Lipodissolve Class Action Lawsuit

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I just stumbled upon this site.I started LD in...

I just stumbled upon this site.I started LD in February 2007 and became a "Swan." I did this to fine tune some liposuction I had performed the year before.They doubled up on the strength of the injections so as to speed up the results.The experience ranged from very uncomfortable to painful. So much for "no down time". Fortunately, I home office. Otherwise, I don't know how I would have gone back to work. The results were negligible and I now have knots in my upper legs.My last visit was in July 2007. I am what I consider to be a rather healthy person. I supplement intelligently, the quality of the food I eat is above average, I exercise semi frequently. Of course, if I was completely thrilled with my body, I would not have gone to Lipodissolve. I am 20 lbs heavier than I would like. The reason I am here is because about a year ago, I began experiencing chronic ringing in my ears,my hearing also doesn't seem to be as good and a few months ago I started experiencing strange sensations and tingling in my arms.I prefer natural types of remedies, so I have been seeing an acupunturist hoping to address these things. It just occurred to me tonight that the timeline with my ears is around the beginning of my starting LD. My point is that these may have absolutely,positively nothing to do with LD. Or it might. I have no way of knowing. Like many others,I financed my treatments through Care Credit. I have filled out the forms of dispute and am waiting to hear back from them. I've paid around 6K thus far. I doubt that I have a chance of receiving a refund from LD without banding together with others,much less addressing the lumps in my thighs, but then I don't know if a settlement of some sort is even possible from a corporation that has filed bankruptcy. I leave that to the attorneys. I am not sure whom I should contact, as many people here have expressed an interest in class action. Is there a point person at this time?
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