325 HP dual plane

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Have decided to get a BA as I'm going in anyway to...

Have decided to get a BA as I'm going in anyway to have some minor corrections done from my liposuction in May. It's much cheaper abroad than in my native country, so why not? My breast aren't that small, I even had a BR 5 years ago! However, I've lost a lot of weight since I had the BA, so I feel that my breast are some what lacking volume. So I just want to add a bit of volume to the top. Luckily, I don't need a lift or anything since I've already had a BR.

I would like round, high profile implants. Not too big! Hopefully above the muscle as I've already got lots of breast tissue and I understand this is less painful as well.

A few more days to go

I'm leaving next Thursday and having my surgery on Friday. Even though I've been there before and know what it's like, I'm still very nervous. I keep thinking that this isn't really something I need and that my breasts are fine the way they are. The next minute I hate them and would like to have the surgery the very next minute! Very confusing! Also, I'm worried that he doesn't want to place the implants above the muscle and that I wont get the result I'm hoping for, but I KNOW I want small round and HP implants so increase the volume on top, so it can't really be that hard to achieve?

Just had my pre-op consultation!!

Arrived in Lithuania a couple of hours ago and just had my consultation with the surgeon. He suggested round, high profile implants which was what I wanted, so that's good. He also said that they hardly ever place implants above the muscle anymore he and suggested the "dual plane" method. The scar will be under the breast, where I have scars from my breast reduction already. One breast is slightly bigger than the other, but he thought that if I went with different sizes, the smaller chest would look wider than the other. However, one of his colleagues suggested that they take a bit of fat from the liposuction correction and inject it in the breast that it smaller to even out the difference. I asked him how much this would cost me, but he said I'd get it for free, yey! Don't know if it actually would cost me extra though, lol. As far as size is concerned, I tried on 295, 325 and 345. Originally, I didn't want anything too big, and I thought no more than 250 before the consult, but eventually I ended up with 325. So scared that it will be too big, but since I evidently have a wide chest, this is the way to go. Needless to say I'm extremely nervous!!


should say smaller breast, not chest* lol

2 months post op

It's been over 2 months since I had my surgery. Didn't really bother with updating my review since nobody seemed to care (lol), but since I love reading other people's experiences, I thought I'd "give back", lol. After all, I've had some procedures done and I might as well share.

Anyway, the procedure went OK and the first thing I noticed after waking up after surgery, was that the worst part actually was the lipo correction of my inner thigh! I had a hard time moving around and my chest felt weird, but not really painful. As I mentioned, the most annoying thing was my inner thigh which I could hardly move without being in pain. Almost felt like a paralyzed leg or something that I had to drag along, lol. I stayed at the clinic the first night, and even though I asked for a single room, they put me in a room with another patient. I felt I couldn't really relax properly with a strange person being in the room, so that was kind of stressful even though it was only one night. Oh, I also woke from the anesthetics having a blood pressure machine next to me, as my BP had fallen a lot during surgery (scary :/ ). However, it was luckily soon removed.

The next day, after the Doc changed the bandages I went to my hotel. I actually felt alright and managed to go to the store and get some food and snacks.

After 5 days I finally got to go home. Everything went well, I only wished I had brought someone with me to help me with basic stuff, such as getting up and down from bed etc. I managed alright though, but it took a lot of time the first days getting up and down.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my breast implants. I do regret not going bigger though. Never in a million years thought I'd say it, but it's true. I already asked the clinic if it's possible to go bigger without too much cost, but I was told the price was just the same as the initial surgery, so don't think I'll be doing it anytime soon. One of my breasts are a bit higher up than the other, but hopefully this will even out. I was told to wear a breast band for 3 weeks, but I only wore it for 2 (hated it!).


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