7 Years of Feeling Self Conscious and Fake - Liverpool, GB

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5 years ago I made the stupidest decision of my...

5 years ago I made the stupidest decision of my life:to get breast implants

I was 34a and felt totally inadequate and when I was 30 and majorly depressed I went to Transform and got completely brainwashed. I was a 34a and I had 380cc implants put in.

Ive never liked them and I don't know why its took me 5 years to actually get them out

I suppose ive been scared of what I will look like. But after years of discomfort of these to firm rocks attached to me, making me feel like an idiot every day, I spoke to an NHS doctor (instead of a money-interested private plastic surgeon) and she said because of the pain I get all the time she will happily remove them

ive looked on the internet lately about the slow poisoning that silicone does to your body over time and seeing as though I am ridiculously passionate about health ,it doesn't make sense for me to have these toxic lumps in my precious body any longer and if I look horrible at least I wont be getting poisoned anymore. Plus I will feel my true self again, which I have missed.

Anyway, I am due to see the surgeon in 2 weeks and we will then make a date for the op.

I cant wait to get them out but I am really anxious about what mess will be left afterwards

I hope I can cope.

will post again after my appointment and I will also get my pics on here

please get intouch if you have any words of wisdom for me!

Pics so far....before and after implants

Pics so far....before and after implants (2008)

Cold Boobies

did /does anyone else with implants find their boobs are now freezing cold all the time? and have any of you noticed when the implants are removed that they turn back to normal or are they still cold?

Also i wondered if anyone noticed any facial discolouration or changes in skin tone after implants? x

cold boobies

i meant changes in skin tone while implants were in - not after they were removed x

Dreampt I had my implants removed!

Last night i dreamt I had my implants removed! It was brilliant. It felt so good not to have the tightness and pressure there anymore. I've never dreamt that before, it's coz it's on my mind, but I was happy in the dream that it was all over. I'm sure ill feel like that wen it happens in real life x x

Today's consultation

Well I had my follow up consultation with the lovely doctor/surgeon today. I was only in there 5 mins, ...she just asked me how everything was and how I was feeling about the implants - I said I felt the same as i did 6 weeks ago when I first saw her , and that is that I want them out.

She reiterated that they wont look very good afterwards and will have excess skin etc and may even have a 'double bubble' whatever that is? something to do with the new scar not healing right......well I said I am prepared for it all looking funny but health comes first so she said she will put me on the waiting list and should be done in a few months.

I'm going to wait till at September or October anyway as I have some caravan trips away and stuff so once all that's out the way I can give all my energy to this operation and recovery.

I feel ok about it all but I know I will get more nervous as I get nearer to the day. I even had a moment of second thoughts after the consultation. . . Its another big deal to cope with isn't it and am I really ready to have my body changed again so drastically?. A lot of mental preparation is needed!!!

Im not going to change my mind though....I want them out , im sick of feeling fake and I feel sorry for my body having to put up with 2 foreign objects in it.... To be honest Im more bothered about what my partner will think of them after its done as even though he is amazingly supportive I cant help but think he will think I look weird and maybe feel uncomfortable around me- he never saw me pre - implant so he's only ever known me with these big fake ones. I know for a fact he will be a bit gutted deep down as he always said he loves them now just as they are. He said he is 100% behind me on my decision and I know he means that, but still , if I was single I wouldn't feel that pressure that I do now about this other person. Oh well, I will just have to get on with it wont I.

I know I will look weird and I will be so sad that all this was done for nothing, but I will just have to remember that what's done is done and the best thing I can do for my body and my soul is getting em out!!! x


I've been thinking about my situation in a more stronger and positive light lately

Before i found this website, (which gave me a new confidence and strength),
i would have been criticising myself saying i was so stupid (ok I still think that a little bit!!!) and what an idiot i was to ruin my body, i should have loved myself the way i was, and how could i be so stupid to get brainwashed into implants, and now i have to go through another operation which will mess my body up again and i will be left
with silly looking boobs etc etc etc (you get the idea!!) its all that was going round my head on a daily basis to the point of tears sometimes.

....well, now i’ve been thinking instead of being so wrapped up with the negative side of things, lets step back and consider the positives.

What an amazing journey my mind , my spirit and emotions have been on from pre implant to post implant to pre explant!! I should congratulate myself for getting through it all!!! not condemning myself!!!! Wow, I have been through so much that I think I actually deserve a medal (as all of u do) and not a scorning!!

I've grown a phenomenal amount throughout this whole situation... I think i'm now in a more positive state than ive ever been in before, I really feel love on a spiritual level and feel I ve become so wise in all different ways from whats gone on in the last 6 - 7 years.

My negative state in the beginning caused a vicious loathing of myself which in turn brought on an eating disorder which totally messed my head up and caused major depression within me and then I chose to have implants which caused more turmoil– this in turn made me search for help which brought me to all kinds of lovely things including meditation and a naturopathic/nutrition course – the course was a very holistic and taught me how to bring about balance within me.

I also met my partner in my time of turmoil who helped me no end.

I can just see the whole journey that i've been on and I see that its something to be proud of! and be proud of who I am becoming and proud of how I treat my body now and how I try to help others all the time.

I have a lot to be angry at but whats the point? I have so much to be positive about and when I think of it all like this - the physical look of my body after explant doesn't seem so major or worrying anymore. Theres a massive amount more to me now than my boobs.

this is all thanks to all of you who have shared their thoughts and stories as I feel such a connection with you all and i see you all as amazing souls which makes me realise that I am one too.

and that to me is the only thing that matters :-) x x

Friend knocks me off track a little

Have spoken to one friend today and emailed another telling them im getting my implants out. The one I typed to (a girl) was so supportive, I was really happy to receive such an amazing response off her. Ive not really told many people I have them , only my friends before I got them know. I didn't tell anyone else. It was a relief to tell her and read her words of support.

However , my other friend I told today ( a man) was shocked I was getting them out and was saying 'aren't you gunna look bad though afterwards?' and was making jokes about it - which I did find funny, I think its important to make light of it all... but I have been thinking all night about what he was saying. What if im not ready for this move? What if I do look too freaky to myself and I end up regretting it. Arrrrgh....just when I thought my head was totally straight he goes and says all that... he said 'will the look like two socks blowing in the wind!!!' I now have these images...... im sure most of you may have had doubts prior to explant.... if you have I would really appreciate some words of advice!!

Ive got a date!

Hi everyone I haven't been on here for a while, ive just been getting on with things until I got the letter through from the hospital....it never came so I called them last week to find out when they think it will be happening as I have waited 4 months since seeing the doctor. She got back to me and its all arranged for January

wow. its really here now, just around the corner. I am now actually a bit nervous. The old feelings about what if I cant cope with how i will end up looking are all flooding back. I am losing weight at the moment to give me half a chance of at least feeling in proportion when I have them out but still can I cope with what the boobs themselves will look like. I just remember the doctor saying because of where my scar is I may end up with the double bubble and I think I will be gutted if that happens. At the same time I do not like these fake things ive got on my chest.

I made the mistake of telling a girl in work who ive known for 2 years but who doesn't knoew I have implants. When I told her I did and im getting them out she was saying You wont be able to cope, don't do it, they look great, you wont feel like a woman anymore, just get smaller ones etc - this completely threw me and has definitely knocked me off my otherwise positive track. I told her I don't fell like a woman now but a fake!!!

Luckily I spoke to my best mate after that and he told me to take no notice of her and I am doing this for the good of my soul and my health - this rings true to me.

I suppose I could ask you guys who have had their explants for two things.....one is can you give me any advice on how to prepare - mentally and physically - over these next 3 months on the run up to the op? ans second is just any words of wisdom about these negative thoughts im having?

thanks guys , I appreciate any suggestions / advice

what do I do!!!!!????

I have an appointment to see the surgeon in july (I didnt cancel my last one I just postponed a couple of times). Im so torn with what to do for the best. My right implant aches regularly and I want them out. On the other hand can I cope. Its such a ridiculously difficult decision to make

work friends

One other worry is that ive never told anyone in work that I hsce implants....its going to be clearly obvious to every one when ive had them out. I feel a bit embarrassed to tell anyone but I will have to coz I cant exactly do it on the quiet. I hate the thought of everyone gossiping about it
I wonder if anyone else has had tjis experience and how they went about it. I wish I didnt care what people thought but I do.

Psychic told me to GET THEM OUT!!!!!

Wow, had to share this with you. Ive never been to psychic / medium before so tonight was my first time. I walked into the dimly lit room and sat down and the first thing he asked me was "who's been discussing breast implants?" .......... i could have fell of the chair, i couldnt believe it. There was no way he could have known as the room was dimly lit and i was wearing a black jumper. I was literally just discussing getting them out with my partner a few days ago on holiday and was going to call the hospital to chase the removal up as ive been on the waiting list for ages..... so anyway i said to him, it was me discussing it because ive got them in and he said "i know....get them out as soon as possible youve got a problem with the right one" .....well this is correct, i have complained of pains in the right one for years and is what prompted me to contact the doctor in the first place. He told me not to waste any time and to get them out right away or there could be trouble. I was in tears when he said this, he told me my mum (who has passed) is telling me. Im so happy to have had this experience because ive been dreading getting them out even though my heart has been telling me to do it, ive just been dreading what i will look like....but now i feel better about it all. I just thought id share that with you incase it helps any one x x

Explant is NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!!!

im soooooo excited!!!!!!!! next thursday i will have these ridiculous alien blobs out of my body and i will return to my normal lovely no boobed self again. I cant wait to feel these lumps GONE. Im feeling so positive but i know its not going to be all rosey, i accept it will be an emotional time and it will be painfull after the operation, not to mention the sadness of my boobs looking so shrivelled up and saggy........but, its the right thing to do for my health, my heart and my soul. And for that reason i am so overjoyed to get rid of them. My boyfriend is being ultra supportive and i know i wouldnt be feeling this positive without him. I would have convinced myself i am ready for the scrap heap but he has convinced me otherwise, what a god send he has been. Im so grateful for him. So 30th July is when i go in. I will update again after the op with how it went and in time i will post some explant pics x x x

Explanted today!!!!!!!!

They look very battered, they do not even look boobshaped, im so flat, BUT i am SO happy they are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel normal again eventho my boobs look totally abnormal. I know over the next few months they will change a bit so im going to be patient. But yes, i feel free now and myself again after 7 years of stupidness!!!!!!!!!!!! and theyre warm and soft its so lovely to feel :-) x x x x

Day 2 of explant

Day 2 and i still feel sooooooo happy!!! No pain yet so thats good. I took a high dose of Arnica homeopathic medicine so thats probably helping. Well theyre not as deformed looking today but they are as flat as a pancake - flatter than i ever was before - BUT i LOVE my new squidgy soft warm pancakes!!!!!!!!! I am giving them lots of love so i think they are happy. I used to be put off getting the explant because i saw other peoples ultra flat boobs after explant - that scared me to be honest but please be assured that if you are feeling torn over explant because your worried you wont cope with them flat - YOU WILL !!!! it goes beyond how they look. I have found a new self love more than i ever have in my entire life. Ive realised (the hard way) that theres so much more to me than boobs, and now i havent got any well i can start focusing on everything else that i have to offer which is a lot more than my boobs!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing feeling itis to feel this much love and appreciation for myself. And you will feel this too once those horrible cold hard soul robbing implants are removed. x x x x

3 days post op

Just thought id give a little update, no point in posting pics as nothing has changed since the op, i think i will post monthly pics as you will probably see changes better. So ive still had no pain since the operation which is fantastic, ive not been taking pain killers either, only the homeopathic remedy Arnica each day. Im still feeling positive about myself and about the explant, theres definitley NO regrets about getting them taken out. Ive shed a couple of tears over the fact that i ever did this to myself. I am now flatter than i was before the implants which i have to learn to live with but i will, because getting them out has already improved my opinion of myself, i feel so much love and appreciation of myself which is a new experience altogether for me, ive never felt this before, its wonderful. I feel free. i LOVE my body now. Fat, lumps, bumps, veins, hair, flat boobs, the lot. I love it. It all works, I am lucky. I have an amazing boyfriend, amazing friends, a lovely simple comfortable life, a lovely cat, i eat healthy - lots of raw foods, smoothies, salads and treat my body with respect (now) - i love and laugh at the simple things in life. THIS is what its all about, not the size or shape of my boobs. i just wish id realised this before i got the implants. I reduced my life and my self worth down to my boobs. What a crying shame. But its done now, this is my journey, and now ive done the right thing for my health and my self respect. I value myself now in ways i never did before so all this can only be a blessing.


Quick update, my boobs are feeling stronger inside now, not as delicate so i can only assume they are happy and healing. I will post some more pics when ive got the dressings taken off next wednesday. Cant wait to get them off. Im still so happy. I went out today to the local shops and i just felt so relaxed. I used to feel self conscious every single second with the implants in. Now i am so proud of my real tiny boobs, i just feel SOOOOO relaxed and happy. I cant get over how soft and warm they are :-) omg implants are vile horrible things im so happy theyre not in me anymore.

2 weeks since explant

i went to get my dressings off yesterday , the surgeon was just so lovely as usual, she said the scars were all ok but she asked me to continue wearing the steristrips for another few weeks. Wouldn prefer not to but she said the scars will heal better if they remain covered up. I couldnt help but take them off tonight as i just wanted to see them and rub a bit of coconut oil on them i think they will heal well over time. The scars that i had from the actual implants going in were awful so im glad she has got rid of them and done her own neater and thinner ones. Anyway i will post some pics but theres no major change from explant day. i havent got pics of my scars yet i will do that next time i post :-) im still totally happy, buzzing, feeling liberated, feeling more relaxed around people and in public. My friends seen me for the first time today since explant and they said i seemed like i had come back to myself, and that i looked so happy and well. It was great that they said that becasue thats exactly how it is. Ive not felt or been myself since i got the implants put in and now its all over like ive woken up from a bad dream . I can breathe again, i can be myself again x x

pics to follow....

Day 15 pics

No changes really..........

hello peeps

I haven't been on here for ages as ive just been getting on with my life really but I thought I should post some updated pics as I know that helped me when others did that. So these pics were taken maybe about 6 weeks ago? so theyre not exactly up to date but I don't think they've changed that much in the last 6 weeks anyway. Im still so happy I got the explant. Ive never once regretted it,,,,only regret not doing it years ago. My boobs feel much better now, theyre not feeling empty and fragile like they were following the explant, they seemed to have filled out inside - theyre still tiny but they just feel better now like they've got some substance to them :-)

7 months since explant

Its been 7 months since my explant and ive well and truely moved on with my life. When I had the implants in I felt I was in a living nightmare every single day. I never stopped thinking about them and how awful they were and how stupid I was. Every day. But since explant I dont even think about my boobs anymore. Its amazing really. Infact im happier in my own skin than ive ever been in my life. I love me now. My boobs are NOT textbook perfect now, the implant HAVE damaged them...BUT I am so happy that they are natural again. I love them so much. They look ok in the pics - the damage done is just the way they look when my chest muscles flex. Its distorted. But I can totally live with that. I'm not trying to be a perfect supermodel so I dont care. Yes its a shame I ever did this to myself but it was a mistake, it didn't kill me, it didnt make me a bad person, it didnt stop me walking, hearing, tasting, talking, smelling, laughing, living. It did make me more self conscious at the time but now I'm free of that. So I can only say to anyone who wants an explant but is worried.....just get the explant asap!!!!!! I am so much happier now, I wish id got them out sooner, my natural littleones look sooooo much better in clothes. I feel more real when im talking to people. No more fake. All natural. All good. Yay!!!!!! Ive attached some up to date pics, not much change since last time Xxx

7 months update PICS

here are the pics to go with my 7 month update :-)

7 months update PICS

here are the pics to go with my 7 month update :-)
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