NHS Breast Reduction Surgery Date Confirmed - Liverpool, GB

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Hi! I read a lot of reviews on here but this is...

Hi! I read a lot of reviews on here but this is the first I've written.

I am 22 years old, 134lbs and 5ft 3. My boobs are a 34F and sometimes a G.
I initially went to my doctor in October. She was awful. Told me I would grow to love my chest and I just needed to lose weight ( at the time I weighed 145lbs but was by no means overweight. a UK size 10.

I was very upset. She did however refer me to a physiotherapist. I completed 10 weeks of physio which eased my back and shoulder pain but didn't rid me of it completely. I went back to the doctor at the end of Feb. A different doctor. He was very understanding and referred me to a plastic surgeon.

Appointment with plastic surgeon was terrifying, I stupidly went alone. But he told me then and there after inspecting me that I was eligible for the surgery and I would be put on the list. I did have to have photos of my breasts taken.

This morning I received a phone call exactly 2 months after my consultation to give me my date. My preop consultation is 2 weeks from today and my surgery is the Monday afterwards!

I'm just so excited!! I hope this wasn't too long winded! I intend on posting pictures but I'm just a bit nervous!


Boobs on the brain!

It's only been 3 days since the hospital contacted me with my date! The paperwork states I will have a general anaesthetic. I have so many question for my preop consultation which is in 11days! Eek!
What type of scars will I have lollipop or anchor?
Will I have drains?
When can I drive?
When can I fly?
How long do I need someone to look after me?
Why type and size of post-op bra should I buy?
What wil the anaesthetic be like?
How often will I be visiting the hospital afterwards?

Sorry for bombarding but if anyone can answer the more general questions I would really appreciate it. Also I intend on posting pics tomorrow.
My operation is in Liverpool but as I am a student here I would like to return to Ireland for the summer months. But as my op is in June I don't know how often il have to return to the hospital for check ups and how soon I can travel even though its only a very short flight (40mins).

Apologies for the long entry I'm just booby mad at the moment which I shouldn't be as I'm currently sitting my final exams at university. So much going on!!! Xxx

Booby pictures

Here are some images. So nerve wrecking posting these!

NHS info

I thought I would update this for anyone in the UK who might read it.
I went to my GP who was a b*tch and told me to basically go away and lose a stone. She did refer me to physio and I completed 10 weeks for my back and shoulder pain.
A few months later I went to another GP. He asked my about physical pain and emotional distress. I spoke honestly and openly about the attention I received and how my huge boobies affected my sex life with my bf because I though they we like granny t*ts. He asked me to remove my top (kept bra on) to see my chest. Weighed me and took my height.
Your BMI must be under 25 which mine is. He referred me to a plastic surgeon.
Plastic surgeon appointment. They weighed me and took my height. I went over everything I said to the GP. He asked to examine me (minus bra) there was always a female nurse present to make sure everything was above board.
This was terrifying for me and I was extremely nervous and shaking. I didn't cry but was very close as I found this very over wheeling. He said I fit all the criteria but he would need to speak to the surgeon who was carrying out the surgery who was his superior.
Then a second doctor came in. So I was topless infront of 3 people... Eek!
He ask me to show him infront of a mirror what size I would like and positioning. He suggested a life rather than a reduction and I said that was not what I wanted. I wanted a reduction and lift wouldn't suffice so he then said that was fine and I would receive a date in the post.
I received a phone call 2 months later with a date for 3 weeks time.

They did state I shouldn't plan to have a child in the next 4-5years. Also I believe you shouldn't be on birth control either. My doctor didn't tell me this but a friend told me that she was told to stop taking the pill in order to have her BR.

I think that's everything NHS related. This all happened within a couple of months. Also it is dependent on where u live. I am in the north west so just because I was given the go ahead here doesn't mean if I lived in Surrey I would be ok-ed there.
I hope this is useful for UK girlies. The waiting lists aren't years long and the main part of the criteria is your weight as shoulder grooves, discomfort, back pain etc are all a given for us big boobies girlies. If ur GP says no GO TO ANOTHER ONE! They do no have the power to say yes or no it is the plastic surgeons job! Badger them but do make sure u fit the majority of the criteria otherwise u are wasting your time!

Sorry for the long post xxxx

Wishful thinking

I went window shopping today and compared a massive 34G to a teeny 34 C and it just seems impossible that my body is going to change so much. I'm just so terrified that the doctor leaves me with massive bazooka boobies instead of the little fried eggs that I really want.
Also I've been exercising everyday and trying to lose a few lbs before the surgery as I know that I won't be able to do anything for a while and my friend said that my boobs looked smaller. Is it possible that I go to my preop and they tell me I no longer qualify if my boobs have shrunk? I don't think they have tbh..
The doctor did say at my first meeting with him that I wasn't "overly big" so now I'm worried they'll change their minds.
Also mum has booked time off to come and stay with me for a week 2 days preop and 5 post op. I think I'm more worried about her amusing herself in a city she doesn't know than the actual operation...
I keep having boob related dreams too. And they are Cra-ZAY! lol.
As I'm not telling anyone about my op except my par3ents,bf, sister and best friend I'm really worried if someone asks me directly if I've had them done. If someone says I look diff il say I've lost weight. But if someone says have u had a boob reduction... I don't want to lie to their face but I also don't want to tell anyone so in quite torn.. What to do. What to do!

Il stop being a ranty pants now. This day next week I will have had my preop!!! Eek! Also final uni exam is on Friday! So many massive changes!! It's frightening!!

Pre-op Tomorrow

Pre-op consult is tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. Don't know what to expect I hope the Dr goes into a lot of detail with me. Any tips or advice?


Today I went for my preop consultation and to be honest I was left disappointed as I didn't even see the surgeon and was told I wont see him until the morning of my op. I was told I could fly around a week after the op and that i would return to have my stitches out about 7 days afterwards too. The Dr also told me I would be given a surgical bra after the surgery so I think I will wait and see what they give me and then I will go out (well go online) and purchase one similar as I have no idea what size to buy. Also he didnt tell me what else i need to get e.g. bandages gauze.. and that sort of stuff.

This isnt putting me off the op or the surgeon but I am just a bit frustrated as I would have liked to see my PS today as I really want to reiterate that i want TINY boobs. They just took my blood/ pee and nose &throat swabs. My last appointment which as at the end of march was when I saw my PS and to be honest it was really overwhelming and I couldn't remember how much he said he could remove or what type of incisions he would use. I did ask the Dr this today and he said it would mostly likely be anchor incisions and drains wouldn't be used.. Uh just a bit frustrating.

Anyway only 6 sleeps. I'm currently cleaning my house top to bottom and slowly making a shopping list of things to get in. so if anyone has any suggestions:

currently I am thinking:
lots of fruits and veg
senokot (gross I know lol)
regular painkillers
button up PJs

4 sleeps

I began to sort through my bras today as I am going to donate them to Oxfam's bra recycling thing and all of a sudden i just got really emotional and started to cry. I have no idea why tbh i think it's relief. Im so close to having my op but im still terrified that it wont happen, something will go wrong or il get sick or something. I want this so much. Also im a bit worried that having little boobs will make me look like a big fatty. That should be the least of my worries i know! Im excited about not having sore shoulders and feeling like a fat man is sitting on my chest. I know im just jabbering. Whilst my family and bf are supporting my decision they really dont agree with me so i feel like i cant talk really talk about all this stuff cuz it all goes over their heads... Ah well

Nearly there

Mum arrived today! I live alone in a different city so she has come to take are of me for the first 5 days after THE BIG OP! She's quizzing me on the op and i have few answers. Ah well. At this stage i feel like once the op is done if they arent perfect i just need to remember how awful they are now and how heavy and the pain they cause! I dont have perfect boobs now so i just need to remember that and not expect perfect boobs afterwards either. Its just a case of trading in the old set for a new set. I dont mean to seem negative if anything im trying to be super positive and try not to get my hopes up too much. Getting a but terrified about going from my regular room to the operating room and waiting for the anaesthetic. I hope i dont freak out. AHHHHH

The sun will come out TOMORROW

TOMORROW TOMORROW!! I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IM SO EXCITED! This still doesnt feel real! Hospital bag packed, mum is well versed in what to do and im gona have a lovely big pizza for dinner before i have to fast as i dont know what my eating habits will be after! I cant wait i just wish i knew what the outcome will be! Be positive for me and keep me in your thoughts please! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!! Wee boobies here I come!!!


Im on the other side. Still woozy so excuse the spelling
Arrived at 8am
Op was about 920
3.5 hrs longs
195g from right And 280g from left i think thts a rough guide
Felt sick waking & been sleepin on Nd off since

1 day post op

Hi all still have drip in my hand so its hard to type on my phone. Drains came out 5 mins ago. Wasnt sore but a bit gross. Since surgery all i have eaten is toast. Had the WORST dry mouth due to the drugs. Only had 2x paracetol and 1x codeine after surgery so they must have really drugged me for the op. im hapy to answer any questions. I dont have a surgical bra... Dr just said a sports bra would be fine what do people think? Also im not to touch my bandages until i come back in a week so no peeking im afraid. :(

Getting vibrations

Hi all, couple of days post op. i went for a walk to the shop with my mum yesterday and nearly passed out. Too much activity. Also i have no pain at all. I stopped taking the cocodamol as it was making me feel sick. If i have any niggles im just taking paracetamol.
I keep getting vibrations in my chest google said its muscle spasms. Its a bit weird but im glad to know its normal. Swelling has reduced so ny bandages are starting to gap. I dont know what to do as im not meant to touch them. In just afraid that infection will somehow get in. Not wearing a bra but just a busty top in the day. And nothing in the evening. Hope u are all doing well.

Day 8

Just on my way to get my bandages removed and stitches out. Im also donating all my bras to Oxfam's big bra hunt! Hopefully all will be well and i can get some photos for u ladies!


Here are a few pictures of the newbies! Righty is healing better than lefty. Theres nothing wrong according to the PS everything is A okay! So pleased!!

New pics

10 days PO. Ive taped my incisions. I think he took too much from lefty as my right boob is a tad bigger than the left but im not concerned. Here's a few pics. Il take one later when i change my tape so you can all see how my incisions are healing! :)

2 week update

Hi all! Its been 14 days since my surgery! Eek! Time has flown in a cant quite believe it! I had tape over my incisions and although the PS didnt tell me to do that uve read that a lot of ladies on here do it. It might not help but its also not hindering my recovery. Im really frustrated that i cant exercise or drive. I feel a bit like a caged aninal. U am walking a lot but i really want to go jogging or do a spin class. I think i might try a spin class next monday? Or is that too soon? Might ring my PS during the week. Ive uploaded pics my right boob look HUGE compared to my left. Thats just the camera. It is a little bit bigger in real life but the camera has made it look like a monster boob! Also i have a few stitch ends poking out and its so difficult not to touch them!!! I also have a crease on my left hand side. PS said it will flattrn out im not worried about it but it is tender and grosses me out a bit! Anyways! Good luck to you all!!xx


My autocorrect keeps changing the word I to U and I've to uve... Just so you all know i'm not a crazy person that doesnt make sense. Also heres a pic of my gross crease

Week 3!

Today was my 3 week anniversary! Everything is going well. I have minimal swelling. Definately a 34c bra size now wayhey!! I have a stitch poking through my left areola which is a bit annoying so i trimmed it and im just going to leave it alone and hope it dissolves.
Ive had time to be critical of my new boobs and dont get me wrong these bad boys are WAY superior to the sacks i was lugging about before i notice my right breast is noticeably larger than my left and my areola is almost an upside down tear shape (see pics). Also my gross crease is still grossing me out. This is the only area which is giving me any kind of discomfort or pain. I hope it flattens out im not that bothered but it would be nice to be flat.
I had a small opening under my left boob at the cleavage. I cleaned it, put antiseptic on and gauze and called the PS. Nurse said let air at it so i have done and it looks to be closing up... Slowly. My boobs have def softened to a more booby shape and are less stuck on looking. I have attached pics. I feel so blessed to have had this surgery and my recovery has been nothing short of glorious however i do think if i had paid for my op the way some of u ladies had i would be a LOT more bothered about my crease and big right boob lol. But as it was free i do feel so lucky and should i wish to have any revisions later (which i highly doubt) i can go private for that!
Sorry for the spiel! I hope you are all recovering well and dont think i am being ungrateful.
Does my opening look ok?
Has anyone else got a gross boob crease lol?
ALSO when should i show my bf? He hasnt seen them yet and i dont wana wait too long but idont want to frighten him! Eek

5 weeks on

Today is my 5week anniversary! How exciting. Basically i am still wearing wireless sports/genie bras and i did buy a wireless bra from marks and spencer which looks like a normal (yet ugly) bra with a thickish band which had been great. Also been out jogging it has been VERY VERY hot here compared to normal ( i am a bit sunburnt in my pics) my scars were redder after exercise i think but i cant be sure that may have been my mind tricking me..
No other big news. I do have a few loose stitches poking out so i was naughty and used tweezers and small scissors to trim them. When i grasped the end of the stitch with the tweezer and pulled a bit like a knotted bit appeared... Is that normal???
My crease is healing well it can just be painful to sleep on. The small unhealed opening on my lefty is all closed up an healing well. The one small ridiculous thing i am frustrated with is my drain scar on my right hand side . Its quite high and into my armpit so when i wear sleevesleas clothes it looks like a big pimple. What can i put on it to make it go away?? My left drain was really low so the scar is covered by bra.
Anyways thats all for now i have attached pics too and invite any questions and def answers to mine!! Thanks xx
P.s nipple sensitivity is under control but have to avoid the fridge aisles in the supermarket still!

6 week mark

Today i am 6 weeks and 3 days PO. I am very happy with my results. I am now definitely a 34c cup size and loving it! I can start wearing underwired bras but im only wearing them a day or so a week and mostly sticking with my non-wired bras so as not to cause an irratation. My right under boob scars are better than the left, but my left nipple scars are better than the right. Tried on an old string bikini which used to cut into me and now it feels great! Also got some pretty bras for just £5!!!
How exciting!
I dont think many people are following my story any longer but i do hope this can help at least 1 girl! I really adore t new boobs my bf is sick of hearing me talk about how much i love them :)
He is also really pleased with them! I would far more prefer to show people my boobs now with my scars than before with my horrible massive boobs! I still cant quite believe that ive has this done i half feel like I might wake up with massive boobs again!
This really is a dream come true!!

Quick note

Can i just say! I REALLY noticed a difference today. I went to a boxing class this morning and was able to put in 100% without and discomfort/ bra straps digging, sweaty boobs, wires prodding me, boobs giving me a black eye. I am so happy!

4& 1/2 months later (20 weeks)

Hi everyone I'm just updating you all on my progress with pics so u can see how I'm healing. I am thrilled with my results. My right boobs is a bit bigger and my nipples aren't circle lol but I LOVE THEM. I am able to do everything as normal now. Nipples are fully working and sensitive. I am between a 34c&34d cup size. I would have loved to have been a b if I'm honest... But I think that might have devastated my bf. I only told people about my op on a need to know basis I.e family, best friend but some people have noticed - a lot of people Immediately thought I'd lost a lot of weight. I just said I'd lost weight and people accepted that. If u have any questions ASK me. I'm happy to help and answer any queries!!! If ur thinking about this think long & hard. Sometimes j tyhink I can't believe I actually did this. Its crazy. But I am 100% happy with my op and outcome.

P.s the red link between my boobs was cuz of my bra that's not a scar lol
Mr Omann Koshy

My PS is an NHS doctor what he lacks in personality he makes up for in skills. I am very pleased with my results. He is very talented and quite forthright in telling you what he thinks is best. I would recommend him 100%. I now have beautiful breasts. He isn't a talker but then again he is a PS not a psychiatrist. Direct and informative answers given to my questions. From first consult to operation day was 10 weeks and this is on the NHS. Operation was completely free. No payment at all. I saw Mr Koshy at the first consult for 10 mins, then before the op to mark me up for 10 mins and then at my post op for 10mins.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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