Any Advice on How to Correct a lumpy Chin After Laser Lipo?

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I had an RF type of laser lipo under my chin...

I had an RF type of laser lipo under my chin almost 2 years ago now. I do not recommend lipo in this area especially if you don't have a lot of fat to begin with. Looking back now I feel so foolish for doing something like this as I didn't need it at all. I wish my dr. was more open with me about possible complications but all he really said was that it's a really simple procedure. I am in my 30's and feel like i have just aged myself several years by doing this. My dr. took out too much fat so I am left with a lumpy contour and the skin is now lax and looks wrinkly in the area where the chin meets the neck and the platysma band is now showing. I also have a lot of hollowness. I never had any of these issues before doing the lipo. I feel so self conscious now and in search of trying to find a way to correct this. I was told by many dr.'s that fat grafting would correct the issue and some minor lipo to the lumpy areas would smooth everything out and hide the platysma band (although none had actually done this before in that area) and I was also told by many dr.'s that fat grafting wouldn't I really don't know what to do. When I complained to my original dr. about the outcome he didn't really say much except for recommending a facelift! There is no way I would do that, especially at my age. He also recommended filler which I did try but it looked terrible and even lumpier so I had it removed. He also did lipo to my thighs and I have some issues there too…eeek!!! but want to focus on correcting my chin first and then I’ll eventually have my thighs corrected…if that’s at all financially possible. I have definitely learned a lesson in all of this and look back at old photos and get saddened by how I could do such damage to my body

Has anyone encountered this type of outcome and what have you done to correct it? When I spoke to other dr.'s for second opinions many hadn't seen this type of complication with such a so called "simple" procedure and none had fat grafted to this area. Now i don't know what to do and I am so scared of attempting to get this corrected and the dr making it look worse. I have one shot to get this done and get this done right and i am so fearful of making the wrong decision. If you have any advice, tips or suggestions please let me know.

Anyone out there who has corrected this type of...

Anyone out there who has corrected this type of issue before?

Would fat grafting be the only solution to correct...

Would fat grafting be the only solution to correct this? And how risky is it?

What other options would there be to give this area a smooth and even contour?

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