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Like many of the other posters on here, I decided...

Like many of the other posters on here, I decided to get breast implants because I was never happy with the size of my breasts (34A) and because I lost a lot of volume nursing my son. I'm 5'10" and 138 pounds, and I never really felt very womanly because of my shape (very pear shaped). So I finally toook the plunge yesterday and had the surgery. Mine are about about 400cc, although I think he put a bit more or less in one because I wasn't the same sizes. The day of my surgery I was in terrible pain. I've had many surgeries before (appendectomy, C-section, removal of uterine scar tissue, etc), but I've never been in such pain the day of the surgery. It was both pressure and pain. Today is the first day post-op, and I feel so much better. Still groggy from the pain meds, and movement tends to make it hurt more, but I'm just so glad that today isn't worse than yesterday! I had read so many reviews on here that said people felt okay the day of the surgery and then terrible the next day. It must have been reversed for me! I finally got a peak at the girls today, and I'm sorta freaking out. My right breast looks wierd at the bottom near the incision, and overall they just look so high. I know that there will be lots of changes as they settle, but does this look normal for one day post op? Any reassurance would be awesome. My biggest fear throughout all this was that I would end up with unnatural looking breasts. Also, pardon the "before" pic. I took it the evening before surgery, when my PS had already marked me up.

I thought I'd go ahead and post an update, plus I...

I thought I'd go ahead and post an update, plus I have a question about swimsuits! I'm now one week from my surgery. I stopped taking the pain meds and Valium during the day on about Day 4 post-op and just switched to Tylenol, although I am still taking the pain meds and Valium right before I go to bed because I'm still sleeping pretty much upright, which sucks! When I wake up in the morning, I feel like a turtle stuck on my back in the middle of the road. It literally takes me five minutes sometimes to convince myself to use those muscles and sit up. My whole chest is then super sore for awhile, but the Tylenol really seems to help. I'm not going to post any new pics because I think they still pretty much look the same. The top of my boobs are pretty much less than two inches below my clavicle. One thing I'm struggling with is that I thought I'd have that instant sexy feeling once I got them. That hasn't happened, probably because I feel like these two torpedoes on my chest just don't look sexy at all, and my boyfriend won't get near them for fear of causing me pain. I guess the zip front sports bra doesn't really help either! One thing that has surprised me is that I haven't really had any incision pain. I think it helped that I got a zip-front sports bra in a band size larger than I usually wear (I usually am a 34, but I got a 36). My doc wanted me to wear that horrible velcro bra until tomorrow, but I just couldn't bear it because it's so darn itchy. Plus, I went back to work Monday (5 days post-op) and it's hard to disguise that ugly thing under office clothes! Despite my extreme paranoia that people would notice, I don't think that's happened at all. My one co-worker who knows says its not very noticable at all, and I think I've chosen clothes that don't highlight them. Sitting at my computer all day leaves me pretty stiff, so by the time I've gotten my son in bed at 8 this week I've pretty much collapsed into bed myself. I haven't tried on very many things, but so far all of my old clothes fit! That's certaintly surprising and awesome that I don't have to get all new stuff. I was very stupid over the weekend and went and tried on a few things at the mall. It was not a good move. One, I was so sore, and two, I'm not feeling very attractive right now because of the whole torpedo boob thing. I go for my post-op appt with my PS tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and I should probably mention that my appetite the past week has been almost non-existent. Part of it may be because I've let the pain meds let me get stopped up. The perfectionist in me is a teeny bit glad that I've not felt like eating everything in sight since I'm an avid runner and I hate that I can't exercise right now. I'll post updated photos once I get some downward movement! I can't say how much looking at the photos on here have helped me.

So I'm going to my sister's wedding in Mexico in about three weeks. I know they probably won't have dropped by then, but I still have to figure out what to wear and I really can't talk myself out of buying a new swimsuit for the occassion! I tend to gravitate towards bikini tops that create lots of cleavage, but I wondering if my boobs will still be too hard for that kind of top? Would I be better off with a bandeau type top, or maybe just a triangle string one? Is there a certain kind that might be better at minimizing the torpedo look? I have a halter type bikini that I just love that I might be able to fit into by then, but I'm pretty much busting out of it, and I don't necessarily want to create that look, either.

Today is 19 days post-op. I had my post op appt...

Today is 19 days post-op. I had my post op appt about a week after the surgery, and my doc said everything was looking great. He removed my incisions and told me to wear a sports bra everyday for 6 months for at least 12 hours. That's it. No other special instructions. I forgot to ask him about massaging, but I suspect he's one of the docs who doesn't think it's necessary. I figure it probably wouldn't hurt, so I'm gonna try to go find a YouTube video on how to do it. He told me I could start running if my body felt like it after two weeks. I've gone on two short runs so far, and aside from losing stamina from taking all this time off, I felt great. My boobs are still so firm that they don't bounce at all, and I was wearing a sports bra that was probably a little too tight. I have tried on a few bras, but I'm going to wait another month or two before I go get sized. My energy level last week was so low, though, so I didn't push it with the running. It has surprised me once I got over the initial pain of the first several days how the pain changes and endures into different pains! Last week driving was pretty uncomfortable. But the good news is that I was able to sleep a little on my side using a body pillow. I did some more shopping and had a blast with it. I'm obsessed with strapless dresses that I don't have to wear a bra with! I could never really wear those before! I go back and forth from wishing they were bigger to feeling like I have porn star boobs. I'm trying really hard to reserve judgment until they drop and fluff! Speaking of which, I think they've dropped a little and are looking a little bit uneven. Oh, and my official implants are 375cc smooth round moderate profile saline on the left and 400cc of the same on the right.
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