Liposuction is Not a Good Way to Lose Weight

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Lets face it ladies. Liposuction is an unhealthy...

Lets face it ladies. Liposuction is an unhealthy way to lose weight. Unless you are obese and your life is in danger, you can get a surgery. But if you just want to get rid of that flab, liposuction is not a good way. It is a procedure if you are not willing to lose that weight on your own, through hard work. I made that mistake and got liposuction done, and ended up wasting money and gaining all that weight back. Now, i am on a diet and a severe excersice programme, and i feel i am losing more weight this way than liposuction. I also feel fit, healthy and more energetic.I eat well, work out every day and i wish i had done this earlier and not wasted the 5 grand that i did. With liposuction you might lose weight in inches but you gain it back. The ideal thing is to lose weight both in inches and on the scale and keep it that way. When i got liposuction done, my skin became very very loose. It was like a bag. Now with a workout, my fat is not getting sucked out but is turning into muscle. As a result, my thighs and hips in particular are tighter and firmer. I did not feel any pain during liposuction but after that there was lots of pain. I was given strong painkillers and kept me sleepy all day and i couldnt drive or see my keyboard properly. I had mild fever, but just for a night. I wore compression bandages for 4 weeks , which felt tight and uncomfortable. Well.. after all this trouble, the weight came back. See, i have a tendency to gain weight. So if your doctor reccomends that you excersice after liposuction, then aren't we gatting back to where we started? Couldnt we just work out more than before and maintain that weight instead of first spending 5 thousand dollars and then getting to know that you still have to excersice to stay thin? Once my weight came back, i decided that it was a mistake and the only way to lose this fat was to eat healthy and excersice daily. Carrots took place of breads and cheese. Chips became a no no and so did soda. I stopped coffee too and started taking flavored water instead. I started running on the treadmill, did weight training with a trainer till i was ready to do it on my own without help. I did this for 6 months after i gained my weight back ( after liposuction). I lost 35 pounds! Not just that, my skin was tight and my face is now glowing due to good blood circulation.

Trust me, lets not get lazy. If it is just some fat and flab, burn it out. Liposuction might be good for severe cases. But for 50  to 100 pounds, excersice can do the wonder. I see many people at the gym who have lost 6 dress sizes!

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