Loved the Results and Experience from Liposelection from VASER

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Wow, I am not sure as to where to start. I had...

Wow, I am not sure as to where to start. I had the Liposelection by VASER this past Wednesday and I feel and look amazing 4 days later. I was totally scared of the entire process even though I knew that I wanted this procedure done.

I first started with finding research on the Liposelection by VASER and was highly impressed!!!! This helped me to ease my fear of the entire process. I have had two children and had the extra weight gain that most people experience with pregnancies. My stomach and leg areas needed help, regardless of how many Pilate exercises and hours that I spent on the Elliptical machine, my problem areas were not getting any better. I went for a consultation last week and had surgery this past Wednesday.

I know that I am only 4 days out of surgery but can tell a HUGHE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!! I was awake during the entire process and only experienced some mild soreness the day after surgery. By Friday I was up and walking around with little to no pain. I had a total of 9 incisions and did not feel anything during the process. Since the surgery I have only had to take 3 pain tablets since Wednesday!!!! How great is that?!!

As if that was not enough my incisions have gradually stopped draining and I feel 100% and went back to work today. I can say with confidence that I am excited with each day as I know that results will continue to flourish. My family can tell a big difference in my appearance even though I am still a little swollen in my stomach area. I would definitely recommend anyone with problem areas to consider this procedure. I would undergo this procedure again in a hear beat. I still can’t believe how great this whole process has been for and my family. I totally feel like a new me and am inspired to be totally committed to myself and my body again!!!

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