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I have always been very self conscious and...

I have always been very self conscious and insecure with my breasts. Augmentation is something I always wanted to get done to make me feel and look like a women. I wanted to look natural and not over the top which I was nervous at first might be impossible to achieve with implants. I also didn't want to loose feeling in my nipples or not be able to breast feed if I have more children. Those were all myths that I heard and thought. That won't happen.

I told Z I wanted to look natural so right away he knew what shape implant was right for me because of my chest size and body. His only concern was making sure a C was as big as I wanted to go due to the fact most women complain about wanting to be bigger after surgery. I understood that but I reasured him and myself that yes a C is how big I want to match my body and look natural. I picked sailine implants due to cost and the fact my sister got them and they looked and felt like a real breast. The only problem with sailien is the very very slim possibilty they could leek any time during the course of having them. Its a risk I'm willing to take. I feel as long as I'm taking care of my health and body that will not happen.

The size is the easy part in choosing your breast inhancement. The actual size of the implant is trickier and Dr.Z was very helpful in giving me an idea and showing me what my breasts most likely will look like with different size's. He knew what I wanted to achieve because it was very easy to talk to him, not feel embarressd, and since he knew he was able to narrow it down to two different size's and one would fill me out more and the other would hang more but not be as full on top. His knowledge and understanding what I wanted made it very quick and easy for me to decide.

When I saw the outcome before sugery on the computer in a 3D image of what I will look like after sugery the feeling was amazing, exciting, and thats when I knew this is it that is the right size and everything for me. No one understands, unless you are uncomfortable with your chest as well, that breasts really do make a female very insecure, uncomfortable, and unhappy. This has changed how I look at myself how I feel. It's great to wake up everymorning and feel like a women and feel grown finaly! To have a male doctor understand that and actually reach the goal to make you look and feel like a women is incrediable! I'm so happy words can not express how this has made me feel miles better about myself, and Dr. Z made this happen for me! He gave me all the risks and cons that can happen but having a master surgeon who is friendly and puts care into their work overshadows all the cons becuase I knew I was in good hands from the moment I shook his hand.

The way I feel now can not even compare to how I looked and felt before and I am so thankful for having Dr. Z as my surgeon! I strongly strongly recommend anyone who is thinking about ANY plastic surgery to seriously call and at least set up a consultation to speak about what you want and need from Dr. Z he is a miracle man and you without a doubt will be in good hands!

Denver Plastic Surgeon

For me it's very important you trust and can talk to your Doctor about personal feelings with yourself when it comes to improving your body, and this doctor is very experienced, wise, friendly, and has also gone on medical reserch, help, and aid trips to other countries which insures the fact you are safe and in good hands! I felt like I was among close friends or family with all my trips to this doctor! He definetly made sure I knew all the risks what to expect during the healing process and what to use or do to help any discomfort or irritation, and if I forgot something I had tons of information in a packet they give you to look back and referr to! I listened and applyed everything the nurses and Zwiebel recommended I do to achieve a great final result of my surgery! He definetly puts a lot of care into his work and patients and the out come of my surgery, incisions underneath, are proof of what an awesome doctor he is! If you want a doctor who cares and is simply the best at what he does and will achieve the goal you desire by actually understanding you when consulting about the problem you feel with yourself then this is the surgeon you want! I am so pleased with the results, and could not have had a better experience any where else! My older sister referred me to him and her surgery was done 6 years ago and she hasn't had any problems even when she was breast feeding! Dr.Z is the best there is by far!

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