275cc Implants, 20 Years Old - Liverpool, GB

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About a year ago I decided that I really wanted to...

About a year ago I decided that I really wanted to go ahead with a breast augmentation. After researching a lot of clinics I found the new birkdale clinic and decided to go with Dr Degado. I had my initial consultation where I decided on 275cc implants, medium profile and sub muscular. My surgeon seems really nice, a bit strict but I don't suppose that's a bad thing. Well the day of surgery is tomorrow! I've been told to get everything organised as I won't be able to do much after it so I've been quite busy doing that. The nerves are starting to kick in now! I'll upload both before and after pics on my next review as I thought that they really helped me when decided what size to go to. I'm currently a 32B (a small B!) and want to go to a D. The surgeon hasn't given me a specific size that I'll end up as as he's said it can differ between people. Anyway I'll update soon.

One week post op!

Its been quite a week! so I went into the clinic for the op last Wednesday, they were all lovely and the op went well. When I came round I had little to no pain at all and seemed quite well! it was only when I got home that night that I became aware that I couldn't pee! That lead to a night in hospital and not being able to take any pain meds except paracetamol. Considering I was only taking paracetamol the pain really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! the only way I can describe it is like realllyy badly pulling muscles in your chest.
The next few days following my op the pain got considerably less however that's when the back pain kicked in! Following a BA you can only sleep on your back which has really caused me a lot of discomfort but im hoping this will fade when I can finally start sleeping on my side again. If your thinking of having s BA id just suggest stocking up on pillows, blankets and most importantly tops that zip or button up at the front.
On day 5 I got to go back to the clinic and have my bandages taken off which went well. That was the first time I really got to see my new assets! I could instantly see a big change!
They don't look really swollen or hard but I've been told to get Bio-oil to make sure I don't get stretch marks.
Looking forward to next week as im having my 2 stiches taken out! My surgeon only did one anchor stich in each side then a dissolvable strip which I was pretty happy about!
I'll upload more pics of the scar when I get my stiches out


Before and after pictures!

Sorry I forgot the pictures on the last review!

The boob greed!

So I'm two and a half weeks post op now and I've pretty much got no pain at all! I'm sleeping right through the night and having no problems at all! I went to get my stiches taken out and the incision really doesn't look too bad, it's only about 4 cm long and really thin which I'm made up about. The only problem I'm having now is wishing is chosen a bigger implant :/ I don't know if I just need to wait for these to drop a bit more so they look more natrual or if they'll stay put now but I still don't seem to really have a crease! The only being able to wear sports bras is like of getting annoying too, there's only so any tops that I've got that cover a sports bra haha
Has anyone else had this boob greed?
I'm also noticing that one boob looks bigger than the other and the nipple is exyreamley sensitive! but I'm not sure if that'll just die down. Well hopefully it does anyway! I'll update with pics soon too.

3 weeks post op and thinking 275cc is too small..

3 weeks post op and I've got no pain at all! Completely back to normal now! The scabs have started to fall off now and you can hardly see any scar! I'm deffo thinking I should of gone for 300cc though they just don't seem or look like the boobs I wanted :( might just be because I'm only wearing sports bras at the moment! I tried on a proper bra the other day though and they did look miles better! I'll upload a pic! I've noticed that one of my boobs now looks bigger than the other which is really bugging me, I don't know if I'm being too paranoid though?
Got my next appointment with my PS in 2 weeks time, can't wait to get the all clear to wear normal bras!

7 weeks post op .. 32Bto 32E!

So I finally went and got measured at Anne summers and was amazed when I was told I was a 32E in bras that have no padding!! Although I don't feel like an E or look as big as I would of hoped this was a huge comfort! I'm still finding myself going for more padded bras though which I hoped I wouldn't have to do after having a boob job. Looking back at before and after pictures has really made me realise how much of a change there's been though! Think I need to remind myself of this a bit more often instead of getting hung up on not feeling big enough. I've started back at the gym too but only doing light exercise on things such as the cross trainer. My surgeon said not to do any running or anything 'jiggly' for at least another month, and when I do I need to wear 2 sports bras! Thinking this might be a little over the top though? Off on holiday in 2 weeks time though, so can't wait to wear bikinis with my new boobs!

16 weeks post op and finally happy with my new 32E's!

It feels like it's been a long 16 weeks since I was in the hospital waiting to go down for my op, after the op I had a whole range of mixed emotions and even slightly regretted my decision to get 275cc implants. However I can now say I wouldn't change a thing and I'm so glad I trusted my surgeon in getting that size implant! I honestly think now that if I had managed my expectations more pre op I wouldn't have felt like I did. Seeing women on TV and in magazines isn't a real reflection of what boobs look like! I'm now a 32E and didn't feel big enough to start off with which is just crazy thinking about it now. My new boobs are perfectly in proportion with my body now. I really can't recommend sites such as this enough if your thinking of having a breast augmentation and looking at other women's before and after pictures.
I've recently got back from holiday and for the first time I felt so much happier in my bikini on the beach with my new boobs! The confidence boost is unreal! I'm still finding out what clothes now suit me though which is costing a fortune! Be warned anyone who's getting a BA make sure you have extra money put aside for new bras, tops, bikini ect ect.. 32E bras don't come cheap.
I've started using bio oil on my scars and they're getting smaller now but honestly the scars don't bother me half as much as I thought they would. I wouldn't let scars put anyone off getting a BA. They're only 3cm each now!
I'll upload some pics of how much they've settled down and the scars :)
Dr Degado

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