21y/o Labiaplasty, Littleton, CO

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People seem to think this surgery is only for...

People seem to think this surgery is only for women with low self esteem that see woman in pornography and movies and compare themselves, only to feel like they are abnormal. They believe women undergo this procedure only for men's pleasure and acceptance. I say to them, you try going to yoga and have modify every position because your labia have contorted themselves into a painful pinch! Or having to tell your boyfriend to stop having sex every minute or so to "situate yourself." Many hot moments ruined by "ouch you've got my lip in there babe!" Also when it comes to underwear, us "blessed" with large labia really have it great. If we want to wear anything sexy we have a nice bulge going on, with the constant worry of one of those things worming their way out (they are sneaky)! Health wise - being in the military, it is anything but sanitary! Hot desert + sweat + large labia = UTI paradise!! Bottom line, they cause problems. If you are reading this, then I am sure you came here for the same reason! To be comfortable with your body!
I made the decision that I wanted this surgery at 15, it was just a matter of my age and becoming financially stable.
(Important side note: my boyfriend could care less about my labia. But he supports my decision to go through with this, because he understands why it is uncomfortable for me)
I think that is very important that you let your partner know about this! And be honest with your reasoning!

So I selected my surgeon based on reviews, and our consult. It was an all female practice, which was really comforting (personally I don't want to show what looks like a vigorously chewed piece of bubblegum to another man)! My surgeon was so professional and kind, and made me feel confident going into the surgery about what to expect, and the office staff was equally as sensitive and caring!
Before the surgery me and my boyfriend bought dermoblast, several frozen pea bags, pads, granny panties, Benadryl (for itching/ I have mild itching reactions to pain medicines) and a lot of protein rich foods!

Surgery day: I am so excited! Can't believe I am finally going through with this! The nurse gives me all my pre anesthesia meds, and before I know it - surgery is over! I was completely under (which I would recommend!) it's a great feeling to blink and have everything over with!
Just made it home, literally no pain. And I am just a little sleepy. I will take a pic and rest for the rest of the day!

Day 1 post op: Woke up, I was expecting to see "frankenvagina" and be trembling for pain meds.. But no. My lady parts look fine! Almost normal already! And I have no pain at all! I keep my hips elevated and ice on and off all day.

Day 2: Still not even one hint of pain! The only thing bothering me is some body aches, but that's a common reaction from the anesthesia. Still elevating and icing, it looks the same as yesterday!

Day 3: Mild pain started now, simply from the pokey stitches. The hair down there is a little stubbly too, and when I move a certain way I can feel little pricks! That's really annoying! But at least no pain!

Day 4: starting to itch mildly! But scratching would be a little achy! Now I have read horror stories, but the itching isn't too bad yet! I took a warm Epsom salt bath and took a Vicodin and within 15 mins I was feeling much better! I found that wearing my boyfriends basketball shorts with no panties around the house feels amazing! Because nothing is pushing on those stitches!

I will keep you guys posted throughout my journey of recovery.

After my experience I would say find a surgeon who you trust and is qualified! Ask them which technique they use and why they prefer it! My surgeon used wedge, and I was MUCH more comfortable when she explained that we don't want to touch those sensitive areas! Which was comforting, because I'm sure none of us want those areas affected (; also.. I know it's easier said than done but don't let the cost dictate your surgeon! Undergo this procedure for the right reasons! Do it for you if it will improve your quality of life, not to adhere to a social "norm", not for your husband, or anyone else!

Please, please, feel free to ask any questions!!! I only wish I knew about this site sooner so I had someone to talk to! But hopefully I will be able to help someone else out there that was in my shoes! Xo

Day 8

Feeling a little bit more comfortable! To be honest days 5 and 6 I was in a fairly decent amount of pain!
Aloe and arnica have saved me from a lot of pain and swelling though!
I don't know if my stitches should look like this?! It seems like they are much more pronounced than they were! Hopefully this is just a little more swelling ???? I will keep updating!

Almost at 3 weeks

Feeling much better! Swelling is going down, itching is going away and every day I am seeing major improvements. Really happy with my results so far! Eager to get to six weeks (;

Just about 6 weeks

Stitches are gone, I am healed and I am so much more comfortable! I went back to yoga about a 2 weeks ago, I feel much more comfortable and confident in class. I would have to say, my favorite part post-op was being able to finally wear sexy underwear without a bulge and worrying about staying in place!! I am 101% glad I got this surgery done. I wouldn't change anything. My surgeon did such a beautiful job!


I finally am completely back to normal life. I've had no complications, or unexpected challenges along the way. And I'm very thankful for that. I'll p

Oops - continued

*ill post more pictures when I can! I'm able to enjoy being active with no worries! And wear clothes, feeling confident and comfortable! Intercourse after surgery, you will notice a big difference! It feels like finally you can feel sensations more naturally with nothing in the way! (:
My fears of nerve damage, and pain are gone! Everything is perfect! So grateful to my surgeon, all the staff, and my boyfriend for being so supportive and caring during the whole process. Thank you everyone on the site too for helping me with questions and concerns, and for your positive feedback!

Very kind and informative! Did not make me feel rushed or pressured into anything! The whole office is female staffed and feels judgement free which is really comforting, considering the nature of the operation. Dr. Hunsicker will take the time to draw out exactly what is going to happen, and explains why she uses the wedge technique. She was really knowledgable and confident about the procedure! Which put me at ease! I would definitely recommend anyone in the Denver go here! I am more than satisfied so far!

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