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I just started treatment March 18 at 216 lbs and...

I just started treatment March 18 at 216 lbs and im 5,8 I had 6 areas done with 2 shots each. I watched my friend go first and I think that made it worse for me. The needles where big but to my surprise did not hurt. First he did a shot to some what numb the area, which to me did nothing, he did that for all 6 areas then came the lipo dissolve. My friend had to hold my hand because once the medicine is in your body it stings like crazy for 15 seconds. I hate shots but the shots were not bad at all just a little prickling feeling but to be completely honest the stinging burning sensation seems unbarable for those 15 secs. Next time im bringing my ipod to distract me and a teddy bear to hold. After the shots I felt no pain just a little weird, i think i was getting over the pain of the lipo dissolve. But after 1 hour I calmed downed and went to go eat with my friends and then I had a meeting later that day I went to as well. My stomach was a little swollen but my girdle helped. The next day i was really tired and felt like i did 500 crunches, which to me is a good/bad feeling. I was really thirsty and had to pee alot. The doctor also gave me redotex to surpress my appetiate which worked right away. but now as im on day 6 I get a little bit more hungry. As of March 24 i feel great no regrets yet, and have my next appt march 27th will keep you informed.
Dr. in Tijuana

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