Permalip Lip Implants in Lithuania

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I'm a Scandinavian young woman. I have never been...

I'm a Scandinavian young woman. I have never been 100% satisfied with my lips. My lips are normal, I guess. They are not thin, but not exceptionally full either, so I have to line them everyday to make them look fuller and more feminine to give me pretty smile and nice look. Here's photo of how my lips look now.

I've been frustrated with lining my lips fuller every day for about 3 years now, and finally I decided that it's time to do something about it. I tried fillers once and liked the fuller look they gave, but was not happy because they wore off in about two months. So I started to look for more permanent choice and found Permalip lip implants, and been wanting to have them ever since. They don't make Permalips in my area so I knew I had to travel abroad to get them. I searched for a long time, and decided that could go to Lithuania, because it's pretty close, reviews were good and the price was affordable.

I'll be having my surgery on 22nd of July, and I'm so nervous because I want everything to go well.

Dr's estimation was that he could put 5 mm implant into my upper lip and 4 mm into my lower lip, and I hope it stays this way. I have noticed here, that many people have not been happy with their smaller Permalips, so I definitely want to have the biggest size they can fit safely in. Also I think I have still that much my own lip tissue, that I should have the at least 4 mm so that I could tell the difference.

My expectations are that I could have a bit more feminine lips. I know Permalips won't change the shape of my lips, just make them a bit fuller. I hope I see the difference and the result is beautiful and I can be happy with it. I know that I may still have to line my lips bigger with make up after having Permalips, but that's okay. Even small improvements can make big differences in our aesthetics and that's exactly what I'm hoping for!

Getting ready

I'm getting ready for my procedure. I'm pretty nervous to get it finally done after many years just dreaming of it. I hope I made a right choice and can have enjoyable, fuller lips.

So far I have seen contracts and insurance voucher from Wellness-Travels and also got instructions of getting ready for Permalip surgery. I'm still hoping to get more practical information like schedule and contact information for my medical journey. I'm travelling to Lithuania already on Sunday 19th (it's 17th now!), be in Vilnius couple of days on vacation and then they should pick up me and my fiance from Vilnius to Kaunas. They promised me a welcome pack, but I don't know when and how do I get it. Via e-mail their service manager is helpful and reachable though. =)

This is the list of the things I have ready for Permalip surgery:
- Good lip balm
- Hydrogen peroxide (3%) with cotton buds (clean the wounds)
- Anti-inflammatory gel
- Antiseptic mouthwash
- Zovirax to prevent lip herpes
- Pack of straws so I can drink easier after the surgery

The one exiting thing is that if a patient menstruates during the surgery, they may experience more intense pain and swelling. And it seems that I'll be having my period exactly on the operation day so that's just great. =)

Here's is another before photo. I'm not much of a smile-with-my-teeth-showing person but when I do smile like that, my smile is little bit crooked and looks asymmetrical easily even my lips are symmetrical. I don't expect lip implants to help that, just to mention. Another photo is from the profile. I decided to put pics like this, so it gives more aspect to evaluate my end results better.

I'll write more when I come back from Lithuania and will take photos of my lips everyday after the procedure. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck! =)

They look pretty!!

I'm back from Lithuania and everything went so well. At first, Lithuania is a nice country to visit and we had a little holiday before the surgery and liked to see the old towns of Vilnius and Kaunas. There is a really nice food place called Charlie Pizza, where I loved to eat pancakes and meat and all kinds of vegetables and I really liked the food even though I'm very picky what comes to food. I think I gained some extra kilos before the surgery, which was nice because eating is difficult after Permalip Surgery.

Travel Assistant of Wellness Travels picked us up from Vilnius to Kaunas and she drove us to the hotel, to clinic and to airport, so our journey was logistically very comfortable. She was nice, talkative and helpful young woman and she gave me a phone so I could call them anytime if I needed anything. Me and my fiance were taken good care after and it was a pleasant surprise. =) The welcome back also included some vocabulary, map and hints where to visit in Kaunas.

The clinic (Estetines chirurgijos centras) is neat and modern place. The staff was friendly and I felt welcome right away. Paying process was easy, nurses were super helpful and heartfelt with every care they gave me. I was happy to have both surgeons dr. Martynas Norkus and dr. Domantas Stundys to look at my lips and operate them. Both doctors are so good! They were very friendly, warm and professional. They are interested in patient's beauty goals and know how to get there. I felt very safe with them and also appreciated as a patient. I have met about ten plastic surgeons during my life, and I can tell that dr. Norkus and dr. Stundys are top class. Their interest in my case, deep entering into doing me a good lips and concentration impressed me. Many surgeons I have met are much less interested in a patient and are not in the map what their patient is even wanting. Now I knew exactly I was with the right doctors. =) dr. Norkus even spoke me some of my home language and it was so funny. =) (He was good at it).

Their anesthesia doctor was a very kind and reassuring for me. His English wasn't that good, but he took my hand and together we walked into the operating room hand in hand. It calmed me very much. =) I had expected that they would only give me a local anesthesia but they actually put me in a sleep. Now that I think about it, it was better that way. I knew nothing during the surgery, and it went so fast. Dr. Norkus told that everything went very well. =) Dr. Stundys hoped I liked the lips. =)

And boy did I like the lips! The surgical work was excellent, I could tell it right away because when I woke up, my lips were so symmetric, implants were well centered and I could barely see the cuts in my mouth and the cuts were so small, clean and well done. My lips were already bit swollen and looked much like Angelina Jolies lips, so pretty and actually pretty natural on my face. My fiance also complimented on them. It was lovely to wake up from the surgery and see my fiance there. I had my own room in the clinic and I could leave about 1 hour after I woke up.

By the way, for some reason my period started one day earlier than normal and only lasted few hours and stopped suddenly. That has never happened to me before, but maybe I was so nervous about the surgery, they did that? However, I didn't have any menstrual stuff going on on the operation day, unlike I first though, so that didn't affect to my surgery then.

The pain was pretty intense at first, and the nurse gave me something inside my veins that helped a bit. Then I took ibuprofen (nurse gave me) and Panacod (paracetamol with codeine, my own medicine) and they made me feel good again. I needed the pain medicine also on the second day and third day, but now it's fourth day and I barely have any pain in my lips anymore.

Eating was hard before, but today, fourth day, I can eat almost normally! That is unbelievable. I clean my mouth and the wounds a lot and hope that I don't get any infection and can keep my implants and beautiful new lips. My lips are still very swollen, but they get better every day when the swelling and hardness go down. My lower lip is actually pretty soft already, the upper is hard and stiff, but I would never expect them to be so amazing already now. =) Their skin is now peeling off and there is some bruise on them. My mouth don't fully open, but I have a big mouth so speaking and eating is easy now. Laughing still hurts a bit so I try to avoid it. =D

So far so good! I will post new pictures more when they heal. Let's keep thumbs up they will heal good.=)

Fast recovery

The stitches are all off now, and I can smile and eat almost normally. It's just amazing! Today, one-week post-op I started to do full exercise on the gym and had absolutely no problems. Swelling and stiffness has gone down a lot, but I think there is still swelling in my lips, and it will subside slowly during next few weeks. Then I know the final results.

From the side view my lips are a bit lucky and there is much more fullness now in my lips. They pout more and it makes them more youthful and feminine. I like that a lot! From the front view my lips look only a bit fuller, but there is no major change from the original. It gives very natural appearance from the front. It's good to have full and pouty but natural looking lips. Nobody could tell they're "done". =)

I hope all the bruise go away soon, because I can't hide it fully even with lipstick. Overall I'm very happy that I did this. Also, I look better without make up, I think it is because the fuller lips balances my facial features. Exactly what I wanted.

With lipstick

Martynas Norkus

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