In Lots of Pain...too Soon to Tell the Results

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I had read a lot about liposuction on this...

I had read a lot about liposuction on this website, and decided that I would post my experience for those of you thinking about getting it done as well.

I flew from North Carolina to Los Angeles to have my procedure done. Initially, I was looking into Smartlipo and had found a doctor in my town that I liked, but decided to go ahead with the doctor in LA after reviewing his website and watching his youtube videos. I am 25 years old, 5'7" and 128 lbs, so I am by no means overweight...I just wanted to be leaner and firmer with the body that I knew I was capable of having.

I ended up having my inner/outer thighs, entire abdomen area (I had the hi definition lipo done on my abdomen area), love handles, lower back, bra fat, armpit fat and my sides done. Basically, anywhere that you could pinch fat between my thighs and my breasts I had done. I also had the fat injected back into my rear (brazilian butt augmentation).

Everyone kept telling me that it was only going to feel like a hard workout after the surgery was over, and that was not the case. I threw up and was in awful pain all over. I am stiff and find that getting up and laying down is extremely uncomfortable, and I am itching like crazy from the percocet.

Also, the compression garment (I am wearing Spanx now instead of the one I had on immediately after surgery) is not comfortable. It contributes to the itching, and taking it on and off after showering or when I have to...go number 2...hurts really really bad (thank God I have my husband to help me out). Thus far, I am 5 days out from surgery, and every day is getting better.

My husband also had lipo done (he had his love handles, back, chest, and had the hi definition lipo done on his abdomen as well) and is healing about a day or two ahead of me (able to walk sooner, drive sooner, etc.). I am super swollen right now and can't tell how my results are going to be since I am bigger now than I was before surgery, but my husband is looking great and as soon as his swelling resides, he will be looking even better. My butt looks nice and plump so far with no increase in cellulite (I only had more shape added to my butt, not a J-Lo effect), but again, when the swelling goes down I will be able to tell for sure. Although the pain was not at all pleasant, so far I think it was worth it.

I had great doctors that were super advanced in their fields (I will be more than happy to give you their names if you message me) and made me feel at ease. I will update you on my results as the swelling goes down and the pain deadens. I am NOT looking forward to the massaging part since I am still achy/numbish all over.

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