Not Worth the Pain or the Money

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BACKGROUND:  You can read about my background...

BACKGROUND:  You can read about my background under the SmartLipo review.

CONSULTATION:  In January 2008 I began considering LipoDissolve as a means to get rid of the tummy pooch that was developing.  I also had small banana rolls under my rear.  I researched this "amazing" new procedure and liked what I read.  It was cheaper, less painful, and supposedly safer than Liposuction.  I contacted a provider in Dallas, but they said I wasn't a candidate (without me even sending photos!).  I contacted the provider in Austin, they were more than happy to help.  I flew down for the first available appointment.

PROCEDURE:  I arrived at the Dermatology center and filled out some paperwork.  I was brought back to strip down to my underwear and sign a waiver.  The nurse asked which area(s) I planned to do, I said I was hoping for some direction regarding that.  She looked at me and decided abs was the proper first step.  I signed the waiver and layed on the table and waited.  To my surprise, there wasn't a cosmetic surgeon that did the procedure, it was the same nurse that I just saw!  She spread lidocaine on my stomach and said she'd be back in 10-15 minutes to begin.  When she came back with a handful of syringes, I asked if SHE had this done before.  She said she had, on the back of her legs.  She said she got great results, but you don't notice them until the 3rd or 4th treatment (in my case, $1200 was for 4 treatments).  She began injecting the solution into my abs, and I really don't think the lidocaine did much good other than to make me cold.  I felt every dadgum injection.  She injected a total of 40ccs of this stuff all in my upper and lower abs.  The injections were approx. 1cc each, so I got jabbed approx. 40 times.  OUCH!!!!!!  She said I would experience stinging and swelling (it had already begun!) and I would look "three months pregnant" for a few days.  I got off the table and got dressed.  She handed me a bottle of water and sent me to the front desk to schedule my next visit.

I managed to drive to my favorite Austin restaurant and eat lunch.  I was in agony, I must say.  I went back to the rental car in the parking lot, started it...and passed out.  When I came to my chest hurt, my ears were ringing, and I was pouring sweat.  Then I puked.  I called the provider and explained what happened.  I made my way to the airport, got on my flight, and made it home.   I was in a lot of pain for two days straight, and yeah I swelled up pretty good.  My husband (who is a surgeon) looked me over when I got home and laughed - he said I looked like I'd been shot by a riot gun.  I looked in the mirror, and I had about a dozen quarter-sized bruises on my abdomen.  Ugh!!  By the second week the swelling was almost gone but no change in appearance.

FOLLOW-UP:  One month after the first set of injections I came back for my second set.  This time they prescribed Darvocet for me to take half an hour before the injections.  It seemed to help, the pain was much more bearable and there was no passing out or puking (YAY!).  Still, I swelled up like before.  I also had the bruising like before.  Right about that time a 20/20 program came out about LipoDissolve.

DECISION TO STOP:  After watching the program, and after getting concerned text messages from my friends who knew I was doing this procedure, and after hearing for the umpteenth time from my husband that this was not a good idea, I decided to stop.  I had to delay my third set anyway because we were out of town that week, so it all coincided nicely.  Instead I had SmartLipo done just a couple of weeks ago - please read that review and consider THAT alternative!

OTHER NOTES:  If you choose to go through with LipoDissolve, I suggest you have your provider write a prescription for a painkiller to take the day of and the next day or two after each procedure.  You also need a compression garment - it helps.  Thanks for reading this not-so-favorable review that details MY personal experience with this procedure.

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