21 Years Old with 32 a Cup Willing to Have D or DD Cup - Lithuania, LT

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I am 21 years old with 32 A cup. 5,7(175 cm) feet...

I am 21 years old with 32 A cup. 5,7(175 cm) feet and 134(61 kg) pounds.
I wanted to get my breast augmentation surgery for a very long time, but not because I didn't feel confident about my self whereas I always felt confident enough about my self I just never felt sexy enough. I always felt jealousy to other girls who had naturally large breasts. So finally my dreams will come true !!!!
I read lots of reviews and stories on this page which really helped and encouraged me to write my story as well which I hope going to be helpful for you.
The first consultation I had was held on 29 March. Everything went smoothly, the doctor was nice, he told me the measures and that my anatomy of the breast is good. It means that doctor would be able to place even bigger implants than I want.
I was a bit scared to go to the first consultation because I was embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of unknown person and be taking pictures of me naked, but fortunately everything went well so there is nothing to be afraid of !
After all taken pictures and measures became my most important part of the consultation which is discussion of the SIZE and DATE of the surgery. So my surgery date is going to be on 4 August. My implants going to be anatomical high profile and I decided that I want them under the muscle and to be placed within armpit. Also on the operation day I will choose sizes between 415 cc and 495 cc which on me going to look like D or double D as currently I am a 32 A cup. However I think that I will stick with 495 cc implants because I saw so many pictures over here how girls looks with similar sizes and similar body shape.
On the other hand I am a bit afraid that these implant may look too big on me as my thoracic is narrow. Just afraid that the implants can look too big or too small on me.
Currently I live and study in Great Britain, but the operation will take place in Lithuania the reason of it is that I am Lithuanian and is going to be easier to communicate with doctor and also I read lots of reviews about my doctor and all of them were positive.
Incidentally for the first consultation I didn't need to go to my country as the doctor every few months comes to England to advice people on their operations.
Hence I am already purchased my tickets but the problem is that I can’t wait !!! I am so exited how my new boobies going to look on me !!!

2 months till my big day!!:)

Ohh I can't wait for my big day! unfortunately its still so many days left..today is exactly 2 months till finally I will get my boobies!!:))) These pictures are with 495 cc rice sizers. This is the look and size I am hoping to achieve. Its should be a double D cup:) what do you think girls, does the sizers look good on me or a bit too big?


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