Liposuction Ruined my Body

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A few years ago i had liposuction and although i...

A few years ago i had liposuction and although i keep a healthy lifestyle and excersize my body is worse than ever. I retain water worse than ever, my legs have gone to jelly and are all lumpy in my inner and outter thighs near my buttox, my legs are covered by cellulite now which i never had, and my waist now is different colour to the rest of my skin slightly but still noticeable and its bulgy, and my lower abdominal is really stretchy and when i sit it's like rolls which i've never ever had,and im starting to see cellulite on my upper abs which is weird and i cannot shift it, i've tried everything. Im also doing lipodissolve at the moment on my legs and its working to remove cellulite and water retention and give back my shape but its still so expensive and bloody painful. I've spent 4,400 on lipodissolve already to fix the liposuction and the sad thing is they say most of their customers are unhappy liposuction customers. Anyone who has been through this please help me
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