49 Year Old FINALLY Getting a MOMMY MAKEOVER. Littleton, CO

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My nerves are getting to me. My surgery is in 2...

My nerves are getting to me. My surgery is in 2 days. I have selected Dr. Nick Slenkovich to do the procedure for me. I was impressed with the time he and his staff took for me at my first consult. He used 3D imaging to show me the possible size of my implants. I am excited to see the results, but not so excited about the down time and the healing process. I am anxious that I will gain weight during healing which will make me go back to where I was before I lost my weight. I am sure all the things that are freaking me out are "normal" but I am scared. Thanks for sending positive thoughts to me, if I could post a photo I would but I don't have any files on my computer.

Photos before

Surgery tomorrow! Nervous and excited for my Mommy makeover

Drain site leaking a lot

Hello! Had my mommy makeover on Wednesday and today the area in which my drains come out is leaking a lot of fluid is this normal?

Drainage update

Update! Drainage issues were not a big deal, but was scary for me because I don't deal with this sort of thing very often! So, yes I did have 360 Lipo and one drain had been ripped out by the door knob, but that drain did not seem to be collecting much anyway. My other two drains were extremely active and one of the tubes had lost its suction (so to speak) and was leaking profusely. End result was that I wore my compression garment early and when I went to follow up that drain was removed and I still have one working drain.
Feeling good today and not overeating this delicious food, was given strong advice to avoid sodium and I have! Hope you all are doing well! Here's a few photos for you

Tried to update review it's not working

Just want to give a shout out to Dr Nick Slenkovich aka Denver Body Doc! My procedure went well and the massage the following day was amazing! Thank you to your team for follow up calls, appointments and care. I can't wait to see the grand finale! I'm on day 11 and each day gets easier.

Here is front one day after

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Worth it!!!

Here is the photo that didn't load one day post op

It's Done

After losing 65 pounds and working my butt off at the gym without getting any physical results except for more sagging skin especially in my abdomen, I decided it was time! My boobs never bothered me but they were never sexy so to speak, just kind of there. I asked that they look natural after choosing an implant that would fill them out not turn me into a Barbie. The fat transfer is to fill in the hollow spots and to make my butt more symmetrical.

Implant photos

Had some people inquiring about my implant size. Dr Slenkovich has 3D imaging and after measuring my chest he pulled up some implants that suited my measurements and my desires to look more filled out and natural. He educates his clients that one size of implant does not look the same in all patients. It has to do with your structure. Nonetheless, I opted for a low profile 510 cc

510 cc low profile

Just a little update

How soon before standing straight doesn't hurt

I am 14 days post op from a bbl, Ba, TT, and 360 lipo. I am still pretty tight when standing erect and it is petty painful to put hands above my head; so haven't done that too much. I have a follow up apt tomorrow but just wanted to ease my mind if this is somewhat normal.


I'm about three weeks out now. Been reading everyone's updates and the common theme seems to be anxiety. Because our bodies have gone through such a traumatic procedure it's hard to not fret about our healing process ; new aches and pains; compression garments; tightness; etc. I still have a drain in so I still don't feel even close to normal! It is starting to get inflamed and uncomfortable, but it's still producing about 60 cc of fluid in 24 hours. I'm continuing with the bacitracin on the wound as well as my scar. Something new for me is when I awake my arms hurt and are sometimes numb. My right hand is always asleep when I wake up and my legs both hurt in my groin area. I am beginning to load and unload the dishwasher and pick up things off the floor. I haven't been out of the house except to the dr since November 16! Starting to go a bit stir crazy!!!

20's days

Before and after at 3 weeks

Pretty swollen still even when wearing compression garment 24/7 (except to wash and while washing I do massage). Still have that drain which is producing 60cc in 24 hours still.
Made some before and after photos to share.

Minor setback

Hello all! My initial surgery was November 16, 2016. This was supposed to be my "feel good week" however I started running a fever last week and noticed some warm mess in my left leg where my drain was-also some pink/redness that was spreading. Dr Slenkovich was on top of it and set me up for minor surgical procedure to clean out the infection (exactly one month post surgery). I will be going in today to see how this new drain has done and I'm excited to think it will be out as it's producing less than 35 ml in 24 hours. I have not been out of the house since Nov 16 except for Dr appointments. I am praying that Christmas Day I will be well and have some energy and ability to move about freely. I am so thankful to my surgeon and his staff for the follow up appointments and the continued quality care.

I can't believe I waited so long

I am now well past my infection and have returned to life as usual. I am now 50 years old, as my birthday was three days ago. I am looking at these photos in disbelief that this was me only about 3 months ago! Why did I wait so long? Having a scar across my abdomen is a small sacrifice for the confidence I have gained. No more self hatred, no more walking by the mirror and grabbing my sagging stomach and feeling hatred toward it. Now, I want tight shirts, short shirts, tight pants, and damn it! I am 50 years old! If you are on the fence, go see Dr. Slenkovich....he listens to your desires. He counsels you on what might look best and advises you on what you might not like. He is honest, sincere, caring and has an eye for each body.

11 weeks post op pics

Not as happy with my back side but maybe it needs more time ????????

Backside not so great

I don't see much change on the backside/lipo 360 and fat transfer-I think it's worse instead of better- will this continue to change? 11 weeks out. Before on left after on right

New photos

Might have a dog ear but we will see if it settles down. My photos don't show it but I'm going to add some of those too

Dog ear

Here's a photo of the possible dog ear ...anyone been through a dog ear before?
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Slenkovich takes time with his patients and uses 3-D imaging to show Diane of breasts after implants. He takes time to educate you on your decisions and gives you a quote with several different options. He has a great sense of humor and uses snap chat in his OR if you choose.

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