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I can't even describe how I m feeling. I'm soooo...

I can't even describe how I m feeling. I'm soooo nervous but at the same time so anxious to see the results. This forum has been so helpful. I'm having my surgery on 11/7 and I am so nervous. I'm 39 years old and my children are all in college. So now it's me time!!! My husband has been so supportive and I can't wait to see his reaction to the results...

Pre-op 36 days and counting

This is me now. I hope to wear this again on THE SLIM SIDE!!!!

33 days pre-op

So I went to take my before pics and make payment today. I can't say enough about Dr Alkon and his bedside manner. He goes over everything with a fine tooth comb. We'll anyway he took the pics and he said that it would be a dramatic change for me. I heard those words and cannot even think about not doing this. I m so overly excited I just can't contain myself....

Getting closer!! 27 days to go!!!

I'm getting closer and closer and I have butterflies already!!! But i will tell u this everytime my underwear roll down under my pouch I realize that this is sooooo worth it. Anyway can any1 please help with a list of things I will need for after the surgery... I really am just relying on myself and I don't want to miss something!!! Thank u for any help????

20 days til the slim side!!!!!!

I can't even believe that it's only 20 days to go!!!! My nerves r shot. I went to my last appt for clearance yesterday and I now have a clean bill of health!! So no worries on that front... It's been something I have always wanted to so and now that it's happening I have SOO many butterflies in my stomach.. I feel like I'm gonna burst!!!!! Anyway I'll be ok. So will someone please answer my question. What will I need to by so that I can have a smoother transition to the slim side!!!

Before pics

8 days to gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even imagine how I will look when I'm done. I only hope it will be worth it. My job is being so supportive I'm just so happy. My kids who btw are grown up know nothing about this. They would freak out if they knew. My husband is very supportive although when he sees me in pain it will be a totally different as he hates to see me in any kind of distress which might I add is a good thing but sometimes can be very Anyway so does anyone have any last minute ideas on things I could pick up from the store or maybe what I will need to eat when I'm done... If anyone can help me out please feel free.

More pics

4 days to go!!

Well I cleaned my entire house today from top to bottom.... My dogs are clean and bathed all the laundry is done my spare bedroom is set up so when I get home.. All of the last minute things I could think of...I found out today my step-sons are gonna be off from school so I'm very happy I will have a little help in the beginning. My husband works so it's hard to rely on him.. Anyway this a my last weekend of this belly fat. I cannot wait to get rid of it!! Slim side where r u ?????

2 days pre-op

OMG!!!!! I can't even believe this is really gonna happen. I m so excited. Although I will say I m sooooo nervous!!! I cannot wait to see my results. This is my last Tuesday with this fat belly. I have worked so hard to get here and I believe it has all paid off... My last day of work is tomorrow then off I go!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

The slim side

So tomorrow is the big day!!!!!! I can't believe it is not even 24 hrs left til I have my surgery!!! I am so nervous but so ready!! N. I'll post some pics as soon as I can!!!!

Day of surgery

We'll here goes, I'm going to be leaving for the hospital in a few minutes!! I can't even imagine what excitement I have until after the surgery and the pain I will endure that is. I only hope that I can go have this done and not pass out or run which ever comes first.... Wish me luck ladies on RS I'm about to join u on the SLIM SIDE!!!!!!!!!!

2days postoperative

Well I finally did it and other than the pain I m enduring I feel great. My doctor really did a great job. I m on the medication and it helps me sleep. I can't get out of bed by myself, so my husband has been a god send to say the least. He says he sees the change already. I can't wait to finally see the results. I m sooooo happy with my decision to do this surgery, it has given me a something I have been lacking and ladies is my self esteem back.... I haven't eaten a lot but I have been drinking a lot of water and eating yogurt and fruits!!! I will post some pics soon

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Well here I m! I finally made it to the slim side. I went for my first post Op appt and I have to keep the drains in until mayb some of the swelling goes down. He took the pain pump out though and I'll tell u thank god cuz that thing hurts worse than the drains. Anyway again the doctor said when I get better it will be a dramatic change for me. I cant wait to see what he is talking about. I will tell u this the recovery is just as bad as any other recovery. And as long as u take care of urSelf u will be ok. Any gotta get some rest!! N n

Drains free

Finally got all the drains out and am able to walk and do all the things I normally do... Feels absolutely unbelievable to see the change that has already taken place. My doctor who btw is a god send! Just took a moment to really look at wat he did and he was very pleased to say the least. And so am I!! He put me in a new tighter garment and I feel so tight bit I like it!!! I saw the scar and that looks pretty good too!!! I just wanna say that if u have elected to have ur surgery with Dr Alkon u have made the absolute best choice for u I know I did and I have not regretted a single moment!!! I would actually do it all over again??
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The consultation was everything I had already read on this forum. So I was pleasantly surprised that I had done so much research and already heard a lot .

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