Re-made in Colombia ;) October 2013 - Dr Harold Villalobos

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I am looking to have Breast lift, Tummy tuck, &...

I am looking to have Breast lift, Tummy tuck, & fat grafting to the booty. I'm trying to decide between these two doctors. Dr. harold Villalobos has been amazing in answering all my questions & has great results in TT's & BL's, however he is not known for producing big butts. Told me that the maximum he will do is 700 ccs. On the other hand, Dra Agustina Duran is amazing at creating curves, flat tummies & rounded hips with booties. Not a huge fan of her breast lifts. Just my honest opinion. Really stuck between the two. I'm not looking for a HUGE booty but a nice full rounded one. My main concern is getting perky breasts & a flat stomach for now. Both docs quoted me nearly the same for all procedures. Dr. V is in colombia, Dra Duran is in Santo Domingo. Flights more expensive to Colombia. Thinking of doing my breast & tummy first & then going for a round 2 with Dra Duran. Just my thoughts for now. Gonna keep researching & saving.

Surgery Date Scheduled!

So i have come to my final decision & decided to go with Dr. Villalobos. Why? Bc I love his breast work & tummies. :) I'm not too worried about getting a big booty as of now bc i need to take care of the front before the behind first! I booked my flight for October 13 & scheduled my surgery for October 16 first thing in the morning. As of now i'm only scheduled for a BL & once i get there & go to my preop appointment we will decide if i can pass for a mini TT. As well as adding some with lipo with BBL. I'm really anxious as i will be traveling alone but i am determined to have this done! If anyone else is going to Colombia around that time, feel free to message me :)

I'm here!

So I'm finally here! Times goes by so fast, I can't believe it. I've been anticipating this day & I'm finally here. My surgery is in only 3 days! So about my trip, it took 3 hours & 20 min to get here from Miami. Flight went well. I have anxiety so I was worried about that. But my pcp prescribed me some good old Xanax & I was good to go. Felt really chill & relaxed during the flight. If you ladies have anxiety or panic attacks,(mines were mild), I highly suggest getting some medications prescribed before flying. Makes a huge difference. Anyways!! Once I landed, i realized my phone wouldn't work... so i wondered how in the world would i get in touch with Alba from the RH?? i have an iphone so i would have to rely solely on wifi. Maybe use a payphone? Well i'll get to that later. So once inside the airport, upon exiting, i just showed my flight ticket, passport, told them I was coming from Miami for "tourism purposes" & "yes I am American but my family is Colombian", (they ask u these questions), & also a Colombian phone number to reach you. Getting through was pretty simple. Inside the airport there's a currency exchange so it's easy to change dollars to pesos. After exchanging, I walked outside the airport & there was Alba holding up a sign with my name. What a HUGE sense of relief !! & it was raining. The poor woman had been waiting for a while bc my flight was late. But she wast worried about that at all. She was glad to see me, gave me a big hug, welcomed me, asked me about me & immediately started telling me all about Cali. I'm Colombian, so I've been to Colombia plenty of times but never to Cali! First time & I already love it. It has that Miami weather minus the humidity so I'm good :) Alba was so nice & super chill, felt like I was talking to my aunt or something lol. She has a son in bogota, a daughter in Florida & family in other parts of the states so she visits the US often, although she doesn't speak much English. But she does have a nurse who speaks it at the house though.

Driving from the airport, which is located north of the city, took about a good 20 min since I arrived around 9:30pm & there wasn't any traffic. The whole ride we talked about our families, Colombia, Cali, & discussed plastic surgery of course!! Feels great to speak so openly to someone since I had barely anyone in my family to support me in my journey. Oh! & btw, Alba is a patient of Dr. Villalobos 3 years ago. She loves him. Although she mentions other docs are great at what they do too. Says the best go-to booty doc is Dr V. So we were talking about recovery & she told me not to freak out the first couple of days bc my body will be super swollen (all part of surgery) & that your body will take better shape as time passed. This is my first cosmetic surgery so I was all ears lol. Even though I have an idea of what to expect.

Once I get to the house, it is beautiful. I expected a smaller house, not as nice, & i was prepared to "rough it" in order to save some cash since I will also be getting my teeth done (more about that later)... So I came prepared with toilet paper, wipes, extra towels etc etc. The house has high ceilings, spacious rooms & is decorated very nicely. There are probably about 8-10 rooms in the house since Alba said there are 8 patients currently. Plus alba & her staff. My room was very nice, has a tv, safe box, armoire, etc. I bumped into one of Villalobos' girls who was having her second round & she looks hot! Instead of fg though she had butt implants bc she had no fat left. She was 5 days out & was walking & everything. Ladies if you are thin & have no fat, this may be an option for you. So we chatted for a bit & then Alba asks if i want to call home. she gave me a phone & said "Use it exactly as if it were a US phone" so I'm like ok, cool. Technology has gotten better here in Colombia bc a few years back it was a serious mission to call the states. & costly. So I call my mom & let her know I'm ok & happy. She was very worried but all is good. I also was given the wifi password & was able to connect my iphone on it & log on social networks etc. Afterwards, Alba asks if I'm hungry, I say yes since I wasn't able to eat prior to my flight & only had a snack early on board. One of the nurses prepared me a light plate of chicken, potatoes & rice with juice. After eating I just chilled for a bit & went to sleep.

Just woke up today & since its a holiday, I'll just see what's up & whats going on, probably do some shopping, maybe party later on since theres a club across the street ahaha no but seriously I do feel like partying while I can lol relieve my pre surgery tension! or maybe I'll just relax here & get to know the girls better. Yea we'll see. Either way I feel great being here & I'm excited to explore, know ppl, & get this surgery over with! Glad to be safe, to be here & thank you for your prayers!! I thank god for watching over me. I prayed to him every night before flying. & he is awesome! I'll post more later, gonna start my day already. Take care dolls! xoxox


Here are some pics of Alba's house & such

I made it! :)

So i made it to the other side. Yay !! I prayed so much for everything to go ok & God was definitely with me. I had surgery on October 16 at 10:30am. My surgery was supposed to be at 7am but I had issues with my bank & the doc's staff wanted me to pay them beforehand (understandable). Ladies I definitely recommend bringing cash. It's SUCH a hassle to have cards on you. Not to mention the ridiculous international fees. I really regret not bringing enough cash. But I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not. Since I was picked up by Alba directly from the airport I had no troubles at all. I always thought the opposite. A million things go through ur head but none of that happened. I felt really safe & comfortable with her. I've spent more on card fees than pampering myself. Lets just put it that way. So onto the day of surgery. I had withdrawn the majority of my sx money except maybe about 1k. So they took me in anyways bc we were running late. I went to the clinic & before going past the double doors kissed Alba & Marlen (translator & overall sweetheart) goodbye. Marlen has been an angel & even though I don't need a translator she's just such a cool person to talk to & will accompany u wherever u need to go. So I walk past the double doors & was greeted by one of the nurses. She had me sit down & started asking me questions about my health & such. Then she handed me a blue gown with slippers & hair cover. I put my belongings in a locker, like clothes etc. nothing valuable. I left all my valuables with Marlen bc she's 100% trustworthy. So Dr v comes in & greets me. Asks me some questions, jokes around & then I proceed to give him the cash just to get it out of the way & off my back. Since I didn't have the full amount, I was given a few sheets to fill out saying I owe them such & such & the day I will pay by. Thank god, I just wanted to move forward. He made no huge deal about it. He was really chill & understanding. So he then asks me to remove my gown & takes preop pics of me. After pics, he starts to mark me up. & I'm explaining to him what I'm looking for. Then the anesthesiologist comes in (he's so fine LOL!!) & puts the iv on me & made me really comfortable bc I was kinda shaky. & also Praying in my head. So then I was sent to the OR. I stripped down & was sprayed with something cold idk what it was bc I was already feeling out of it. Then the nurse had me lay on the table & the anesthesiologist starts making conversation with me & I was out. I wake up within what felt like a minute & I see that they're still working on me. I had my arms strapped ( so I don't smack nobody I suppose lol) & they were KILLING me. I start saying it was hurting & the nurse said, "we're almost done so we can't put u back to sleep, just try to relax". It was sooo painful. I had nothing done to my arms btw. I guess it was due to how long I had been in that position. So I ask "how long has it been?" , "About 6 hours she replied." I was so out of it & kept dosing off & on. I look up & see that the light they use to shine on u at the top, had kind of like a metal thing which I could see myself. I could see my reflection, it was mirror like. They were working on my breasts. Dr V was on my left & his assistant was on my right. She finished first. I dose off again. I wake up & I'm in a little hospital bed naked & cold, only for a few moments bc the nurse brings in these huge warm blankets to put on me. I laid there enjoying the warmth of the blankets but I was so doped up I just wanted to close my eyes & go to sleep. Nurse kept trying to keep me awake. There was a girl next to me who had lipo & bbl. they helped her up to go to the bathroom & her body was on point. She had curves & a huge butt. I find out later on that her doc was Alvaro Rodriguez, which I hadn't heard of. I also find out she was very big before. So after they dress her up & help her out, it was my turn. The nurse put on a garment on me, which was a little difficult since I was swelling already. & wanted me to pee on some bowl. Bc I couldn't walk due to the TT. It was important for me to pee but it just didn't wanna come out. It took a while for my organs to get it together & let it out lol. As she helps me up from out of the bed I immediately get shaky, cold, dizzy, nauseous, u name it!! Horrible feeling. I threw up & it hurt SO BAD bc of the TT. I was feeling so dreadful & nauseous. I had been chatting with the nurse & made good conversation with her & got along with her a little better bc in the beginning she was kind of a b!tch. But I'm always nice to ppl & if that doesn't work out, then the bitch comes out. So I guess she was feeling bad & instead of just wheeling me out like the other girl, she gave me a shot & had me relax on a recliner for a bit. Man that shot worked wonders. Dizziness went away about 80%. I didn't throw up anymore. So alba comes pick me up & takes me home. I pass out for a bit bc I was exhausted but that night I couldn't sleep a wink. I was in pain, crying feeling miserable & the meds weren't doing shit. Nurses were trying to make me feel better but since it was so late, everything was closed & I couldn't get stronger meds. That night I didn't sleep. Next day was definitely better. I got stronger meds & they helped alot. Oh, I also had the pump on me. I couldn't imagine the pain without it. It's an extra $150 but so worth it. Everyone says the pain would've been 10x worse without it. I believe it. Next day, I was still in pain but not as bad. Keep in mind I had my ENTIRE body done. Not just bbl. I had the works. So it was hard not being able to lay anywhere comfortably. But I'm still getting through it. Taking it day by day & keeping a positive mindset has helped alot . So that was my surgery day. Will post more later on :) ttyl loves xoxox



6 weeks out

Hello ladies, sorry I haven't updated ! I've been enjoying every minute of my new body & completely loving it! Will post new pics soon!!

Some pics

Sorry I've bien MIA, here are some pics I've posted in the starlets group a while back

More pics- 4 weeks post op

These pics were taken at 4 weeks post op

6 week pics

Here are pics I posted in the group with review -- 6 weeks post op very happy with results!


Hello everyone! I will be updating very very soon. The good and the bad and the great. I am going to be very blunt in my next update. About everything. And possibly post 2 year post op update. I have def dropped and fluffed. Overall I absolutely LOVEEEEE my body, it has def improved my life. But of course I have also hit a few bumps on the road which I will be talking about. I am also glad I have decided not to post any pre-op because I have noticed pictures being shared ALL over social media (IE Instagram) without my permission. Which is absolutely ridiculous. I made posts to share my journey going to Colombia to help others with their decision also put my hometown on the map. There was barely anyone going to Colombia when I decided to take the leap and go for it. Everyone was going to DR that I remember of. Bare with me as I am now catching up with my messages and have yet been able to log into my SX FB account. Can't access it as I don't remember the email I used. I also plan on going back for more. Will update on all of that soon! xoxo
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

So far everything is great, i love my doc!

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