Tear Trough Restylane Injections for Dark Circles - Chicago, IL

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I went in to the doctor's office today for a...

I went in to the doctor's office today for a follow-up on my lipo (see my other review) and ended up asking about Restylane for my hereditary dark circles, which I have had since my early 20's. Leslie Forrester is a nurse at the office and she ended up doing my injections.

Leslie was very nice and made me feel at ease. I expected the injections to be very painful due to the proximity to my eyes, but she did a great job. It felt just like tiny pin pricks and I only winced a few times.

I was told that some people bruise and some don't, but I already know that I bruise easily. So, I expected more bruising than usual and Leslie confirmed that my bruising was pretty bad. She actually apologized for bruising me up so much, but I've been this way my whole life, so it wasn't her fault.

I am posting a "before" picture that I took a few weeks ago with no make-up and then I took a few today. I have no idea if the restylane is worth it for me yet and probably won't for a week or so once the swelling goes down. LOL - my face is bruised and my body is terribly bruised from last week's lipo. I look like I got hit by a bus! I'll post more pics once the swelling subsides.


I went in today and talked to Leslie because I just don't see much of a change. She said that it was hard to tell since I'm still so bruised.

However, she asked me to wait one week and she'll re-do at no charge if we don't see a change in a week once the bruising is gone.

I may not know yet how I feel about the restylane, but I'm happy that Leslie is standing behind her work. I appreciate the good service just hope I don't have to take her up on her offer!

Still thinking about this...

My bruises are almost gone and I will post a pic once they are totally gone. I'm fairly certain that my dark circles are a *little* lighter, but not much. I have decided not to take Leslie up on her offer to re-inject at no charge. I would love to do this, but I have a lot of business travel coming up and I don't think that I can handle the bruises. Besides, after the lipo and the facial bruising, I think I just need a break from looking beat up!

I believe that she did a good job, but just didn't use quite enough. So, what I'll do is plan to see her again in a few months when I can take a few days off. I'll ask her to use more than last time and even if I have to pay a bit extra to have more restylane, I think it'll be worth it to get the results I want.

More to come...

Noticing some difference...

I'm writing this update while I'm on a business trip abroad. While I don't see a huge difference in the injections on a day to day basis, now that I'm fighting jet lag, I can really tell. Normally when I do trips across multiple time zones, I look TERRIBLE. Now that I'm on my first trip post-injections, I look relatively refreshed even though I feel like crap. This fact alone makes it worth it.

So.. next time, I'll ask for a bit more restylane AND I will get the injections when I can take a few days off for the bruising, However, I can definitely say at this point that I do feel like it was worth it, even if I don't have impressive before/after pics. Looking normal when I'm going on next to no sleep is wonderful.

Trying again

I have reviewed pics from my experience with restylane. Overall, I decided that there was a very minor change, but nothing like what I've seen here and definitely not worth the price tag. I'm really desperate to fix the dark circles, so I've got an appt with a different office tomorrow.., will add more
Leslie Forrester, RN

Leslie was warm and friendly. While I don't know yet if I'll like the Restylane, I did like the way she injected.

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