For my 40 Th Birthday Present Iam getting Implants and a Lift - Linwood, NJ

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This is it . I have been wanting this for 10 years...

This is it . I have been wanting this for 10 years but now that it is finally about to happened I'm scared shitless! All of my doubts are creeping in..... Natural breasts seem like they are making a coming back...what if I look like the bride of Frankenstein.... What if my mom gets upset!! Really these are my thoughts. I'm about to turn 40 and I'm thinking about what my mom is going to say. But with all the fears and worries Iam definetly going through with it ..... No turning back now.
Some background on me. Iam 39 approaching my 40 th. I'm 5'3 and I fluxuate between 135-140. I have an althletic build. My bra size is 36 B. I have two children 15 and an 11 year old. My first ripped me to shreds. I gained 67 pounds and lost almost all of it right away after birth . I Brest fed for 4 months. Than I had my second child I gained 56 lbs and it took 5 years to get the weight off . I also Brest fed for 4 months. Leaving my right boob less deflated than the left . After the kids I felt like I was constantly adjusting and moving my breast around to make them look even . When I bend over they look like crumpled paper lunch bags . I don't like it. However they still don't look that bad. I'm just worried that I have natural boobs that aren't horrible but aren't great either. Are they going to look too big with giant scars. And am I going to regret it. I hope not ! I love my doctor and of course he is very positive. I Am going with the Sentra " gummy bears" 355 cc mid profile and round textured with a breast lift. My surgery is set for Feb 10th Iam wondering what I should be doing now to prepare.Am I nervous? Heck yeah. Am I excited? 100 percent.

Things change sometimes

Well I cancelled my scheduled surgery. I am still going to do it but with a different surgeon. I found out at the last minuet that he is not board certified! How could I have been so dense and forgot to ask the first question you should always ask. I had a bad feeling to begin with. Something just didn't sit right with me. Very nice man but....So I cancelled . I now have an appointment with a doctor that came highly recommended from this site. I will keep u posted.


Update: I went with my gut and cancelled my surgery one week before it was scheduled. I met with another surgeon Dr. Adrian Lo and now I know I met my perfect match. Thanks to this website I read reviews look at his before and afters and read his bio. We decided that I am going to do between 355-375 mentor round high profiles. My new surgery date is April 14th. Don't get me wrong I'm still so nervous but also so excited. He said im going to look so natural and that's what Iam most concerned about so that is a big relief. He will decide when He puts sizers in if I need a lift or not. So at least there is a chance for not having a lift and that was another big concern.

A little more than a month to go

im getting super excited. I feel like I have read every review on here and looked at every single before after during picture there is. I'm ready . I have a good idea as what to expect although I know everyone is different . I have my prescriptions already filled my blood work done . The only thing I don't have are the sports bras . I don't know what size to buy. Going to Disney world first with husband and kids and than surgery time.

My wish boobs

All my wish boobs

April 14th

April 14th ! With Doctor Lo implant size between 375-450 cc . Unders with lollipop lift. He will decide size during surgery. This is crazy I keep thinking now is not the right time . But that is too bad because I'm all paid up and I'm pushing myself to do it. I'm nervous excited doubtful hopeful all the emotions everyone else in here has felt or is feeling.

Today is the day!

Oh I'm sooooo nervous waiting pre op. Wish me luck !

6hours post op

Incision pain and can barely breath but all in all not too bad keeping on schedule time with pain meds and I will be ok. Pictures tomorrow

Day 1

After surgery took off bandage and put on bra given to me by doc. Still on pain mess . Incisions bleeding a bit . Put some ice pack to help swelling and boy oh boy they are swollen here are some pics

Day 4

Feeling super stiff haven't taken any pain meds yet trying not to. My right side hurts more than left feel like I'm tearing at my incisions or something . My back my neck killing me from not being able to move but mentally I feel good. I was so worried about getting the boobie Blues . I definitely don't feel like doing anything though. I don't know how people go back to work the first week. My post op appt is on Monday I hope everything is healing how it is supposed to.

Day 4 part 2

Took some pics if my incisions. I don't know they don't look so great. I had to take a Percocet tonight pain was starting to make my blood pressure rise. But I hope these cuts heal nicely and there is some wrinkling that is kinda creaking me out.

Thank you !

I have to say there are a few ladies on here that truly helped me get over the hump. This was tough. I was on an emotional and physical roller coaster! They kept reminding me it will get better
and it is getting better. They kept up with our conversations and I just wanted to give a big shout out to them! 39momof4, hammik, juliaeve, orange3421,julmor71 and so many more that just sent postive vibes my way. thank you! Today I'm going for my first post op with doc. Hopefully I'm healing well. I will post pic if I get tape off. :)

One week

Well it's been one week since my surgery. Tape is still on and so far I'm happy with the shape and the size and the overall look. Almost pain free except I have a big blister that hurts. I'm supposed to start massaging but the blister is in the way and I'm supposed to let it breath but I have to wear support bra the whole time . Anyone have suggestions on what to do with this blister situation ? Thanks


Blister pics

10 days

10 days post op. Everyday it gets a little better thank god! I'm comparing this to childbirth (except easier) in the sense that no one can explain enough or tell u enough of what to expect you just have to go through it yourself to understand . The engorgement feeling, the Blues, the cuts, the mind wanting to do more than the body will allow . However having kids is wayyyy more amazing and 10,000 times harder! Lol. I was prescribed a strong antibiotic for blister and it is finally starting to dry up and heal. I love modern technology I sent nurse a pic and she called in a script right away all from the comfort of my own couch . Mentally feeling better , I got my period yesterday so emotionally I'm way better. Damn period! Here are some pics I seriously can't tell if I dropped if one is bigger than the other . Let me know what u think....

10 day pic


Bikini top

Tried on a bikini top today it was an xl and too small! It looks like it might fit but it doesn't . I know too soon

Ugh feeling like they are uneven and droopyish

Uh oh feeling a little negative. I feel like they are uneven and my right looks a little droopy . I hope they are not going to be just bigger droopy boobs

16 days post op

Here I go again feeling crazy and over analyzing everything lol. I have good days and bad days . One day I think they are healing nicely and looking just fine and the next I think they are uneven and droopy and areoloas are too big and different . I feel everything too. Every drop, every stretch, pull, ache, zing, zang! My updated pic . Still feel like they are uneven and different size and shape. I also developed Mondors disease. Only 2% of breast lift and Aug patients develope this so of course I did! It's is a clotting of veins below breast fold and into abdomen. However it is not serious just painful and only time will heal.

20 days post op

I can't tell anymore what they look like . Lol My incisions are starting to feel better though. The left has definitely dropped and right looks like snoopy still but it has to get better it must!

3 weeks before after

Before and an after

Turning a corner almost 4 weeks

Starting to feel more like myself. I'm amazed at how they change everyday. The swelling has gone down and intel like I could have handled a bigger implant because I still have loose skin around my cleavage but what are you gonna do? It's really hard to tell what size is going to be just right . I sprained my other ankle for Mother's Day so that has me bummed out even more. Now I can't even work out my lower body. I feel like a big slug . Oh well this too shall pass. I have to keep saying that.

More pics

These wouldn't upload

Where did my big boobs go?

It's like my chest sucked in my implants. I liked them more when i first got them. I can't believe I wish I went bigger or maybe ultra high profile . I was the one who insisted I wanted them smaller. I'm almost 5 weeks out and my right side still seems bigger and like it hasn't dropped as much as left . I haven't seen my PS since my second week. I would like to have seen him once a week and than maybe one every two weeks. I do feel like after the surgery I was kind of on my own not much follow up instructions or what to expect . Thank goodness for this site. I still have the Mondors cord which I only know because of being on here . Anyway I do feel better physically and my boobs are way better than they were before. Here is a one month before and after

6 weeks!

6 weeks say what!! I can't believe it. It feels like forever ago that I was awaiting my surgery. I feel so much better. Im happy that I had these done. There are some things I'm unhappy about but for the most part it's all good.

9 weeks

9 weeks and I feel like ive had these things forever! Lol went to ps and I'm cleared for everything ... Regular bras ... Working out upper and lower. My scars aren't so great . Ps says it could take up to two years to fade . Ughhhhhhh I feel good tho. Upper body work outs still strain a bit but doing good and I still wish I went bigger!! Ha
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