AquaLipo Natural Fill

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The decision to have this procedure was the...

The decision to have this procedure was the biggest mistake of my life.

I am five weeks post and still in pain, and cannot put on any of my clothing other than sweat pants. I had my abdomen, love handles, hips, saddle bags, bra bulge, and my neck done. I cannot look up or to my left because of the nerve damage in my neck, and My body measurements have not decreased but increased.

The day of my procedure I was of good spirits and looking forward to my appointment. After three hours of pain and butchery where I cried, but was told 'it's not that bad'. I was forced out the back door with the garbage in my blood stained clothing.

My stomach feels like it's being ripped from my body with every movement, much like what you would imagine the 'feel' of velcro being ripped open. My thighs and hips feel as if I've been beaten with a 2X4. I would give anything to have the 'bra bulge' back so I can sit in a chair without the stabbing pains in my back along with the same 'bulge' I had post-op. I cannot sleep on my sides or stomach, and I have to put pillows under my legs to ease the pressure on my lower back/hips.

I have yet to be contacted by my Doctor. I have been to the 'clinic' twice since, but only to see a 'nurse' and another Doctor that had no clue who I was or what I was going through.

For the love of all that is holy do NOT have this procedure done by these people. The only thing lighter and slimmer in my world is my bank account.

Dr. Mendoza and Dr Bassin

My initial consult was with Dr B, I chose Dr. M since Dr B recommended him and Dr M's schedule suited mine. To date (Nov 1st) I have yet to see Dr M.

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