29 Years Old, Mother of 1, and Trying to Get It Right and Get It Tight! - Livingston, NJ

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I wanted to start this post because there's really...

I wanted to start this post because there's really not a lot of girls who have had the same procedure I'm going to have. I see a lot people post on here so I wanted to contribute. A little about myself: I'm 29 years, mother of 1, engaged, I work full time and go to school part time(last semester). When I was pregnant with my one(10/2011) I was originally 151 and ballooned all the up to 213. I've been working out on and off for the past 4 years but just started doing it consistently for the past year and see great results every where else but my stomach ????. I feel that it's pretty solid under all that flab. So, I decided to get a tummy tuck (without the sutures) w/ lipo to abs and flanks. Dr Mesa calls this the Brazilian tummy tuck and at first he didn't like the idea but when I went back Janurary and saw my hard work he said I was okay to have the surgery without the internal sutures. The reason I cannot have a mini is because I have excess above my belly button and I would still have it if I were to do the mini. I'm excited and nervous as the time gets closer to. Here's muah!

Here we go

In just 6 hrs I'll be going in. I'm anxious, nervous, and excited. Is this how I will feel on my wedding day? lol..

It's done!!!!

Everyone at ambulatory center is so nice and patient with me. My surgery went really well. He removed 6 lbs and about 2 lbs of skin. I'm now waiting for my fiancé to get here to take me home. I'm soooo hungry! I'm so happy that I did this can't wait to see the results. A few gross things: drains it's red right now but at the day's progress it'll be lighter. Second he didn't put a drain in the back so I have to wear a diaper bc I'm bleeding. He said he didn't want to put a drain bc it will fall in the toilet. I have a follow up tomorrow with him. Btw Dr Mesa was so nice during the whole thing, he came in and showed me pictures of the fat and skin removal and also how I looked when he finished. He told me I have to walk like how Kim Kardashian posed in the champagne cup ????????

Day 2

Was rough! I fainted twice at home and almost passed out in the Doctor's ofc. I'm trying to not take the pain pills unless I'm in a lot of pain and or night time. Dr Mesa said I'm healing great and I have to go back in a week hopefully to take the drains right. I'll show pictures whenever I take them...

Day 4

Things are looking up...I'm eating more, trying to eat or consume a lot of protein base foods or smoothies. Also, smoothies with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and kefir for the swelling. I'm able to move a lot more but I still have to walk bent which is killing my back. I've been drinking a lot of water and Gatorade so I've been going to the bathroom a lot. Here's my pic it isn't the best, but this is Day 4


I'm starting to move more but the more I move the more tired I get. I took a nap on bed for once this day and it made my back/butt feel so much better. It's definitely an adjustment to the couch. I'm excited to take a shower today to see how I look underneath this thing! I just wanted to put this out there, I went to my dr with the intention of having a mini and he told me that I'm not a candidate for that because I have loose skin right above the button too and if I only did the bottom, I would still have loose skin at the top. So, he told me I had to do a full tummy tuck if I had to see the results. I don't understand why some doctors aren't doing the same? I feel bad for the people that are going for mini and aren't happy with the results at all. I would prefer getting the full done, being down for a bit, and not having to go back for anything.

Follow up

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare, I got light headed again after taking my binder off. I asked the dr today and he said it's bc I'm having low blood pressure when I take it off and I should just sit when take it off for 20/30 mins and walk before I jump in the shower. I also had 3 drains and they took it out. This might be TMI but the drain in my butt for my back had a really bad odor to it, that I thought I had infection, but the NP said no and that normally happens. They took all the drains out today, put a small marble on my bully button, put my faja on, and told me I have to keep it on 24/7. I'm so happy with me results. Here's a picture of me yesterday before I took a shower.

First Day Back @Work

Today I did 7am-12pm and boy I'm I beat. I mostly sit at my job but it was very draining. And I still have class later on tonight, but I will make it! Does anyone websites for post surgical garments? I need to buy another one ASAP.

Hey everyone.

Hey everyone. I haven't posted pictures bc I really don't see that much of a difference which makes me nervous. I'm hoping the swelling and hardness goes down stat! I've went back to my normal routine with work and school, except I don't lift anything heavy. I'm still hunched over a bit and really feel it when I get from a sitting position. He said that he tightened me real tight so maybe that's why I'm a bit hunched over, idk. I go back next week for my follow up (3wks) and I hope he gives me the okay to workout. Here's some pictures

I know I haven't posted in forever

It's just that I pretty much look the same. He took the tape off and there's some areas you can't really notice the incision just where the incision ends. I started the post surgical massages last Monday and that is helping a lot. My back isn't as lumpy from the lipo. I also went on the treadmill and stair master last Wed and I'm going to start doing it till I get cleared to go all out.

These are from today

These are from today before I get in bed

Oh mann

This me today while I was getting the massages. I'm happy with the overall look of it minus the incision is a bit dark on the sides but I'm hoping it gets lighter with creams or tanning.

Getting back

Getting back on track with lifting. At first I was a bit nervous but I've been working out for the past two weeks and I feel fanfreakingtastic

Extremely Happy with my Brazilian Panniculectomy by Dr. Mesa

I can't express enough how happy I am with my results. Before my surgery I worked out but never saw the results I wanted. I was very self conscious of my body and always hid my flab very well. I got tired of it and took the iniciative to have the surgery. I went in and we spoke about what I wanted to get done; he didn't suggest anything else. My surgery, came out great! His bedside manor was awesome, he was sweet and made me laugh. Even the healing process, he was very attentive and so was his nurse, Christina. I'm at my three month mark and I'm so happy with my results! I can only imagine what I'll look like within a year. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking. Thank you Dr Mesa!

3 Mons BABY!!!!

I went for my three months (obvi) and I'm so happy with my results. I can only imagine how I'll look in a year.


I'm trying to get my abs back underneath the flab! I'm working out more and getting strength back...I'm still swollen but you can only really tell if I've been eating horribly or when I wear jeans and then take them off. My incision is still a bit dark but I know it'll take some time...
New York Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Mesa! He makes me feel comfortable and didn't make me feel like I needed 50,000 other procedures. I told him what I wanted and that's what we spoke about. Christina is very nice and answered all my questions and is on point! I would definitely go to them if I ever needed anything else and I'll refer anyone to him.

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