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I'd like to provide prospective patients my...

I'd like to provide prospective patients my own, personal perspective on liposuction. First, I was already quite slim and had already had a mini tummy tuck and conservative breast augmentation (2 years ago) after putting my 5'1" frame through three Cesarean sections.

This part of my mommy makeover went extremely well. REcovery was 3 days. I decided about two months ago to consider liposuction, specifically of my thighs and hips. During the consult my plastic surgeon also recommended that I do a little lipo on the upper abdomen, since the mini tummy tuck didn't address this very much. I told my surgeon that I did not want to be skinny or risk having too much loose skin. This is very important to specify. I was very concerned about taking too much fat out of the upper abdomen because it has a tendency to sag after liposuction. I was on the fence about going through the procedure up until the day of surgery. Although the promise of finding clothing to fit me well and bringing my body back to what it was like when I was 25 seemed tempting, there was that "little voice" reminding me of all the complications I could experience, both medically and cosmetically. I'm a physician myself, so I knew about these complications all too well. I went for it anyway.

One day out, I developed a terrible UTI. The pain in my abdomen from the infection was complicated by extreme pain under both ribs for 10 days. I could not cough or defecate without taking narcotics first. My PS said it was because of the liposuction, right above the rib muscles along the upper lateral abdomen. The compression garment was extremely uncomfortable (at first). I felt like a sausage. After about 4 days, I started noticing some decrease in swelling and comfort from the support of the garment.

I was very depressed during the week after the lipo. I kept thinking, "what the heck did I just do to my body?". When I thought about it, it just seemed utterly barbaric. After two weeks, I noticed a fluid collection on the thigh. It was aspirated twice before my doc decided to put in a drain. I am now 4 weeks out, hobbling around the hospital with a drain on my leg. Hopefully, the seroma will resolve soon. I've been unable to be a normal person i.e. play with my children, wear normal clothing to work (luckily I wear scrubs most of the time), or sleep without feeling like an immobile mummy. I have been unable able to be very active, except for gentle walking. Playing with my young children has been very limited and they miss their mom. Ironically, I'm starting to gain a little weight from the inactivity. I continue to wear the compression garment 23/7.

On the positive side, I think I'm going to be very happy with my figure a couple of months from now. Clothing fits so much better and I can see how my body will look fantastic in a bikini. The surgeon was respectful of my wishes and did not take out too much. I've got a little bit of wrinkling in the upper abdomen, but some of it will probably smooth out, and I think it looks better overall. My thighs (except for the seroma) have never looked this feminine or shapely.

So, it has been a lot of money, work and patience. Would I do it again? NO. Liposuction took too much from my life and I realize that I've escaped some more serious complications just through luck, personal medical knowledge, and having a good plastic surgeon. All for what? VANITY. I should have listened to my little voice. I really didn't need this. Although I'm going to enjoy my new figure, I would not do it again if I could have the choice. This was just my experience. I hope it helps some of you. Good luck.

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Addressed my concerns, skilled, good bedside manner

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