37 Yrs 290cc Round Silicone Unders - Liverpool, GB

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I have always had small boobs except when...

I have always had small boobs except when breastfeeding my 2 kids. I was an A cup then went upto a C cup during bf. My kids seemed to suck out what volume I had and my boobs were left sad and empty with stretched out nipples. I had considered Ba for years but only got the nerve recently! Am now on the other side and have boobles at last. They seem huge and I sometimes wish I went a tiny bit smaller but am happy over all.
My op went great, I was given codine and paracetamol post op but didnt take any other than on day of surgery. I had no bruising at all and minimal pain. It was more uncomfortable with a tight heavy feeling rather than painfull.
Some things hurt a bit like opening doors and even plugging in my phone charger but was very managable.
Day of surgery was only 2 weeks after my consult. I was told to arrive at 9.30am and op planned for 12pm. I didnt eat after dinner the night before so was starving! My op was then delayed until just after 3pm so had no food or drink for soooo long, That was hard.
There were 3 other girls on the ward with me who all went before me, it was scary watching them come out of surgery comletely drugged up and in what looked like serious pain, some even crying! I almost chickened out.
Finally it was my turn and as I walked into the operating room I had a bit of second thoughts and almost started crying. I bucked myself up and got on the bed. Had some qierd drug that made me feel really drunk then I was out for the count. I woke up an hour later with boobs.
I had tea and toast as soon as I got back to my room which was now empty so I had no one to talk to as the other 3 girls had left already. I sat there waiting for the pain but it was fine. I got myself dressed and waited for nurses to discharge me. I had a pee a couple of times and around 5.30 (just over an hour after I woke up from surgery) I was alowwed to go home. I was panicking as my kids where due home at 7pm after staying with their dad the night before. I havent told my ex I was getting this done so had to be home when he brought kids back and act normal. I had only told my dad the day before because I needed someone to drive me home afterwards.
Dad didnt really say much when I told him, just asked what time to pick me up!
When he arrived he looked at me and said " where are they, in your bag?" I laughed which hurt a bit but not too bad. I was just glad he didnt laugh and say what the hell are they, you look ridiculous.
The drive home was fine, speed bumps didnt hurt as my new boobs where hard and didnt move in the slightest which was a releif.
Thankfully when I got home my kids called saying they were staying another night with their dad which was a blessing so I took my first coedine and paracetamol and went to bed. The coedine made me feel soooo tired and I literally couldnt keep my eyes open but wierdly, behind my closed eyes I was wide awake. I just couldt sleep yet couldnt keep my eyes open. After a bad nights sleep, I think I must have slept for about 4-5 hours in total but kept waking up after an hour or so, i got up and had breakfast. My kids arrived not long after then life carried on without anyone knowing I had new boobies.
We went to my dads for sunday roast then back home, was a bit uncomfortable but I managed without aby meds.
I slept alot better that night still with no real pain just tight heavy feeling. The next day was parents evening at kids school so I was a bit worried they would all notice these giant boobs i suddenly had but no one did. Haha I got away with it.
Everything got easier day by day until about day 8 when i started to get feeling back in my skin and nipples. It was pretty numb before but then suddenly my nipples and skin over boobs was soo sore. It felt like my clothes and bra were made of sandpaper. I had to put plasters over my nipples, they were that sore. Hoping that goes away soon, it is worse than the post op pain.
My ps told me to wear surgical or sports bra plus the dreaded chest strap for 6 weeks after but the strap got binned the next day. It was so uncomfortable so I decided as my boobs were not up high I didnt need it. I went to my 1 week post op but didnt see my ps just a nurse who removed my dressings and said I could now shower, I told her I forgot to put the chest strap backon after getting dressed that morning and she insisted i must wear it for 6 weeks. I was a bit annoyed as my boobs were obviously not riding high and it felt like she was just giving me the general speil and the aftercare instructions were not tailored for my individual case. Anyway i told her I would but that strap hasnt been on me since op day.
I am now at 17 days post op and feeling good, boobs are getting softer but still quite firm and skin and nipples still feel very sensitive but not as bad as they were. My boobs look huge front on but i like the look of them from the side. Not sure if I should have gone a bit smaller (definatly no boob greed) but I am happy overall. Just hope they dont drop any more i think they are fine where they are. I had low boobs to start with so dont want them going any lower, another reason i got rid of the chest strap.
Anyway i think I am happy with the size but have moments of thinking they are too big, time will tell I suppose. Just glad i didnt go with ps who first offered 360cc, that would be madsive on my skinny body!

Sore nipples

Omg my nipples are super sore, even the water from the shower hurts when it touches them! Hope this gets better soon its really bad.
My boobs seem to be softening day by day but are still quite firm. They are a bit more moveable now but still cant push them together but almost.
I think they are too big :(
They look great side on but from the front they just look massive and one looks much bigger. Not sure if they were different sizes to begin with but they look completely diffetent to each other now.
I think the left one is my favourite but the right one just looks daft! Am hoping it will shrink (?) and match lefty during healing but as I have pretty much no swelling and they have already dropped I am not holding my breath. They look great in clothes but naked they look wierd, maybe its just cos Im not used to them. Boobie blues are here!

Right one still looking strange

I am 20 days post op now and still unsure weather I like them, not sure if its the camera angle or lighting or what but my right breadt still looks massive! Hoping its just swelling or something but its really freaking me out :(
It just looks totally different from the left one which i quite like, I know they arent supposed to be exactly the same but I dont think they were this different before.
Maybe they were ldk but am paying that the right one sorts itself out soon.
Still really sore nipples and skin but getting a bit better. Not soft and squishy yet either, even a plunge bra cant push these puppies together but hopefully they will continue to soften and move a bit more.
I can sleep on my side comfortably now, have been doing so for about 7-10 days but was a bit uncomfortable at first, now its fine. Tried laying on my front but was just too wierd, felt like i was laying on a couple of tennis balls. Not sore just could feel foreign objects on my chest.
My scars look good though, i have been keeping paper tape over them as I have read on here that it helps to keep them flat. My ps said I dont need to but I am taking every precaution I can. He also said no need to massage scars or implants but I am a bit wary of this advice as other ps's seem to advise massage as routine?? Has anyone else not massaged and if so did they settle and soften ok?
Added more pics from today of scars and the girls

Big boob little boob saga continues

Am slightly obsessed with taking pics of my boobs now just to make sure the right one hasnt got any bigger.
Some pics they look similar sizes but on other pics the right one looks HUGE. I really hope its just swelling or a bad camera angle.
My nipples are still really sore but not as bad as they were.
My 6 yr old daughter spotted them the other day while I was showering. I thought she would say " what the heck are they" but she just said " mum I think you have been eating too many sweets cos your boobies have got fat".
I can live with that, at least she didnt burst out laughing or seem to shocked. The real test will be in a couple of weeks when we go swimming, am sure she will have something to say when she sees them in my swim suit. Which reminds me, O will have to hit the shops, my 34A isnt gonna cover these bad boys!
Tried on a few bras the other day and 34c was too small, the underwire wasnt wide enough to cup my boobs, will have to try a D cup. Oh no a D cup, thats massive. Here are a couple of pics from today, 3 weeks post op. Not sure why Realself says a different date but op was 3 weeks today.

Day of op pics

Just found some pics from day of and day after surgery. Not much swelling and no bruising. Not even riding high (well not that much compared to some other revirws)

What bra size?

Got a few cheap bra's but cant find the right fit. 34c the cup isnt wide enough to cup the whole boob it digs into sides of boobs. Tried 32d but front of band sits away from my chest (not sure if that means its too big or too small band size) also some 32d cuts into top of boob giving the 4 boob look. Will have to try 34d or .............. E cup!!! Wtf!
How the hell can 290cc make me that big, its crazy. Will keep trying sizes for a while then get measured properly when they have settled although I am sure they are settled already but everyone seems to say wait a couple of months before getting measured!
Day off work tomorrow so will post some bra pics.
Oh yeah and going over speed bumps made them bounce up and down today ;) first time they have ever moved, am so happy, thought they were gonna be hard and unmovable forever. Yay progress.
Am getting a bit concerned that one maybe getting too low, and guess which one it is? Yup its good old righty, the evil one. Have started wearing underwired bra to keep her in check. Hope it helps.

Quick update

Not posted for a while due to the photo mishap but just to let you all know I am currently wearing a 34d or 34dd bra depending on the make.
I havnt really been messing with or photographing them much but I woke up today and when I took my bra off they dropped down! They usually dont move much. I did a couple of small bounces and they wobbled and jiggled :)
I had a little feel and they are sooo soft and squishy like real boobs. Yay!
I thought they would be hard and stiff forever. I cant beleive the difference in just one day, feels like they just softened over night, they feel amazing.
The skin over them isnt sore either but my nipples are still sore and hard all the time but nowhere near as sore as they were.
I am so happy they feel real at last. Last night i lay on my front for a bit and it was fine, no pain just felt a bit wierd but thats just because i was lying on boobs not just my chest. There was nothing there before to lay on so felt a bit strange but they are feeling really natural now.
I love them. The giant one isnt giant anymore either but is still a tiny bit lower that the other. I can live with that though.
Omg they squish and i can now push them toghether and get mega cleavage in the right bra ;)
One happy lady!

Think one is bottoming out!

Havent been on here for a while as things have been really hectic lately.
But I think one of my breasts is bottoming out, it feels asthough the pocket it is in isnt closed at the botton (my own breast tissue doesnt meet my chest wall) and there is a gap where the implant has dropped through and is slowly getting lower. It is 1.5cm lower than the left one and its really getti g me down.
I am supposed to have 6 week review with my surgeon but so far no appointment letter has arrived and I am 2 days away from the 6 week mark. I know if I call them they will book me in but I shouldnt have to chase them up. As its christmas time I dont really have time to see ps anyway so will have to wait until early Jan when the kids are back at school. I just hope he doesnt try to fob me off. After looking on this site I feel that I need the pocket closed up with permanent stitches as it hasnt dropped too much (yet). I hope he will do this free of charge or at a drastically reduced cost as I feel it is his error in creating the pocket wrong. We will see!
Anyway on a positive note my boobs are not sore at all and I can even sleep on my stomach no problem. They are very soft and squishy and I can push them together with my hands for a killer cleavage but I havent yet found a bra that can push them together. I havent been bra shopping though yet am just wearing a few cheap ones I got to tide me over. I am wearing a 32D, 34D or sometimes I can fit into a 34C. 32 or 34D seems to be my size though which seems mad for 290cc implants.
My nipples are still sensitive but I wouldnt describe it as sore anymore. Clothes dont hurt when the fabric moves against them anymore but still very sensitive to touch, hopefully this will go away soon.
I am wearing underwired bras all the time to try to stop righty getting any lower but as there is none of my tissue under the implant to hold it up I feel this is fruitless but will keep it up. If I push the implant up with my finger it looks good and even and I would be happy if he could just acheive that result with some stitches. It only needs to lift up about 1-1.5 cm and I will be really happy.
They just loom odd at the mo :(
Anyway, here are a few new pics but I am hoping santa buys me a vs gift card so I can shop for that amazing cleavage bra I want. If anyone has any reccomendations for the perfect killer cleavage bra please let me know, ideally not at VS prices. All plunge/push up bras seem to have so much padding which I hate. I got these babies so I dont have to wear padded bras. Wtf!
Mr Hardy

I only met my ps once before my surgery and didnt ask alot of questions as I have been stalking this site for ages and pretty much knew what I wanted. He agreed that small under muscle silicone would give me the natural look I wanted. He advised 360cc but after trying sizers they looked huge so I went with 290cc. He was very nice and proffesional and I trusted him. He works in an NHS hospital specializing in breast cancer reconstruction so although I couldnt find many reviews about him I went with my instincts and chose him. I am happy I did.

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