Full Sleeve Tattoo Removal - Austria

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I am removing many tattoos on my left arm. i keep...

I am removing many tattoos on my left arm. i keep just some of my cryptic tattoos and the rest will be removed completely. I habe noticed that the skin looks brownish where the background was removed and i am wondering if my skin will be like before the tattoo or if a shadow will stay. i have an appointment every month so that they can always treat another area of my arm.. the light blue colors were gone after one session.. the background was also gone in one session

the first fotos will be bofore i had any laser treatment, the fotos after will be like this:

U.F.O : 2 times
statue of liberty : 2 times
waves : each side one time
lettering : one time
background beside U.F.O. : one time

i will keep the diamond


Here are some before after pictures..

after one session except U.F.O., writing and statue of liberty

Some weeks after 2nd picosure on statue odf liberty

The statue has even faded more and i cant wait for my next treatment.. im hoping that the statue is gone in some months!

The brown shadows will dissolve over time as this portrays burning or scarring and have not much ink left inside the tissue

Going for a combined treatment

2 days ago i had my first alternative tattoo removal method: they take a permanent make up machine and tattoo lactic acid 1mn in depth to the skin. it doesnt hurt anymore. tomorrow i will have another picosure treatment. i will treat deep black lines snd parts, which can hardly be removed with laser, with the other method. i will probably need around 15 treatments and will go there every 2 weeks

Tx 3 on statue tx 2 on waves

Its fading and healing quickly..

i also continued the alternative tx..

some scabs have fallen off, and on some spots the tattoo seems lighter, whereas on some spots the tattoo has been removed. no scarring. Definately will continue both methods!


2 weeks after 2nd tx on waves and 3rd tx on statue

Summer is here

Summer arrived, but i will not stop the treatment ???? i have had more "spot" removals and also had probably in total my fifth laser removal. thinks are healing and my next treatment is in july. i will have a laser removal like every 5 weeks and like every three weeks a "spot" removal. quite expenisive everything together. i have been quotet 10 laser treatments, so im halfway there and seeing the progress, it is true. still habe to pay 3250 euro for the laser and about 1800 euro for the "spot" removal. so like 9 more from the "spot" removal and 5 more laser removals. ???? quite a lot but i want this tattoo to be gone by nov/dec now that i can see my tattoo disappearing i feel better.. the beginning of it was hard. the reason on why my tattoo will be gone so fast is that i consequently without a break went and will go to my aĆ¼pointments. at the beginning i seperated my tattoo in 2 parts which meant, that i went to remove it two times in a month. after some time i realized, that there parts, which will nearly impossible to remove with the laser, i went to an alternative method. the tattoo lactic acid into my tattoo, which brings it to the surface. there are some awful pictures on the internet, but on my skin it is working. enjoy your removal!

10 Treatments done

hello there, i have 10 treatments done.

i have decided to cocer the star, wolf and coffin eith a black and white tattoo and remove the rest completely.
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