Lipodissolve Worth It with the RIGHT Doctor

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I went to Dr. {named above} on recommendation of a...

I went to Dr. {named above} on recommendation of a friend. He is a very well known plastic surgeon in my area. I initially went to him to get a tummy tuck. Upon arriving, I was suprised when he told me I didn't need it but if I wanted to get rid of the little fatty areas on my belly...that lipodissolve would be a great alternative.

I went in and they put a numbing gel all over my stomach. After about 1/2 hour the doctor came in to do the procedure. I was very nervous, but honestly didn't feel a thing. There was a little pressure from the needles going in, but no pain. He had a syringe that had about 5-6 needles coming off it so he was able to do the injections very quickly. The procedure only took about another 1/2 hour. After he was done, a nurse came in and used the ultrasound machine all over my stomach. She said it helped with swelling and to move the medicine around in there. I was precribed an antibiotic and a pain medication as prevantive and just incase.

On my ride home, I drove myself, I stopped and dropped off my presriptions and basically just felt like my stomach was full. As the day wore on, my stomach did become heavy feeling (like I could feel all the meds that were injected in there) and my stomach swelled up. The swelling was a little I looked to be a few months pregnant. I was told a gertle would have helped, but I just walked around slowly and held my swollen belly up.

It was uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say extremely painful. I only used the pain meds the first day and then after that I was fine. My stomach was swollen for about 2-3 days and tender feeling for about 2-3 months but not bad...more annoying than painful.

I have a 2 year old and no one watched her during my "recovery" it can't be that bad of a procedure. Dr.  recommended 2 treatments for me at $650 a piece...but I have only done the one treatment. I was satisfied with the one treatment that I don't feel I need to go back. I would though, if I felt I needed it. I do not handle pain well normally...but this was tolerable...enough so that I would go do it again.

Now, this is NOT meant for people with lots of weight to lose and it's not a quick process. It took about 6 weeks before I saw some results and now 3 months later I feel I have just seen the final results. You still need to diet and exercise or the fat is just going to come back. I haven't lost a significant amount of weight like some people claim...I lost maybe 2 pounds but that could be from exercising or whatever. It's a pretty subtle change but I am happy with it.

It has helped with my little mama belly pooch and my self esteem.

Dr. Finger

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