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First, I have to say, I was terrified after having...

First, I have to say, I was terrified after having seen the 20/20 special this week. I am having my flanks and lower abdomen done. I just had my first treatment on my flanks done last week (4 days ago). The office visit was not painful (felt like a rubber band snapping), but it was quite embarrassing to stand/sit there half naked and have my fat pinched and prodded. There was a tiny bit of bleeding at the injection sites, but not much soreness, just a little stinging. I put 2 ace bandages on very tightly around my hips and the spanx briefs. I actually went right back to work, and was not uncomfortable, but could feel the swelling start. I put the polysporin and arnica gel on 3 times per day and kept both the ace bandages and spanx on 24 hours a day. My clothes were never tight, and the swelling was the worst on the 2nd day, my hips did look a little grotesque, with slight bruising in 2 half dollar-sized spots on both sides. Other than that, no bruising. Just took the ace bandage & spanx off this morning (5th day)and looking pretty normal. Still a tiny bit tender. Working out for the first time since treatment today, so we'll see how that goes. I'm scheduled for a belly treatment on Wednesday, but honestly, am kind of scared since the 20/20 program, even though I seem to have had good results from the flank treatment. Both treatments (6 sessions each) were a total of 3400. I will definitely continue the flank treatment, my next session for that is April 16. My suggestion is to use the arnica, keep the dressings clean & use the polysporin, and wrap ace bandages around the site as tight as possible, and wear the spanx 24 hours a day for at least 4 days. This really helps with the swelling & bruising. In fact, my boyfriend didn't even notice I had anything done (I'm afraid he would kill me if he knew I did this). He spent the night last night and I took the ace bandages off for a bit then after he went to sleep put them back on and put on a pair of yoga pants over them :) Of course, the lights were off :) But we went out to eat the same night I had the treatment and he didn't notice anything with my clothes on. Above all, GO TO A REPUTABLE PLACE THAT HAS DOCTORS AND/OR REGISTERED NURSES ON STAFF.

Updated on May 3, 2008
This is a follow up to my last post..I decided to hold off on the lower ab treatment until after my flank treatments are complete. The center I have the treatment was fine with that and even offered my money back..so I feel much better after watching the very biased 20/20 segment. I had to travel for work, so the 1st available time I was able to get back in for my 2nd treatment was this week, on Tuesday. It is Saturday, and I am still a little swollen and bruised. Followed pre- and post-treatment to the letter, wore my ace bandages & spanx, and drank tons of water. Even though the injections were increased, and yes, I was more swollen this time, the recovery was about the same. I'm not seeing much difference (well, my clothes do seem like they are fitting better, but that might be all in my head), but was told I wouldn't until the end of the treatments. So far so good!!
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