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I am only three days out but can already see a...

I am only three days out but can already see a difference. I am writing about my experience because there isn't a lot of items out there on this procedure and I want others to be informed. I had my lower and upper abs,  and love handles done. I paid for my thighs in the 6000 as well but am getting those done in two months as well as a potential touch up on my abs if needed.

The day of the procedure they took me in and gave me 1mg of zanax, .5 of clonindine and 1 vicodin ES. After an hour they took me in and marked me up, took pictures and started the procedure. They injected me with numbing solution in seven spots, I'll be honest this hurts, it feels like bee stings and the medicine stings as it goes in. Then they cut these points (which I didn't feel at all) and put in the tumetous? fluid which is lanocaine, epedrine and something else this helps minimize the pain. They then put in the laser melted the fat and then sucked it out this took 3 hours. I didn't feel a lot of pain but when they got around my ribs, hip bones and belly button and towards the end of the procedure it did hurt nothing unbearable but pain none the less. Halfway through the procedure they gave me .5 more of zanax and another vicodin es because I was still wide awake I have a high tolerance to drugs, tell your surgeon this if you have the same issue. Afterwards my stomach looked flat after they took out 1000ccs of me, they put me in my garment (Flexees, Kohls $45 dollars). I went home and slept and didn't wake up till 2 a.m. when I was hurting took another vicodin and went to sleep.

Day 1-2

Lots of swelling looks like I didn't even have a procedure done. Bruising is bad and drainage is gross. Lots of drainage in certain places then all stops on day 2. Wearing garment 23/7 only take off to go to the bathroom and shower. Can't wait to see actual results.

Day 3-4

Swelling got really bad these two days look like I'm six months pregnant. Looks good in the morning day 4 but still not totally flat. As the day, progresses I seem to get bigger. I look like I have holes in certain spots.  I am told this is normal as the swelling and fluid accumulate. I will keep updating as I know more.

Dr. MacDonald

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