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I had my coolsculpting treatment 4 days ago. I am...

I had my coolsculpting treatment 4 days ago. I am 5ft and 118 lbs. I run 40 miles per week and wanted to do something to help get rid of a little extra stomach fat I have had for 5 years. I used to be over weight and about 7 years ago I went on an extremely low calorie diet and lost 50 lbs putting me at about 105 lbs. I was thin but I did not look good. When I lost weight the fat did not just come out of my stomach and thighs, it made my face look this thus making me look a lot older than I was. I also knew I could not maintain the 1200 calorie per day diet I was holding myself too to stay at 105 lbs.

About 6 months after I lost weight I took up running and really really loved it. Of course this increased my appetite and over the years I began to eat normally again, yet being extremely careful to not gain back all my weight. Running turned into training and now I'm a Marathon Maniac with my sights set on ultra running. In fact, I have a 100K scheduled for October.

I decided on Coolsculpting because when I began to run and eat, I gained back some of my weight and now I have a small pooch on my stomach that really bugs me. I do like the extra weight in my face and legs. If I were to extreme diet again, I would lose weight in my face again and I did not want to do that. Coolsculpting provided the isolated spot reducing we all try to do with sit ups but can't achieve.

So After attending a demonstration event at the Surgeons office, I signed up. They let us sit in on the procedure to watch how it works and ask questions of the vendors and talk to people who have had it done. The girl who was demonstrating the device had had the procedure herself as well as most of the nurses in the office.

I went back a week later for my procedure and after reading some of the testimonials on this site I was a little nervous about the side effects and how it would effect my training and running. fortunately my experience has been much less stressful

I'll admit, it was a little scary when the suction started. It took my breath away and I felt a little panicky for the first few minutes. The nurse/technician was super nice though and talked to me, brought me my iPod and my phone, and helped me feel more comfortable. After she knew I was going to be OK, she left the room and I listened to my ipod and texted my friend. I tried to take a nap but I was too nervous.

After the hour was up the nurses came in and took off the machine and my stomach was red and stuck in the shape of the machine. They were very impressed at how it looked. I guess they have seen a lot of this ya know....and mine turned out pretty well. She started to message the lump so my stomach looked normal again and this did not hurt at all. Some people here had pain at this point, but that just goes to show how unique this experience is to the individual and how different we all are! My skin was numb and a little red, but I had no bruises or red marks. Yay!

I got dressed and scheduled a followup and drove home. Later that day I actually taught a dance class and the next day I ran 7 miles then went to the pool (my day off work)! The day after that I did a 10 mile trail run. My stomach felt tingly but I did not have much pain. If somebody had come up and pushed on my stomach it would hurt, but that's about it.

Today is Monday, I'm at work and my stomach just still feels tingly and a little sore but that's about all. I'm guessing the feeling will slowly come back to my skin. I'm also drinking a lot of water to make sure my "waste elimination" process stays efficient. Can't hurt to try to speed up the process, right?

When I start seeing some results, I'll let you know!

4 Days post procedure: Was by far the most...

4 Days post procedure: Was by far the most painful. Not completely unbearable but enough that I wanted to go home after work, put on sweat pants and just veg on the couch. Fortunately it was my day off running and I had the whole evening to just do nothing. I was a little swollen also. Kind of like having a bad case of gas, without the gas...if that makes sense.

5 Days post: Feel better. I'm taking anti inflammatories I had for a knee injury still so that is helping. Ran 6 miles this morning without any trouble. I get little twinges of crampy stabby pain here and there, but not really bad that I feel like I need to wear spanks. It's a good thing because It's been 100 degrees plus here in the Rock and the air conditioning is broken in my office!

6 days post: Itchy....

6 days post: Itchy....

7 Days Post: Post Do's and Don't Don't wear...

7 Days Post:
Post Do's and Don't
Don't wear tight fitting waist bands
Don't sit for long periods of time
Don't let Chihuahua step on stomach...ouch!

Do get up and move around and exercise. My run this morning took all my soreness away!
Do use caution putting on your seat belt
Do take an anti inflammatory (as long as your doc says it's OK)

After 7 days, I'm still feeling tingly twinges of pain. Last night before bed was actually the worse I have felt. I think I woke up once because of it, but I went back to sleep easily after a position shift. I texted my friend and told her it felt like lots of little elves under my shirt pinching me. I'm kinda getting used to it now and it is NOT interfering with my daily activities. In fact I went for a 6 mile run this morning and felt GREAT! Running helps a LOT with the pain actually. :) Which is a good thing!

Update...Several days post something over a week,...

Update...Several days post something over a week, but I'm just tired of counting:

My stomach still feels swollen and it hurts. Mostly external superficial pain though is only a problem while I'm sitting down. I'm at my desk right now with my jeans unbuttoned. I want this to go away before my vacation next week. Hopefully it will.

Maybe I can move my computer monitor and work stretch out on the floor....

10 days post and I think the pain has all finally...

10 days post and I think the pain has all finally gone away. I'm still numb though. Did a 15 mile trail run on Saturday and never felt a thing. It actually helps to run. I think the swelling has all gone away finally. Looks like things are back to normal, now It's just about waiting to see results, which could take months....

I am about a month and two weeks post procedure,...

I am about a month and two weeks post procedure, still checking in just to let you know I have not forgotten about you. I had my follow up visit and the tech took new photos. There was not a lot of change. It was only two weeks post so I did not expect any.

After a month and a half, I think I can see a difference in my stomach so I will be curious how these next photos turn out. I'm slated to go back in a couple more weeks. I will let you know how that goes.

Still running and training for my 100K run in October! yay!

Little Rock Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cannot rate follow up care yet. I'm scheduled to go back in three weeks. I'll tell ya how that goes then. No photos yet either. I'll see of they will let me have them when I go back.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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