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I have had several cosmetic surgeries and have had...

I have had several cosmetic surgeries and have had botox, restoline and juvederm injections with absolutely no complications. I am a healthy 41 year old female and was told I was a good candidate since I worked out regularly and just needed those stubborn abs and love handles taken care of. I am alergic to NOTHING. After my first and only treatment - the shots were the easiest part... within 1 hour or so, had a lot of swelling in my lower abdomen (which is the only area that was treated as it was my first time, with a low dose of the stufff) My eyes started to swell and I contacted the facility - they were completely unconcerned and when I asked them if they ever had any one with these symptoms they said NO - but take come to the office. They were 1 hour away so I said it was too far - they they said to take some benedryl... my swelling got worse and I went off to the emergency ward. I called fig on the way there and again they seemed so unconcerned with my condition. I got to emergency and they gave me benadryl and 2 other pills to help me out... they were not familiar with what was in the injections and had to call fig. This is only day 2 but I am so swolen from the bottom of my ribs to the bottom of my "girl area" its laughable. The only good thing is that I received my refund this very next day. Otherwise, I would have sued the pants off of them. I had to provide them with the proof of the emergency visit. Each time I called, the girls (nurses, etc) seemed like they could care less about what I was going through and were in a word, rude. WORST THING I HAVE EVER DONE - AND BABY... I'VE DONE ALOT!
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