Tummy Tuck, 35 two kids - Linden, NJ

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?So far had my consultation with the doc seems...

So far had my consultation with the doc seems super knowledgeable and was very informative. The staff was friendly and response I'm booked for 12/17 it can't come soon enough. I feel like this is the culmination of 20 years of weight loss weight gain two pregnancies will keep u posted. I've learned a lot just reading everyone's experience here so hoping to return the favor.

Strange dreams

I had a dream that i had the TT done, and i was laying in bed unable to move certain ways. Well, being that I read most ppl are on recliners from the starting, i almost knew it was a dream, but its like i had it done already, lol, stupid yes i know. anyway, i wonder if this is normal, but i have strange dreams all the time. 12/17 can't come soon enough. I also dont wanna die so maybe it can, in case i do? maybe i'm one of the unlucky ones, ugh. if you dont see posts after 12/17, assume the worst.

on the upside to my crazy, i started working out a bit more religiously to gain muscle. I would like to lose 15 pounds (obvi not in 4 weeks), but in general to get back to my goal weight, but not sure if cardio is what i need right now when it comes time to avoiding using abs to get around for the first month or so, so im bulking up and adding some muscle to the old legs and arms and back and hoping that pays off. Hopefully with the right diet, i still lean out a bit, im not crazy of the actual number on the scale, just the size of my pants at the end of the day. Right now i'm a size 6. alot of that is ass and hips though, and some is my ol' kangaroo pouch. I wouldnt be surprised if I stayed in 6 even after because in general i need to lose body fat and i plan to do that the natural way. it might take a year or two to get to where i was eventually. some picts just for fun ill post from my phone seperately.

It's getting real

just had my final meet w the doc and preadmissions testing at the hospital. A few nurses asked me if I was excited and they always wanted to do it lol. I said they should go for it. They told me they see the surgery and recovery and it looks painful. Well thanks for that ladies lol. Anyway, the doc said the only supply I will need at home for recovery is Gatorade. Lol is this true????? He said don't waste money and time on other stuff so ok fine I will listen. As far as comfort goes if anyone has any suggestions do tell I'm all about being comfortable post Tt.

Ok next update will be some point after its all done eeks pray for me.

its done!

It's such a surreal experience. I did it and made it to the flat side!!! I think! I have yet to see my stomach but yesterday wa the big day and it was literally done in a blink of an eye. The pain is real people. I will say I a scale it's a 5. Doc Hooked me up good w pain pump and pills. Sleeping last night wasn't bad tg for my recliner I bought when the baby was born! Waking up was painful from the stiffness but I slept much better than I anticipated! My back and abs hurt equally I am super hunched over for now. Hoping waking around will loosen things up. I made it up the stairs yesterday so was very happy for that as well! I'll post pics whenever the binder comes off but I'm so scared to look still eeks! That is all for now!

Day 5 Po update

Quick day 5 Po update. So far so good. Things that are annoying: drains, itchiness from binder, the back pain oh the back pain in almost want to cry. Walking hunched over, only being able to sleep on my back propped up on a million pillows. Coughing. Worst of all, not being able to hold or carry my 14 m old.

It's all temporary and it will pass but in the moment it's a lot to deal with. I found myself crying yesterday but I think it's pms and my really related to this lol.

Living in sweat pants and pjs is great no comaonts there have not tried on normal cloths but praying my work clothes fit two weeks from now or I will have to whip out some post maternity stuff in the interim.

Some pics attached

2 weeks Po

after two weeks it's really amazing the difference in pain levels and movement I feel. I'm completely off pain mess, only Tylenol at night if I've done too much. Staying hydrating and trying to eat healthy as all this sitting around and resting is probably not burning many calories. Still walking haunched over but wayyy more upright than last week so hoping it only gets better on a weekly basis, the severe back pain is gone so glad for that. That was probably the most painful part so far. Can't say much else hurt. There was muscle soarness from the MR but if felt like a did a billion crunches. That has gone away about 50%. At this point I am just dealing with the scar which is still raised and a bit bumpy with scabs. It tends to get itchy probably from the stretched skin and compression garment.

Second drain was removed this week and I was given a new Cg. It's a lovely girdle which needs to be worn 24/7. The first day I wore it all day and when I finally went tongi remove it thought i was going to pass out. Now it's not so bad and I think I can manage. My only concern is washing it's fun not being in it while it hangs dry. I'm using he binder while it's drying off but it's just not as tight as the girdle I suddenly miss.

Had the first of two massages for which I was scared for some reason but it wasn't too bad. I was told to massage the stomach three times a day to reduce swelling and hardness. I'll have to schedule this into my phone and make time for it as I'm trying my best to follow best practice here.

I've attached a few pics. I think they might post backward. One is w the last drain the next is my pillow set up for sleeping. I only did one night in the recliner and moved over to my bed which was much better just used a lot of pillows behind me and under my legs and can't say it's comfy but it'll do. I sleep better some nights than others. The other two are at two weeks.

So far I can't say it's been as bad as I thought and I'm happy with how things are progressing.

17 days Po photo

looks pretty good I think,my own before and after

Thee weeks PO

so this week started off the new year and back to work after being home 18 days. I was ready to be normal again and looking forward to seeing what I could and could not do at this point. I think it helps having a 5 yrold and 15 month old as they keep me active and it may have helped with recovering and not thinking about pain or discomforts. Of course there is no lifting baby yet and I think having care around the clock first month is completely necessary.

That being said day 1 back to work was interesting . I was happy to have a doc appointment with my ps at 330 and was able to shoot out early. I was tired by end of day for sure. Days 2-4 have been progressively better and I am comfortable at work with the girdle under my work clothes. I think I just hate the girdle around 4 am when I realize I am so constricted and on my back just not comfortable. It reminds me of being prego in a way of sleeping positions getting up back pain etc.

Everyone at work thinks I have back pain since I'm still semi haunched over but 70% better than theast two weeks. I'll just stick to that story for now it's no ones business right.

Lastly I'm getting ancy not being able to workout so just waiting for that day I am cleared to workout again. Scar is looking better daily and so is belly button. I got the stitches out this past Monday and didn't feel a thing. At this point it's just about being careful not lifting bending sudden movements. I am able to function normally overall I feel.

Things I hate most:
This girdle ok it's a love hate relationship
Sleeping at night is not comfortable in this girdle
Not being able to pick he baby up yet
Oh yea and the swelling. It's not horrible but right now I am wearing gigantic u does three sizes up and my old pants one size up I had post maternity. It just helps to not have right cloths on just yet.

I don't think I can say I quite enjoy my new stomach just yet I do love it and know it will get better but with the huge undies and big pants and clothing for now it's not a sexy time lets just say. Anyway eventually I'm sure it will a get there and be nor
Al but this is a process for sure.

38 days Po scar pics

Four weeks!

Swelling is slightly down got a ways to go.

6 week update

feeling normal as ever!

Scar progression

Vacation pics

first vacation at two months felt great looked great

2 month scar update

Two month update feeling good and normal finally started working out. Cannot do much core for now but it feels better week to week, bb is looking lovely and loving the curves!

4 month Po update

lufe is back to normal I'm back to the gym feeling strong and able to lift heavy again. I got a long way to go w losing body fat though!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

I had no idea where to start for my search for a plastic surgeon. I don't know anyone that has ever been to one, and I definitely did not want to ask for privacy purposes. I turned to the Internet and found Dr. Alkon. He was the third PS I saw and even before meeting him, I had a feeling he was the one. The thing that turned me on to his practice was all the really positive reviews on Real Self. I'm so glad that I came across him. Dr. Alkon is super smart, attentive, knows what he's doing, and takes his time answering all your concerns and questions. He's done this a million times and knows these procedures like the back of his hand. The hospital staff had nothing but praises for him and just how great he is. I had the fortune of meeting another RealSelfer and she too had a TT done by Dr. Alkon. Again, nothing but positive things to say. The staff at his office is incredible, polite, attentive, and knows what they are doing. I had good vibes from the moment I met them all. For something that is life altering, and pretty scary to under go, I feel blessed for having come across this man. I hope nothing but the best for him and his practice and I'd be more than happy to speak to anyone regarding my experience if they like.

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