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The comments on here where over 60% claim to not...

The comments on here where over 60% claim to not be satified with their treatments. This sound really odd to me and I wonder whether these are genuine feedback? Just can't be. I live in OC and people are keen to do cosmetic treatments here. Many I know have done Lipodissolve treatments, and all of them were happy with their treatments except one person who did not complete all her sessions. I mean, I really prefer injections to having surgery! I had liposuction a few years ago and was really unhappy from it. My stomach and legs looked awful from liposuction, completely uneven and unnatural. The recovery was gruesome and my body would swell whenever I would go to the gym, or with weather changes. And this was surgery with a top surgeon... I've met so many people who are disappointed with their surgeries that its a surprise there is so much hype about it. I've done a couple of Lipodissolve sessions, and had to do 2 to 4 treatments each. I paid no more than between $300-500 per treatment. I had no pain from the needles at all although I'm uncomfortable with needles. In most cases I had a dull burning sensation after treatment that lasted about one hour. Swelling was quite massive in the face and the stomach for a few days, but I did not have massive swelling in other treated areas. I only had pain once when I took treatment for my bellyfat. On the second session I really had some pain with the belly treatment and had to take painkills. But for some reason I had only soreness after the other sessions. The doctor told me it could be related to my periods and that I should not take treatments right before periods. He said women with hormone problems can have more pain as well. I had great results on the face treating the chin. I had excellent to good results on other areas treated. What really thrilled me with Lipodissolve is that my ugly thighs and stomach from past liposuction now look normal! A friend of mine that had bad cellulite, got rid of it all with Lipodissolve. She's basically addicted to the treatment and really has had great results. As far as pain goes, it is not even a fraction as painful as Fraxel laser. Or Restylane for lips; now THAT's painful! You feel more sore from Lipodissolve than in actual pain. But I've been told some clinics do their own version of the treatment. Maybe that's why patients had a different experience than me. I don't know, but I think its a great treatment and compared to some other cosmetic treatment me and friends have got over the years, this in my view, is one of the better ones.
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