Going Blind, Globs of Hair Falling Out, and Pain and Swelling So Great After 3rd Treatment, I Prayed to Die!

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Only tonight, after reading all of these reviews...

Only tonight, after reading all of these reviews am I able to put two and two together. I went into the office to see what the constant commercials were talking about. I was given a very nice person who claimed to have had the procedure four times and was still getting them. Now that I think about it, there were no lumps or bruises. Hum! Everything they "said" was great. They said they got it for free because they worked there and they looked great. (I went home and explained everything to my husband. He begged me to do my research. I said what I'd been told, "It's only what you already have in your system, how can it hurt you?") I was told over and over again that I was an excellent candidate. Everything was guaranteed.

They said I might qualify for credit and I told them to see if I would. They ran my credit without me filling out any paperwork and told me I qualified for $2,500. This is after they talked me into the $6,500, 3 area procedure. They said they'd do the upper abs to perfection for $2,400. I was disappointed and told her never mind because doing it individually would lose the $700 discount. The person told me they'd already applied for the procedure and had the money. I told her I had to think about it and she said I had to contact her by Monday (a few days later). I left.

I felt trapped so I went in again to discuss it. Several persons came to me to convince me. They weren't making any moves to refund me or discuss the loan. Finally, they took me in a room and told me to put on some stretch stuff, I did and then took it off, and changed my mind. They sent more people to convince me. Finally, I allowed them to shoot me up. They gave me 10 cc's. I still had not signed any paperwork for a loan. I didn't even know what the payment amount would be. Didn't know who the loan company was or anything. A few weeks later I received something from Care Credit and threw it away as junk mail. Then I received a welcome package and read it, realizing it was the credit company for FIG.

Two weeks later I received 30cc's. The second time the pain was bad immediately, but my girlfriend drove me. I had gained almost two pounds and they told me if I gained weight they couldn't guarantee the shots. The third time, my stomach swole up so large it looked like a lake from the blistering. It burned so bad I was in the bed for three days sleepless and praying to die. My girlfriends came to help me. For the record, I have a high tolerance for pain. Tylenol was a joke.

A few days later,I went to comb my hair and every stroke brought piles of hair. I saved it because I was in shock. I started crying and showed my husband. My hair is dropping in my face while I am driving, sitting in a chair watching tv, and taking a shower. When I touch my hair, it comes out in my hand. I've braided it because I am scared to touch it (I read that about others tonight). I woke up and couldn't see. My vision was very blurred. I ran to my eye specialist the next day. I have the earliest stages of glaucoma, which I put on my paper up front. He said that my eye was swollen and it had nothing to do with my glaucoma because it was excellent. He sent me to a neurologist (brain doctor) because he said it was something more significant and he couldn't explain it. The neurologist sent me to get a cat scan of my head. He said they didn't see anything.

He sent me to a cancer doctor because there was a lump on my neck. I have had an emergency cat scan on my neck and the left side of my chest which was also swollen last week (remember lipo on upper abs). The doctor said the second scans didn't show anything but was asymetric. Tomorrow, I go for an MRI to see things from a "different perspective."

At no point did I tie any of this into FIG. I ignorantly stuck to "It's the same thing that is already in your body, how can it hurt you." My husband urged me again to research it tonight. That's how I pulled up this website. As I started reading about people with their hair falling out, eyes swelling, and sweats. I realized what was going on with me. I have thousands of dollars in doctor and hospital bills now. I never told one doctor about FIG because it didn't occur to me.

I have had bad ear aches, migrains, I sweat like a maniac all day (unlike me) and the bed is soaked all night. I have passed out, I have moments of dizziness. I am bruised and have terrible skin discolorations from every shot. I am afraid to go to sleep because I have awaken on numerous times temporarily blind or to black background with flourescent light designs usually in my left eye. My left eye always feels strained. I am not sure if I should drive because I don't know when I am going to lose vision. It happened at a restauraunt one night. I guess there's constant swelling.

It's been three weeks and I called today and told them I couldn't stand the pain. The skin over my upper abs is so tender clothes hurt as does a light touch. Now that I am enlightened, I will tell them tomorrow I want my money back. After reading the web, I anticipate it will be almost impossible. I will pursue this with an attorney because I am not sure if I am going to go blind permanently. I will enter into a class action lawsuit with Special Agent Webster (gotten from another review), notify GA Composite Board of Medical Examiners, The Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, and the FDA.

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