Liposuction for Problem Areas = Perfect! - Chicago, IL

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I’ve had a rigorous home exercise routine...

I’ve had a rigorous home exercise routine since my early 20s that has kept my body looking the way I want. Only recently have I had trouble moving some of the extra baggage from my tummy, especially my lower abs (belly button and below). I hadn’t changed my routine and after I started putting on the flab there I started doing even more crunches, but to no avail.

I had a breast augmentation three years ago (which I’m very, very happy with, by the way) so I went back to the same doctor for liposuction. I didn’t want my curves removed but was going in to get rid of the little paunch I’d developed.

Liposuction worked great for this! I don’t know if lipo is the best choice if you have a lot of fat or a larger area to treat (a tummy tuck might be better) but the improvement to a small area was exactly what I was after. The worst thing about it was the month after the procedure where the whole area was swollen and bruised beyond description. A day or two after the lipo was bad but I had no idea it would get worse and this really scared me! But I called my doctor and she assured me it was all very normal and it did eventually get better. Pain wasn’t such an issue though.

One thing: Wear the compression garments! This was the single biggest factor in keeping the swelling down and thus not stretching out my skin to a level that would need to be corrected later. It’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ll ever have to wear (and you’ll wear it all the time if you want the best results) but it made such a profound difference in the way my tummy looks now. You can actually see the results from all the crunches I’ve been doing all these years, finally.

I’m really excited by my results and am glad I went for this!

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