NOT Worth the Money or Pain. Very Minor Results. I Found Something else That REALLY WORKED.

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I did lipodissolve (aka mesotherapy) starting in...

I did lipodissolve (aka mesotherapy) starting in March, 2008. I did 3 areas (front of thighs, back of thighs, and upper hip area), 4 rounds each area, so my treatment course lasted until the end of May. I did one area per week, rotating until all areas were complete. It was SO PAINFUL! I was terribly swollen (in weird looking STREAKS!), had ugly purple spots where they injected me, the skin in each area was HOT for several days after each injection round, and I constantly had trouble sitting or walking.

I dreaded having to go to the bathroom & sit on that hard toilet (which happened way too often as you must drink a lot of water). I had to wear larger pants because of the swelling. Per their advice, I drank lots of water & massaged the areas (as much as I could with the pain). But after 3 months of torture I really didn't see any results.

I am 5'3 and weighed 128 at the time and have always been pear shaped (two sizes apart from top to bottom). ALL of my 'bad fat' has always been below the waist, so I tried lipodissolve to eliminate that & even out my shape. I normally do a 1 hour power walk 4 times a week but that fat is always there so I thought this would help. The cellulite appearance did reduce VERY slightly (or perhaps I tried to convince myself it was somewhat worth it at the time), but I still had all that weight & jiggle as if nothing happened, so it was certainly NOT worth it, especially the $6800 price tag!

Since then I tried several other things (different diets & workouts) and nothing solved my problem. But then this past fall I discovered the hCG diet and it actually worked! I am now 117 pounds and a size small both top AND bottom! I did the real hCG drops (NOT the 'homeopathic' ones) and it was a total success. During the hCG diet, I lost only the 'bad fat' which cleared out of that area, even those ugly pockets of cellulite I've been carrying around since I was a teenager are gone.

I wish I would have known about hCG 4 years ago. I paid $120 for it, which seems high, but it was MUCH better than $6800 for nothing. I guess you live & learn. My sister has 3 boys & has been trying for years to get rid of her baby weight. I told her about both the lipodissolve when I was doing that, & recently about the hCG diet. She's pear shaped like me, and lost 23 pounds with hCG, and has also evened out her shape. So, if you're thinking about doing lippodissolve, DON'T DO IT!!! Perhaps if it's for your chin area or somewhere small like that, it may be OK. But for anything else, I recommend the hCG diet. It actually WORKS, only targets the bad fat, lasts just one month, it's A LOT cheaper & is PAIN FREE.
NuU Medspa

The staff was VERY friendly & attentive, but I think it was all a sales pitch, as the procedure is useless (I'm sure they know it) and I think they were only interested in bringing in the money.

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