Worst Thing I Ever Did to my Body

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I began receiving treatments in Overland Park,...

I began receiving treatments in Overland Park, Kansas at FIG in September 2006 in my upper and lower stomach and my arms. I was working with a personal trainer and dieting at the time, so looking back, I realize now that I was seeing inch loss from the exercise and diet, not the injections. In October, one day out of the blue, I broke out into hives. I visited my doctor who asked if I had taken any new medications, but I did not mention Lipodissolve. After reading the blogs, I realized now that it was most likely an alergic reaction. After my 9th injections, my husband's job relocated us to New Jersey in January 2007. As you may know, Lipodissolve does not have facilities in New Jersey or anywhere on the East Coast. So unless I came back to the OP area for vacation, I could not finish treatment. I never did make it back to my follow-up to do my measurements and take pictures after the 9th injections. I noticed around March, that I started to gain weight like never before. I had rolls of fat where I never did before. My arms are bigger than my husband's arms now. I have not made drastic changes to my diet, so I am wondering "what is going on?" My husband said my stomach and arms to date are worse than before I started the Lipodissolve. I never made a connection between the weight gain or the hives until I recently visited Kansas City in August. It was coincidental that a friend mentioned to me that there was a news story on Fox about a possible class action suit against Lipodissolve. I was in total denial. But a lot of what had been on my mind about the current state of my body surfaced. So the day before I flew back to New Jersey, I called what is now "Fig" and told my story. I was asked if I wanted a refund off the bat. Strange! I asked if they were receiving a lot of refund requests, she immediately answered, no. She said that before I could even be considered, I would have to come in for a follow-up so that they could assess whether I would be eligible for a refund. I told her I was flying out the next morning. She said she could not get me in before my flight. She told me to call and talk to someone in accounting the next morning and she would explain that I moved and that my circumstances prevented me from finishing treatment. Never did she mention the weight gain or my hive incident. I made the call and during the last week in August, I was submitted for a refund. I was told it would take 90 days. So here I am today, 20 pounds more than I was last year when I started, and after reading many blogs on refund requests, I am wondering how much luck I am going to have with Tonya at the corporate office concerning my refund. I want to let people know that there is a contact with the Kansas Attorney General to file a class action suit. The contact is Special Agent Webster at 785-368-8439 if you had treatment done in Kansas. I am starting an exercise program today and hopefully I will be back to normal again in a few months. Thanks, Erica Ware
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