Do Not Do This! This Was the Worst Decision I've Ever Made....6 Mo Later

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I was somewhat afraid by some of the comments on...

I was somewhat afraid by some of the comments on different web sites about lipo. But, once I had it done I felt like most of the stories I read do not include me.

I had lipo of the lower and upper abs, between the legs, and under chin for a mini face lift. My experience was excellent. I came ahead of time and was taken in at the scheduled time. The nurses prepared me for op. and then the nurse anesthesist prepared me for light sleep sedation, which is not the same as general anesthesia. The precedure lasted aproximately 3 hours which I did not notice. After, I woke up and immediately took a pain pill, and with the help of the nurses and my assistant I went to the car and was taken home. I slept rather well, and to my amazement I did not encounter lots of fluid like some have reported.

My doctor did give me pain medication and sleeping pills. As to the sleeping pills I only used them the 1st and 2nd night. Pain pills I used them for three days every 4 to 6 hours, and then only sporadically. The pain was mild, and only bothersome if trying to sit while going to the toilet. Get a soft toilet seat, it helps. I am still healing, but I think it is all going according to schedule. My neck was bruised for the 1st week, most of the bruising left by the 2nd week. There are some hard spots that need to be massaged but they are coming along. As to the abs they are iproving every day. Between the legs there is no bruising, but blood accumulation went toward my knees, and that is gradually disapearing.

As to excersice, I will say I love walking, and I started walking on the 2nd day. As time went on I walked more and more, and I also started bycicle riding my bycicle towards the end of the 2nd week. Now I am in my 3rd week and today I went bycicling on a trail for about an hour. I am glad I went through this. Most everyone that sees me know says they notice a difference. This has also motivated me to watch what I eat, and since the surgery I have lost weight. I would say from the surgery itself about 10 lbs. and by watching my diet another 5lbs.

As scarring goes I am using a patch that helps erase scars.

Usually the scars from surgery are small, but the patches help erase any scarring left behind.

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