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I am officially 16 days ou and coming up on my...

I am officially 16 days ou and coming up on my pre-op appointment in two days. I hesitated creating a profile but I am looking for support and advice from women who have had it. Very nervous since I'm afraid of needles and have never had surgery before. But ready to feel smaller for so many reasons!

Guess a good way would be to add why I'm here....

Guess a good way would be to add why I'm here. Same as most of you, I'm 5'3", 175 lbs and have a size 36H. Feels like my breast size has been holding me back from enjoying life. There's always that feeling that I am so BIG even though I have a petite frame because of my large chest. My PS said he will be taking me down to a size D/C and I don't even know mentally how I will react when this happens. I'm just so ready to live an active, healthy and proportionate lifestyle. I'm getting married next year and have put off wedding dress shopping for this reason. Dresses never look right and the thought of having a strapless dress was off the table until I found out I was getting the surgery. Let's just say this has been a long time coming and I am sooo ready to have this done. I've been told "NO" many times and it was discouraging and frustrating thinking I would be stuck with what I have. Constant back pain and severe indentations in my shoulders. Clothes never fit. In college and high school I was tormented for what I had. I have to shop at a specialty bra shop with bras costing around $50-$70 EACH. Migraines so painful to the point of throwing up.

I know I'm kind of all over the place, it's hard to update a whole life of pain, discomfort, frustration and tears in one post but I know I'm not the only one and everyone can relate. So this is my third time trying for this operation. I was casually talking to a girl at work about it and she said her daughter had it done. She gave me the doctor's name, I scheduled an appointment and by the end I had applied for Care Credit that night and was approved. I did not go through insurance because I do not have it. This is something that I'm OK with paying for, this is something that will drastically change my quality of life for the better! I'll add more before pics, I'm sure you will see what I'm talking about!

Also, had my two week pre-op meeting yesterday. I put down my payment, asked him all the questions I could possibly think of. He just kept telling me everything was going to be fine and it was a simple surgery. He also wants me up and walking a mile with 2 pound weights the next day! I'm not having drains and the stitches will be dissovable. Have purchased a post-surgical bra, plenty of pre and post-op vitamins and a boob pillow from

Tried to lose some weight before the surgery but I always do good for a couple weeks and than go right back to where I was, stuck in the 170's. Can anyone tell me if its easier to lose weight after the surgery with being able to move around a lot better? Part of it I thin is the time I work out is in the PM and I'm just so tired by the time I want to lay down because of my back.

A week and five days out…count down is on!...

A week and five days out…count down is on! Honestly I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m quietly FREAKING OUT inside. I know this is something I want yet the stitches and needles are the most terrifying things to me. Never had a surgery and I can’t even give blood because I am so scared of needles. Can anyone give me any advice? I’m picturing the surgery day and I feel panic inside imagining being in the room when I get the IV. I just don’t think I can do it sometimes but chickening out is not an option. As I write this I’m in extreme back pain because it’s 9:00PM as this happens all day. I’m excited yet terrified. Please tell me this is not out of the norm and if you have any feedback if you felt the same way, I need to hear it!!! Posted some before pictures for after wards. I doubt I’ll be taking pictures of the after immediately because I’m not sure I’ll be able to look at the stitches or not. At my pre-op the PS just assured me it wasn’t that big of a surgery and I’ll be fine but that really didn’t quiet my fears.

8 days away, kind of hoping it will start setting...

8 days away, kind of hoping it will start setting in soon. I got my prescriptions filled and have started to make a list of groceries to get this weekend for it. Any suggestions? I have water bottles, straws, ginger ale, soup and crackers so far. PS said "flu" foods. Still nervous about the IV. However, a close friend of mine's boyfriend just had to have emergency surgery today. He had no choice in the matter and he made it, kind of helps put it in perspective. I need to grow up and just face it.

Still looking forward to the "after", have no idea how to prepare mentally for it though. Did anyone out there try or just take the mental changes as they came? Like how does a shirt fit and dresses fit without huge boobs? Advice welcomed, thanks guys!

Five days out. Still working nonstop until the day...

Five days out. Still working nonstop until the day of the surgery. So, it hasn't sunken in yet. I know it's close and it's my last weekend with the big girls. I don't think it'll hit me until Tuesday night. Mom is coming to meet me after work that day to help get groceries and other things we'll need for recovery.

My bra straps are digging in pretty bad today and the back is feeling it after a long week. I really hope the reduction helps. Trying to keep the positives ahead of me. Just nervous about it all still since I don't know what my body is going to feel like. Normal I guess, nothing anyone says helps take the edge off! I have my mind made up though and there's no backing out. Just want it to be done and behind me.

So I kind of just made a mistake, I got a really...

So I kind of just made a mistake, I got a really bad tension headache and alas no Tylenol. So I went to my local convienance store, sold out, walked to CVS, closed. So by the time I got home I'm on the verge of throwing up and I saw that ibuprofen doesn't contain aspirin so I thought it was ok. Checked my list of medications and turns out its on the "do not take list." What should I do? I only took two tiny capsules and surgery is Wednesday.

So checked with the doctor's and even with the...

So checked with the doctor's and even with the ibprofuen I am going to be ok. I had such a horrible tension headache by the end of the night and was deseparate. Still living with the headache today too, absolutely more of a reminder of why I am getting this. It feels like someone is behind me just pulling on my straps 24/7. Still nervous as heck, can't believe it is literally here. Today and tomorrow I am working, coming off of 9 days straight work week so I'm very much looking forward to having off even though I'll be recovering from surgery. When I get off work I'm going to clean the apartment and cook some food. We don't have a microwave so I really can't pre-make too many things. Doing laundry, vacumming and dusting. Tomorrow my Mom is coming to meet me after work and we are going to run some errands. I still need to get a front closure sports bra. I have one that I have had but it's not cotton and I don't think it's comfortable. Can't believe that the bras I have are not going to fit any longer and good riddance! The pain is unbearable now that I'm so aware of it, looking forward to coming out on the other side and being healed. I guess my next post will be after it's done. Not too much more to update. Still freaking out and stressed about it though!! That's a feeling that hasn't seemed to go away. However, I've just accepted it as normal pre-surgery feelings and there's really nothing I can do but just go through this.

Surprisingly calm tonight, or just too tired to...

Surprisingly calm tonight, or just too tired to care anymore. Work
was nice today, the gang suprised me with a cake at 4:30. They let me go all day thinking nothing was going to happen, they get my humor :) it's really tomorrow but I will be unconscious for most of it! My mom is down and we are hanging out right now. My surgery also got moved earlier so it'll be at 7:30 am. Happy to have it done in the morning and be over. We will see. Ladies, I will see you on the other side!! The day has finally arrived :) Wish me luck

On the other side, will update in more depth, but...

On the other side, will update in more depth, but I'm doing well :)

Loving the work :)

Hey guys, as promised this is my more in depth recap of Wednesday. Right now I am doing pretty good, been walking everyday. First day after I had to take a shower (more like me crying and my fiancé bring to wash me) and could only walk to the end of the street. Now, I walked four miles today and can shower and replace my gauze by myself. I have moderate bruising, my left is yellow bruise which means it is healing. Also, officially off pain meds and alternating between Tylenol and Advil when I need it. Thank goodness too because they were messing with me and making me act very tired all the time.

So Tuesday I got a phone call that my surgery was rescheduled for the morning. Went to bed feeling calm, woke up at 5:30 freaking out and practically crying the entire car ride to the surgery center. Got my wristband and went back to a tiny alcove with an IV and chair. I could only bring one person and I picked my mom, she definitely is my angel. I had to undress and the IV lady came in. If you’ve been following me you know this was the scariest part. And yes, I cried, and the lady had to tell me to grow up haha. Sucked it up and got the IV in, PS came in to mark me up and I just about fainted. My nerves were so shot! I was going black and had to sit down. When the IV lady came back in (I can’t spell it) she said I had lost all my color and I got my first shot of some good stuff. After that I was feeling AWESOME and they were wheeling me back into the OR. Last thing I remember was putting on an oxygen mask and then next moment I’m waking up with one of the nurses, my mom and fiancé.

So I have been resting and healing. I’m taking vitamins and trying to get a daily walk in. Icing helped a little and I’m doing pretty good. Mom left this morning so I’m on my own.

Ladies, the results are amazing. I have no back pain and I’m only wearing a cotton sports bra. The tightness in clothing is GONE. The shoulder and back pressure is GONE. I tried on literally every piece of clothing I could try on yesterday. Can’t wait to go wedding shopping now. I look now like how I thought have been looking like my adult life. Mom said I’m back to my 8th grade size! The tummy needs tightening now that I can see it!! It’s sooooooo worth it gals :)

Ps - I’m not posting any after pics until my tape is off and my scars are healing, I’m not good with this kind of stuff and have yet to look at it. I saw some dried blood and I was done. I have two stitches and tape that will come off Thursday.

Some afters

Not scared to look anymore

Left side is about twice the size f the right! Hope that goes down, right? Walked two miles today!

Still Healing!

Every day does get a little better, today I went six hours without any pain meds. Been on the road for the past two days and am finally home. Got to go shopping today and enjoyed the top half results but not so much the tummy results :-/ !!! Tomorrow I will be taking it easy because I will be back to work Thursday. I will confess I've been able to move around a lot better and have been able to walk everyday. I think my PS wants me to push myself, Sunday I did about 4.5 miles and felt fine. I'll see him Thursday too when he takes out my two stitches and tape off. I've also been taking post op vitamins and still drinking a bunch of water which seem to be doing a great job. Can't wait to buy a real bra, No clue what size I am though right now and probably won't find out until July. Also, when should I know?? I've got to go wedding dress shopping sometime this summer :)

One Week Post Op

Tomorrow is my appointment to have my two stitches and the tape will come off! Do you think they'll put new tape on? I feel like it'll be a little more comfortable with the tape off but now sure how it'll feel. Feeling swollen and hard still today. Trying to be patient :)

Two weeks post-op

Out two weeks, progress pic included. One side is quite larger than the other and Im really hoping that it goes down. Advice on that? I see under one nipple it looks like a scab. All I can do is hope they turn out normal in a month or two.

Set backs

Having a lot of trouble today. I work two jobs and had to go back after a week and half before I would start losing financially. Today when I woke up I was so exhausted, just my entire body is wiped out. Is this normal for anyone? I thought I was doing very good but today put me back a notch. Still feeling swollen and my boobs are so hard still. Hoping tomorrow I will be better, I can't believe the lack of energy.

Three Weeks Post Op

Posted new pic, I did out on some spot bandaides in some sections that were starting to scab. I would replace my gauze and the scab would come off so I had to put something on it so it can just heal already! Amazed at the vertical incision below my nipple at how well its healed up on both sides. Trying to take it easy but it's not working at all. I have a desk job but I'm all over the place. Looking forward to the weekend so I can just relax :)

Seeing that "Boxy" Shape

Always wondered what that "boxy" shape that everyone was talking about...think I understand. They are quite square shaped to me but I know there is still swelling. Also, scabs around my nipple, they just fall off naturally right? I feel like they are very wide still, which I know when I get a good bra fitted it'll change my whole shape. When do you guys think it's ok to start exercising? I have Hip Hop Abs DVD sets I want to start!

1 Month

Hit 30 days... Still swelling or I officially have two boobs that are different sizes
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