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I've been pondering about going for BA for ages...

I've been pondering about going for BA for ages now... probably a good 4 years and I've decided its time!! Getting married in November and looking forward to looking great in my dress :)

Quite scared still after reading up but very excited about going!
Would very much appreciate any comment.

So here a bit if an update to my decision......

So here a bit if an update to my decision...
Being teased from young girl I've always been very conscious about my physical appearance and being an athlete made it even worse.
From my highschool crush telling me he will never date me because I dont have boobs, my cousin teasing me of not having boobs on our first night out on the town as 18year olds, and now most recently my boss actually saying I should "get a pair of fake boobs" always stuck to the back of my head...
Most ladies having the same problem would know it takes a huge knock on your self confidence and affect significant parts of your life, especially relationships..
So here I am, tonight, 100% confident in my decision, to feel better of my myself, present myself with confidence, better my relationships and generally just feel good about myself!!

After much consideration and good advise I changed my mind about my doctor.
I actually just received an email from Dr Middelhoven in Linmed who claims his patient details are private and none will be given out as reference and am therefore very happy with my decision.

Now my new appointment is in Monday the 15th so very excited!
Busy making a bit of a collection of what I want and doing some research on sizes, silicone vs saline, incision types, placement etc etc.. so any comment would be appreciated!!
I am currently about 50kgs, 1.67m tall and have a very tiny build.
Hoping to be loading some photos tonight!

Especially thanks to Bubbles1980 who is my "mother hen" and have helped with so much already!

I've been having some doubts about whether I...

I've been having some doubts about whether I should still go for my op... but after so much consideration, talking to lots of people and doing loads of reading, Im still seeing Dr Hoffmann on Monday and am getting tingly toes from excitement!
Printed some photos to take with this afternoon and made my list of "need-to-knows"... My fiance also made his own list of goodies he wants to know and even did his own reading to make sure he knows whats coming :)
Told the bosses on Friday I'm going to see a doctor, then will have to take some leave for operation possibly and when they wanted to know what's wrong, I just replied... "just having some girly goods fixed" - their facial expressions were priceless!
Now just waiting with butterflies!!
Looking forward to it!!

Dr Hoffmann is such a great dr and Im again so...

Dr Hoffmann is such a great dr and Im again so happy for changing my mind!
So I've paid for my procedure and all is booked and done! YaY!!
My op date is on the 25th of April and now I'm nervous and very excited!!
Looking at more & more bOObs to make sure Im happy with the size we've discussed!

2 days till my BA... And exactly 200 days till our...

2 days till my BA... And exactly 200 days till our wedding!!
Whoo-hoo! YaY!

On our way we go! Am very nervous today and...

On our way we go!
Am very nervous today and haven't craved a cup of coffee like I do today!
See you on the flip side ladies!

So I'm done! Went very well, dr decided to go...

So I'm done!
Went very well, dr decided to go with 325cc each side with underarm incision & under the muscle silicone implants.
Girls are doing very well, have minimal pain, its more uncomfortable than sore.
Lovey got my pain pill, antibiotics and some sleeping pills for the evening :)
Looking really great, have minimal sideboob, shape is gorgeous and full & have nice small spacing between so gonna have lekker cleavage!
Have quite a bit of bleeding on the right which is bit more swollen & sore then left, but not so bad I need to be concerned :)
Only not nice feeling is the stiffness - and that's why I hate gym *SMILE*
Am so so happy at the moment!
Let's hope the next few days go well, I'm due back for work on Monday *eek*
Will post some pics tomorrow, am extremely hungry and my babes spoilt us to some McDonalds!

OMG I'm hurting! Had pain last night like never...

OMG I'm hurting!
Had pain last night like never before.
My skin is burning from the strecthing so badly :(
Need to clean the drains & have more painpills ASAP!

Are there ladies out there who experienced like a...

Are there ladies out there who experienced like a bubbling feeling in their breasts after BA? Is that normal?
My drainage went down from 70ml yesterday to 65ml this morning.
My right breast is significantly swollen a lot more then left. When I finaly got up this morning I realised how many muscles you use in your upper body and boy where they stiff!!
Can't seem to decide I'm sore or uncomfortable...
Trying to alternate between sitting up and lying down cause it keeps feeling like there's simply just not enough space under my skin. Most comfortable is at a 90` angle.
Having Mybulin for pain pills which works wonders!
My fiance got called out to do a flight today :( so I'm with my mom who's helping with tea & sarmies!
Just want to get better soon and feel more comfortable and help myself with stuff, so frustrating not being able to reach backward to my beside table to get something!

Ok, 36 hours after op and Im feeling much better,...

Ok, 36 hours after op and Im feeling much better, can get in and out of bed on my own and did quite a few arm muscle exercises. Now am lekker stiff! Just had some meds again, time to chow! Bleeding went down from 65ml to 35ml and almost no bleeding on the left side anymore. Can feel the stiches starting to pull under my arm. Let's hope tonights sleep goes better then last night!
G'night ladies!
PS - oh check the pic.. Sorry but that's the best I can do on my own being stiff :)

Had a really rough day, hurt very badly this...

Had a really rough day, hurt very badly this morning, skin was on fire and nothing helped! After a spongebath tonight and lovey just gently applying bio-oil it got a bit better. Drains are coming out tmrw, had only 17ml's blood/serum. Stitches are pulling a lot more and keep poking when its most uncomfortable!
Now time to sleepy again, from here it can only go better!!

Morning ladies!! WoW feeling much better today,...

Morning ladies!!
WoW feeling much better today, day 3 is really the worst! Slept through last night without having to wake up to take painmeds :) feeling more stiff today, but the burning sensation is a lot less but still there.
Having the drains & plasters removed tonight, can't wait!! The itchiness is driving me insane!
Swelling has gone down nicely and breathing is a little easier, doesn't feel like someone sitting on my chest anymore.
From the top my breasts are looking nice and full and I'm happy I decided not to go bigger then 325cc! Even if they get a bit smaller still than they are now I will still be very happy!
Lovey is still helping with a few things, hopefully will be able to be fully mobile on my own in the next day or two.
Decided the office can wait and going to take Monday & Tuesday leave as well, Wednesday is luckily public holiday! YaY!
Hope all the ladies who had their ops same time as me are doing well!
Will add some more photos tonight after the drains are out & I had another lekker bath :)

Hi ladies! Sorry its been a while... have been...

Hi ladies!
Sorry its been a while... have been enjoying the few days off at home with hubby and just relaxing & getting better...

Things have been going well. I have almost no pain anymore, mostly just stiffness and then of course when the cold mornings in Jozi hit it hurts!
Had my drainpipes removed last week Sunday and OMG did it hurt! The left was ok and I was talking to dr and next thing its out.. but the right!! WoW wont lie, Im sure I thought he pulled my implant out with it hehe
After that a lot of the burning sensation in my left breast was significantly less. Now just for the stiches!

The best feeling in the world after BA, is that first proper shower!!
Sunday eve after the drains that hot water running through your hair and over your limbs is pure ecstacy!! Im not particularly fond of showering, but havent been that greatful for hot water since... well... ever!!

Im watching my breasts with eagle eyes and have noticed that my right breast has dropped very nicely and Im so happy with it, whereas the left is still a bit high and tight even though my surgeon did not recommend that I massage them - any comment on that?

A word of advise... when your about to see people you havent in a while, TELL THEM YOU WENT FOR A BOOBJOB! I initially didnt want to tell anyone cause I feel they dont need to know, so when I greeted friends and they hugged me... needless to say I starting crying after being squashed!

Breathing is much more comfortable, but just not quite sneezing just yet :)

As mentioned, my stitches still need to be removed from under my arms, so cant really lift my arms too high without being sore (stiff).

My only real concern is that my skin/muscle between underarm and elbow are quite sore and extremely sensitive - could me nerves have been damaged during the BA or is this normal - anyone else experienced it?

So today was my first day back at work and actually felt good... I gave myself enough time at home to recover properly and relax. I think this is very important so dont rush and overdo it!!

Happy healing to all you ladies!
Keep warm!!

2 months update

Hi ladies!
So sorry Ive been so quiet... there hasnt really been much to update on...
Ok so lets see....
My left breast is looking great and loving the perkiness.. my right breast is still slightly lower but feels and looks just as great!
My PS said i must start wearing a bra now so I can lift the right breat a little so the implant get "attached" and then it will sit as nicely as the left.
It actually really does make a difference and in the two weeks Ive been wearing a bra, it has already lifted a bit! Only have to see my PS again in 3 months and he is very happy with the results - needless to say SO AM I!!
My have almost no tenderness in my breasts anymore, I can very comfortably sleep on both my sides and last night I tried for the first time to sleep on my tummy (which btw is my absolute fav position to sleep) but could only manage about an hour before it got too uncomfortable!
I can feel the implants a bit still when I push and massage my breasts but I dont think its something to be worried about? I can feel various muscles and sometimes like a bubble feeling but it doesnt hurt at all.
Most sensitive still is my nipples... eek! Just the slightest touch makes them tingle and sometimes hurt a bit...
My left underarm is also much better, the tight feeling is also gone but now has moved a bit more into my arm, so I cant stretch 100% yet but everyday is getting better and easier!
Then of course shaving... Ive tried shaving twice but the skins is very very sensitive... so I used the next best thing: Veet Hair Removal - what an awesome invention!! At first I was scared the chemicals is going to burn and irritate the skin, but nothing! So comfy and so much better than hairyness!! :D
My scars are also looking great... left side is still quite red but right looks great!!
Still using bio-oil very frequently which helps loads!!

So ja.. that me!!
Im loving my new bOObs!!! I am feeling great in absolutely everything I wear!!!
My bachelorettes is in 3 months time so Ive decided Im having a lingerie party!!
YaY!! Lots and Lots of sexy new undies baby!!!

Cant believe two months ago I was so high on morphene and crying and sore and going "what did I do to myself?"

Lots of love

Some new pics :)

Just realised that the left vs right seems a lot more significant in photo's... it doesnt look that uneven in person...

Some new pics :)

Sorry they didnt load the first time...

Some more pics :)

Dr Hoffmann

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