Pixel Laser First Treatment Day 1 - Liverpool, UK

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Price includes 2 pixels and 3 photorejuvenation...

Price includes 2 pixels and 3 photorejuvenation over a period of about 4 months. So far iv had 3 photorejuvenations to reduce redness and skin tone and today I have just had my first pixel treatment to reduce pore size on forehead, slight scaring on forehead and improve overall complexion.

Time now is 3pm and I had my pixel treatment at 10am. No facial numbing cream was applied to begin with, my face was cleansed and my eyes protected. Laser was applied to face, this did not hurt. Could smell burning and my face felt quite hot but would not consider this procedure painful whatsoever. I held a cold air pump which helped cool down my face. Procedure took approx 45 mins to complete. After this my face was still feeling very hot. An anti inflammatory was applied which made my face feel hotter for a couple of seconds then my face felt cooler.

I left the spa approx 11:15am. My face was extremely red, tight and still slightly hot. Now it is 3pm and my face still feels tight and very red but redness has faded ever so slightly. I feel ok in my self but would not consider going out in public at the moment! I have a history of coldsores so tablets were supplied last week and I have been taking them for the past couple of days and will continue for the next week. I haven't applied any more cream since my treatment as my face still feels quite moist. Around my nose area feels slightly tighter and I have noticed a tiny bit of blistering but this is at a minimum.

At this moment I feel happy that I went ahead with the treatment and I will update tomorrow on my progress. I must admit, after reading some of the reviews on this site, it did put me off! However I am glad to have gone for this treatment and think a lot of people have exaggerated in regards to pain etc. Update tomorrow!

Day two of pixel... Nights sleep wasn't too...

Day two of pixel... Nights sleep wasn't too bad actually. Went to bed with my face still feeling quite moist and tight and still very red with visible pixel marks. Woke up and face was very dry, still very tight but redness had faded slightly. Pixels still very much visible and a day indoors anticipated! Would not be able to go outside or answer the door for that matter as still extremely noticeable! No pain whatsoever just dry and tight. Washed face with water and face wash designed for sensitive skin and lathered with a lot of cream prescribed by spa. Will update tomorrow and add pictures

Day 3... Woke up this morning, skin still...

Day 3... Woke up this morning, skin still red/brown. Very dry, skin feels like sandpaper. Pixels still very noticeable on skin. Skin doesn't feel as tight. Definitely a day indoors for me. Feeling bit fed up and anxious for skin to get back to normal but no pain no gain! Washed face again and some areas of the dry skin come off and skin underneath was super soft and smooth. Lathered face with more cream.. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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As this is first day of treatment I will rate after one week

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