Liposuction Deformed my Body - Chicago, IL

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I went for a lipo... doctor suggested I have my...

I went for a lipo... doctor suggested I have my inner and outer thighs lipoed. I was mainly concerned with my stomach and fat accumulated on my back. I had no idea that there could be possibilites of having a deformed body.

I had the following areas treated:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Stomach and back
  • Calves and Knees

After the surgery, I notice that my buttocks were smaller.. and that my body was more masculine looking and more square. I had specifically asked the doctor not to touch my buttocks.

Apparently, when lipoing outer thighs, if the doctor is too aggressive, he can easily cause grooves in your thighs and butt cheeks. My very round buttocks had lost their outer fullness and instead I was left with such a huge groove, as if some one came and gave me a punch right on the side of my butt and the skin went in and never came out. It's really very sad.

I wish I had a time machine. I wish I never did any of it. I had a very nice figure, just a little bit chubby. But, I was very happy with how I looked.

Now I have deformities all over my body, I have much more pronounced cellulite... and hurrable hanging loose skin around my belly, one more thing, spider veins (apparently a side effect).

Today I have spent another 30,000 US dollars trying to fix my lipo deformities. I had serious lumpiness and bumps on both my outer and inner thighs. The doctor I went to did some fat grafting, outer thigh area was partially resolved. Inner thigh, became worse. Groove around my buttocks was never fixed.

I plan to make one more attempt to fix what went wrong.

Dr. Michael Damen

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