He doesn't need need to lose weight like me, maybe 10lbs, but he will surely lose that in the next 5 days! Looking forward to my adventure.

This is day 1 of pre op diet.

Maybe later I'll be brave enough to show my face, but not there yet, bare with me. Everyone here encourages me.

A Little more about me

I'm 5'9, 43. married for almost 5 years. First time mom to an adorable 2 year old daughter. Been over weight all of my adult life, but because of my height, even when I was 225, people thought I was in great shape. At that weight I was wearing a size 14 jeans, now I'm in a 20. :( I am looking forward to getting under 200 and really getting strong and fit for my family, as well as myself of course. Have arthritis in both knees and in my lower back, so I am truly looking forward to being rid of this weight, I know it will help with the pain.

Day 2 postop

Alrighty then! I've read a lot of reviews on the hospital stay I must say this has been difficult. I'm on an iv drip of antibiotics, and potassium had low magnesium, so I'm getting that too. My nausea was so bad that I now have a patch behind my ear and had a shot in my hip. Been sleeping most of the time it's very draining. My stomach xray was great, have a new tiny tummy. Trying to sip beverages was really hard at first. It's gotten better. The gas pains are horrendous. Very painful bouts of vomiting. A little nervous to go home tomorrow.

Yippee, surgery is behind and I'm going home today!!

Had the surgery, 2 days ago and everything seems to be going as planned. Still a bit of gas, especially when they put the pain medicine in my iv. My hubby took some pics of my while I was sleeping! Men! Gotta love him.

A few pics thru the years of my yo-yo dieting

Day 3 post op

I'm on day 3 post op and its going pretty good. Just have to get used to the fact that everything I sip makes my tummy/intestines gurgle. It's much harder to get my protein and water in than I initially thought it would be. But at least I'm not hungry.

10 day post op doctors appointment

Wooohoo!!! Ok, so since my surgery, July 9, I've lost 12 lbs, that's a bit more than a pound per day, I can deal with that. I'm sure it would of been more if I would of gotten in all my protein, but it's hard to drink that much of anything in the beginning. I have to go back in 3 weeks, August 20, and my goal is 15 lbs before them, so I need to get more active and get my proteins. So total weight loss from my starting weight is 25 lbs. I'm on my way. Question: has anyone else found that they have to force themselves to drink because they have absolutely no appetite??? I'm loving this because it's making it easier to still cook for my hubby and daughter without feeling left out or like I'm missing something.

5lbs overnight???

Ok, so I went to the doctors yesterday, 10 post op. My weight was 270, today I weighed myself in the evening and its down to 265, I'm not complaining, but I find it difficult to believe that it's actual weight instead of water, even though I having been drinking anything but protein and water. I'll take it, whatever the reason is!!! :)

What a difference 31 days make!!!

Okay, so I'm on soft foods now and I'm really trying to get my proteins in and my water. It's amazing to me how I'm satisfied now after a couple of bites of food or sips of liquid. And I do mean sips! Up and coming sleevers, please take heed, don't gulp or take a big swallow of any liquids, you will feel the discomfort for a little while or longer. It is something to get used to, you can no longer down an ice cold bottle of water, no matter how bad you may want to, it's no longer possible and if you forget, your body will quickly remind you. Also when you feel that almost full feeling, it will take some getting used to, but once you recognized it, stop eating, stop drinking, if you decide, I'm just going to take one more bite or one more sip, your stomach will make you pay for it, immediately!!! This is going to be quite a journey, but I am looking forward to every single step! This is vsg has truly been a blessing and anyone fortunate enough to have gotten it or are about to get it, recognize you're blessing for what it is, A LIFE CHANGING PROCURE! We all are getting the opportunity at literally, a second chance at life, don't screw it up this time because you can gain weight back if you do not commit for a lifetime. I'm committed are you?

Progress is fabulous!

Side by side comparisons.

My two reasons for taking this step, besides myself.

These two are my sunshine. My husband, who's also my best friend and our daughter who is truly a blessing from God, because I was told twenty years ago that I would never have a child naturally. As you can see, God had the final say on everything!

Steady goes the weight!

So far so good. I'm down to 261 from 302 since July 1, surgery was on July 9. As a lot of folks say, this has been the best decision I could of ever made for my health and I would certainly do it all over again.

My new doo

Just trying to find a new look.

just adding a new pic

Down 50 as of Sept 1, but....

...why do I still feel so fat!

Slowly it goes

Just adding some new body shoots.

Comparison pics

It's crazy when you look back.

Ugggg, in hospital

So, I ended up with a high temp (105) and couldn't keep anything down, so it landed me in ER and 2 nights in the hospital. I'll be released today and so glad because I haven't been getting my protein at all! But I'm sure I still lost weight, the wrong way.

Hit 237!!!

I'm just 5 lbs from 70 lbs lost, I can taste it!! Keep chugging sleevers, you will get there just be patient with your own personal progress. Remember, this is a journey not a race.

Me and baby girl

Just adding a pic.

Me and Baby girl



Updated pics

I've found my inner Diva!

Quick update. Been feeling good, working long hours and spending time with my family has kept me from updating. I've gone from a size 24-26 to a loose fitting 14 pants and 16 tops. At my height, 5'9, my co workers are telling me don't lose any more weight, but I didn't have surgery to still be plus size. Down 80lbs, in 6 months, I'll take it. Once I lose 25 more I'll be at my goal. Probably in a size 9-10 pants. Well here are a few pics. Happy losing sleevers!!

More inner Diva pics.


It's been awhile!

Down 85lbs, almost 8 months post surgery. I have 4 months to lose 15 pounds. Which my doctor thinks is excellent, but I need to up my protein, water and start exercising again. Been working so much overtime I've just been exhausted. Here are some current pics.

Hiya Realselfers!

I've been chugging along, just working and working on myself. Finally got past that dreaded stall I've been on for almost 3 months. Uggggg! Folks let me tell you, when you hit a stall wall, just sit back and be patient. Don't get discouraged, just keep doing the right thing and it will start coming off again. I was stuck at 233-237 for it seems like forever, almost 3 months, then I went to the doctors and I had lost 17 lbs in a month. He was amazed. He isn't the doctor that did my surgery, just my regular doctor. I was just there a month ago and he couldn't believe I lost that much in a month. I could!!! After 3 months, I wish it was more, but I'll take it. Since then I've been losing steadily. So let's look at some numbers. Surgery date 6/9/15
I'm 5'9
Highest weight 302
Surgery weight 289
Current weight 210
Goal 175-185
Pants size started at 22-24
Pants now 12-14
Shirts started 24-26/3x
Shirts now loose 16 (big boobs) amazingly they haven't shrunk much.
I'm loving my journey, the good the bad and the ugly. I'm loving the new me and looking forward to reaching my goals this year.

Side by side.

From 302, 6-2015
To 210, 4-2016
9 months


I missed you guys!!! OMG!!! Where did the time go?!?! It's been a year and 2 months since my surgery and life is awesome!!! I'm not going to beat around the bush, let's get to some stats so I can go to bed! I'm 5'9, 44 years young! Highest weight pre surgery 302; currently weight 195. Total lost 107!!!! Went from a size 24-26 and 3X tops to a 14 or large (still have big boobs!) Went from a size 22-24 pants to a size 10!!! I don't ever recall being a size 10. Maybe in junior high!?! LOL!!! I still have 10-15 lbs I will lose, I'm patient, not in a race, I'll get there. Even though everyone swears they will force fed me if I lose another pound. I tell them just watch me! So here are some photos!

More photos

Pics continued....
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