Electrolysis Worked on Gray Chin Hairs - Little Rock

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I had a few gray chin hairs that grew over an inch...

I had a few gray chin hairs that grew over an inch long if I didn't pluck them. Since there weren't many it wasn't a big deal to pull them. Problem was that my eyesight isn't as sharp as it used to be so the hairs could get pretty long before I would see them or think about them and everyone else would be seeing them long before I would.

I went to a Chiropractic office that has both a laser hair removal machine and a electrolgy machine. Electrolysis was chosen for me because of the type or color of the hairs. It has been almost two years and looks like it worked.

Little Rock Chiropractic Center & Hair Removal Clinic

The facility has professional people that are trustworthy.

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