Lipodissolve Success - Lower Abs

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Based on what I've read on this site and the...

Based on what I've read on this site and the information I've researched on other websites, I think everyone has different lipodissolve success. There seems to be a large range of pain, side effects, and results. I am happy with my results - I selected FIG but regret not exploring more facilities in the research phase (mainly due to price, rotation of people administering shots and lack of direct interaction with a real doctor - in my opinion one should not have to request to see a doctor during a medical procedure). Here's my story... I'm 46, no kids, BMI = 30 (I'm not a skinny little thing), lower ab measurement at beginning: 41.5 (2 inches below belly button), lower ab today: 38.75 (with some remaining nodules & swelling from a 11/5/07 treatment). I've had 5 treatments at FIG - the first two with 4 syringes, remaining 3 treatments with 5 syringes (25 cc's). First and second treatment were two weeks apart, remaining treatments were one month apart. My post-hysterectomy pooch shows marked improvement. I have not gained nor lost any weight (stayed within 3 pounds of starting weight as I wanted to make sure any success was due to treatments instead of weight loss). The night of my treatments are very uncomfortable - not painful enough to cause nausea, but enough to keep me awake. I started taking a Benadryl along with the tylenol before treatments. I wear a compression garment the day of and the day after treatment. A one-piece bra/pant garment works best for me cuz it has a split that allows bathroom breaks and I don't have to pull it off and on over my painful stomach. If my treatments are on Monday after work, I don't need the compression garment on Wednesday. My jeans are very uncomfortable for about a week after treatments. I can't do my 45 minute walk (exercise) for a couple days after treatment. Two weeks after treatments, my stomach is beginning to measure less than what it was before last treatment. Two weeks after the latest treatement (today), I still have nodules but they are diminishing, pain is diminishing (very mild and tolerable). The FIG office lobby (Scottsdale) has a photo album with before and after shots - you can tell they were taken right there as they have the same FIG-supplied garments I wore for the beginning shots and they're definately not professionaly done. I didn't take any before photos of my lower abs - but did view my before photo on the computer during an office visit - marked improvement. The attached photos were taken today - after 5 treatments. I'm still shrinking - and what used to be a noticable protruding area under my belly button, now lines up with the upper abs. Bottom line: this is a procedure that is not FDA approved, it is strictly elective, and not for everyone. If you are the type of person that requires guaranteed results, probably a tummy tuck or lipo suction would be a better investment for you. I prepaid $6000 for three areas (lower abs, inner thighs, and bra line). I'm in no hurry and am happy to do one area at a time. I figured if there were problems with the first area, it would be easier to get a refund on the untouched areas. My friend paid about the same for her lipo - which removed about the same amount of fat. Good luck on your decision - I hope this objective feedback is helpful.
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