Liposuction and Fat Transfer

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Princeton Plastic Surgeon

I do not like to give bad reviews let's start off with that. This is for anyone who is looking to get liposuction with a fat transfer. I can't speak on any other procedures he may be an amazing doctor for other things. I'm terribly upset at the results. It's been roughly 1 year and 8 months since the procedure. Let me start off by saying that I had lost a tremendous amount of weight before even thinking about doing this I wasn't expecting a miracle but for the amount of money, time and emotion invested into this it was a HUGE deal for me. The procedure exact was liposuction and decided to fat transfer to my buttocks. His bedside manners were great as a doctor I did not have complaints but I do not think he was the right surgeon for the job. My stomach came out COMPLETELY uneven not only on both sides but in the middle I have areas that are raised that look like small bumps it's obvious they are uneven. He did not do the upper half of my stomach so it just doesn't look proportionate. I was very clear on what I wanted for my backside after the swelling went down it does not look like I did anything AT ALL. Not only that but my butt is lumpy and uneven as well. He did not clean up my back properly to achieve the result I wanted. The post op appointments his assistant or manager I'm not sure what her role is but she tends to strong arm all of the appointments and no matter what concern I raised all I got was oh you look great don't worry you look great. There was never anything to acknowledge my disappointment with the procedure so after about 2 or 3 appointments of this going on I just stopped going altogether and was basically left to just swallow the loss and disappointment in my body and the whole procedure. I do not recommend him for these types of procedures such as body contouring or anything buttocks related. It's upsetting that I had to find this out thousands of dollars later. FYI he doesn't have the capability to do the procedures in his office so he has to reserve the space at a nearby clinic which the patient has to cover the facility fees for that which can run you an additional 2-3k which is another HUGE downside. This was a great regret only because of the result and am thousands of dollars in the hole because of it. Just to be clear we had agreed on the procedure and I had a very realistic sense of what the results were going to be. They didn't even meet my lowest expectation.

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