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I am finally taking the plunge. After years of...

I am finally taking the plunge. After years of only daydreaming about a breast augmentation I am scheduled for surgery on 2/21/2013. Interestingly enough, I was originally scheduled to have surgery three days after my consultation (2/7/13), but came down with the flu the day of my pre-op. C'est la vie! The extra time has allowed me to better prepare for surgery, so in a way I am grateful.

So, a little about me:
I am 5'9" 130-135 lbs.
Current bra size is 34B
Desired bra size is 34 D

I have a darling little girl who is seven years old and hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me. Totally worth the saggy boobs, stretch marks and wrinkled navel. Lol

My goal for surgery is to look as sexy and beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside. I feel my best years are ahead of me and I want my body to be part of it. While I am not disgusted by my breasts, I know they have room for improvement and I am OK with that. More than OK. :)

I love natural looking implants and have chosen 400cc high profile implants to be placed under the muscle through an inframammary incision. I
After reading countless reviews, I am beginning to worry I will want to be larger and am thinking about going to 425 or 450ccs. I originally wanted large C small D breasts, but now think a full D cup is in order. I am certain I can hide a ad cup when I want to, but want to show them off in a bikini or backless shirt when the time comes. Plus, I want to have more of an hourglass figure and believe my height and weight can handle a full D.

Anywho, I am excited to be less than two weeks away and am happy to share my experience with this community.

I decided to try on larger sizes and have decided...

I decided to try on larger sizes and have decided on the 450ccs. Mainly because I've heard and read that the sizers show larger than the implants. Plus, I started getting boob greed already. Lol. I'm going to be in trouble by the time I actually get the implants in 5 days. Suddenly 800ccs don't sound too bad. Lol

Just received the call from my surgery center. I...

Just received the call from my surgery center. I am scheduled for 12:30 on Thursday. I was hoping for first thing in the morning, so I don't have to starve myself. I will probably be too nervous to eat anyway. Yay! Can't wait to have boobs!!! :)

I did it!!! Finally had my BA surgery tonight....

I did it!!! Finally had my BA surgery tonight. Everything went exceptionally well. Currently, I am in no pain. Instead I feel pressure on my chest. It's uncomfortable, yet very manageable.
I have 450ccs, though unsure of profile. Will find out tomorrow at my first post-op. I am so happy right now. One of the best things I've done for myself.

Today is post-op day 1. I slept fairly well last...

Today is post-op day 1. I slept fairly well last night, though only in 2-3hour increments.
I just got back home from my post-op appointment and that was an ordeal. I can honestly say I was not in pain until the nurse showed me the massage technique. Ouch! After she finished the massage I moved from the examination table to a chair. I suddenly became extremely lightheaded, started to sweat and could tell I would pass out at any moment. The nurse had me take a few deep breaths until I felt OK enough to lay down.
I'm supposed to "massage" the implants every 1.5 - 2 hours, but really don't want to after that ordeal. I keep reminding myself that beauty is pain.
I will post a few more pics later today.

Today was slightly better than the past two days....

Today was slightly better than the past two days. I'm not taking my pain mess as often as I was before. The implants are still very high and tight and I've already begun massaging them 6+ times per day.
I promised myself not to be too critical of my implants this early on. I know they have a lot of moving and softening to do, so it would be unfair to make an assessment right now.
Right now, my breasts feel engorged and heavy. I keep the compression band on for most of the day, hoping it will speed up the D&F process. I'm also terribly bloated, but am hopeful that will subside soon.

Doc said I'm not supposed to wear a bra for 2...

Doc said I'm not supposed to wear a bra for 2 months, but I needed a little pick me up after having cabin fever for 3 days. I tried on a 34C in the VS bras. They are probably too small.

Time is a BAs best friend. I feel so much more...

Time is a BAs best friend. I feel so much more comfortable now that I am 1 week post op. I feel very tender on the sides of my ribcage and my nipples have been at attention since the surgery, but it is 10Xs better than a week ago. I was back at work on post op day 5 and made it all the way through without a hiccup. I have a desk job and made sure to stay there. :)

So far, the implants are still riding high, but I am noticing changes. Mine still feel rock hard, though they are beginning to soften. The nurse told me most patients notice a big difference at week 2 or 3, so I will be patient.

I must admit, I never took Arnica or Bromelain and wonder if I should have. You ladies that took them, do you think they made a noticeable difference. I know it's hard to say.

Anywho, I love my new curves so far and have been stalking every swimsuit site out there looking for flattering bikini tops. Can't wait for summer!!!

2 years post op

It's been 2 years since my breast augmentation. In the early days of my new augmentation my nipples were ultra sensitive. I worried they'd never get back to normal, but finally did so after several weeks. Other than that and the horrible massages (exceptionally painful) the Experience was good. So why am I back on RS?
1. To echo the many women that say a BA is absolutely worth it.
2. To admit that I want an upgrade.

Now that I'm use to the girls they don't look as novel as they once were and alas they arent as large and high as I'd like. So, I'm officially in search of information on BA revisions.
My implants dropped quite a bit and you cannot tell I've had an augmentation. Which is great except for the fact that it looks like I need a boob job!! (See Exhibit A)
I have 450cc HP unders. The doc gave me quite a bit of side boob, but I'd like far more upper pole and overall fullness. the 450ccs were good until they rested Fully in the pocket. I will probably need an internal bra or lift and am thinking 700s or even 800s.
I'm worried about the complications of the larger size as well as recovery after a 2nd augmentation. Any XL Or 2nd+ BA ladies out there with advice?
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