Liposuction in Calves - "Hurry Up and Wait..."

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I came to the decision to have lipo because I...

I came to the decision to have lipo because I didn’t have any other options. Most women carry their 10 extra pounds in their thighs or stomach. Well, I was able to exercise that away quite easily but my ankles were chunky no matter what I did. All the exercising and running in the world (and believe me, I did it) didn’t make the fat go away.

I used to think lipo was just for stomachs and thighs but boy was I wrong! I found out about ankle/calf lipo on the Internet and sought out a plastic surgeon who would do it.

I was under general anesthetic for the procedure. When I woke up I didn’t feel a thing but I was wrapped up pretty good. I went home the same day with compression panty hose.

Walking was impossible. I had my boyfriend supporting me everywhere because I couldn’t hardly move my legs. He ended up dragging me into and out of the car on the way home.

I have now been recovering for 1 month. I’m walking a lot better although I am still tentative and have some pain. There was hardly any bruising and that surprised me, but the scars where the suction went look like they will never fade. I can deal with some small scars if my legs will look better though.

That’s the problem I’m facing now... my legs look bigger than they used to! I know this is all the swelling but I don’t want to wait anymore to see something positive from this. My plastic surgeon tells me this is still early days but I wish I had known it would take this long to see anything. I assumed that when he said I could go back to work in a week or resume normal activity after three weeks that this would be it; I would be recovered. Wrong. I am still waiting.
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